The Dressing Room

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Dressing Room

Helen was lost for something to do so she took herself off to town. She loved walking around the different dress shops trying on clothes that she could not afford.
She had this fantasy about a man following her into a dress shop and watching her try on different dresses through the gap in the curtain, the thought made her feel hot and horny.
Helen had been in two large shops but had not seen anything that caught her eye, so she headed off to the high street. Where upon she found a new shop that she had not seen before, the majority of clothes were low cut and would suit her cleavage well others were button thru or button to the waist, some were very short, she just had to try them on.
Firstly she picked out a red safari type dress that had silver buttons and a conservative knee length very plain dress, Helen looked around to ask the assistant if she could try them on and was shown to the back of the shop where the dressing rooms were, they were surprisingly big with a complete wall of mirrors and an old fashioned easy chair one of those with a low back and plenty of hooks to hang clothes on. Helen tried on the skirt first, she felt it did nothing for her but she stepped out of the cubicle anyway , that is when she first noticed a man in his late forties looking in her direction, Helen smiled as a gesture and the man smiled back shaking his head, Helen then stepped back into the cubicle took of the dress and then tried on the safari dress, it felt comfortable ,she was not sure , so she thought she would get a second opinion from the sales girl. As she was about to come through the curtain in the cubicle the man was still there so Helen turned and went back behind the curtain ,then re-emerged seconds later, she had undone a couple more buttons which showed more leg as she walked . As she stepped out she got a look of oh that’s nice , Now Helen being Helen thought she would play games with this guy, so she picked out another two dresses and a very short skirt and a see through blouse, then strode back into the cubicle, the next dress she tried on was very low cut and she had to take off her bra to get the full effect, when she emerged from behind the curtain her man was sitting opposite, she gave the dress a twirl and then curtsied making sure that he could see her boobs, whereupon his eyes lit up. Helen once again disappeared behind the curtain disrobed and slid into the micro mini skirt as she bent down to pick up the blouse the skirt rode up and exposed a large percentage of thigh and thong chuckling to herself she then put on the see thru blouse, her ample tits looked good and she liked the way the material brushed against her nipples making them stiffen. when Helen emerged as if giving her own fashion show the gent had gone, there seemed to be know one there, the shop was empty, strange she thought and marched back into the dressing room, she had already unbuttoned her blouse and was taking it off her shoulder when she stopped in her tracks, the same gent was sitting in the big easy chair in her dressing room no trousers on and supporting a massive erection, bigger than Helen had ever imagined was possible, for an average size man he had a big cock . Helen was dumb struck and fell to her knees and took this strangers cock into her mouth licking it like a giant ice Popsicle she liked the taste of man and this was no different just bigger Helen worked her way from the head to his ball sack and back again the stranger was playing with her erect nipples with his fingers and thumbs , Helens bum was facing the mirrors and he could almost see her love juice running down her leg in anticipation , Helen continued sucking his cock not only was it long it was thick, so thick that she had to open her mouth wide to get it in, how she loved the feeling, her own sex was on the boil and her thong was so wet , This man had got her so turned on , the way he pulled at her nipples ,the size of his cock ,she wanted it all .
Helen reluctantly eased the cock out of her mouth, savouring the taste, she was then instructed to go to the back of the chair and lean over it , it sounded as if it was impossible but went along with the man’s instructions , she was lying over the chair with her head back between her conquests legs and took his cock into her mouth once again, the difference this time was her stranger had his head between her legs and as he pulled her thong to one side slipped his tongue into her sopping clit, Helen shuddered as his tongue probed deep inside Oh it felt so good Helen’s need to have this cock buried deep into her was getting urgent and once again she was pulled away , now she was standing in front of the chair and was having her thong pulled down, it made her legs wet as it was tugged to the floor and she stepped out of it. She was then told to get on all fours on the seat of the chair and hold onto the back for support , then she felt it ,the tip of this massive cock was pressing against her outer lips, she could feel herself stretching , the tip of his cock was just in and it was a good job she was well lubricated he thrust the full length and girth straight up her and nearly lifted her over the back of the chair she was well impaled on his cock then he started to rock back and forth , Helen’s inner muscles were working hard trying to control this beast of a cock and it did not take long until her first of many orgasms ripped through her body she had lost count and yet this virile stranger just kept pumping away, then he let out a deep throaty roar and Helen felt what seemed like a pressure hose pumping gallons his liquid deep inside it to seemed to go on for ever, he just carried on .Helen was beginning to get sore as her inner lips were chaffing against his rigid cock , when it began to deflate Helen pulled away , then as his tip came out she was sure she heard a pop. Helen could hardly walk and she staggered around and dressed in the clothes she was wearing when she walked into the shop. Helen picked up her shoulder bag and was about to leave, when the stranger said here you have forgotten something and handed her three carrier bags saying take all the dresses and clothes you tried on they are yours to keep, Helen offered to pay for them but he refused saying they are a gift my mother owns the shop and I was helping her out . Helen walked unsteadily to the door thanking him for everything she was stepping outside when he shouted I hope who ever sees you in that red mini has as a good time as I have , the shop door closed and Helen slowly walked towards home.

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