The E.R.

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The E.R.

A perfect way to spend my Saturday Afternoon, Bringing my brother into the emergency room due to his clumsiness, somehow he managed to break his foot and I was the lucky candidate to drive him in. As we sat in waiting room which was over flowing with sick and injured people, I walked up to the nurse behind the desk and asked her if she had any idea how long it would be before his turn. “Oh hours honey” she answered “We are swamped today”. GREAT I thought to myself as I sat back down in my seat. I started to flip through a magazine as my brother sat there with an ice pack pressed onto his foot.
All of a sudden the doors to the E.R. bust open and a man came running in, holding his hand over his eye and screaming. I looked up to see the commotion. My eyes moved right past the hysterical man and straight onto the HOTTEST man I had ever seen in my life. Brings a whole new meaning to “Tall, Dark and Handsome”!!
He was around 5’11” tall, muscular build with gorgeous smooth skin and an amazing tan, he had dark, almost black hair and the most beautiful blue eyes I had ever seen.
I soon discovered as I listened in on them, that he was bringing in his uncle (hysterical guy) who had a harsh chemical get in his eye and he was unable to open it. As they took their seat directly in front of us, I couldn’t help but to stare at him, I was fixed on him, like mesmerized. We sat there for what seem to be days and finally they called my brother in. I helped him get into the examination room and then went back out to wait for him in the waiting room and admire my new eye candy. I scanned around the room, but he was gone.
I figured he had taken his uncle in and so I decided to go to the cafeteria to get a drink. I got up to the cash register.
“Two dollars please” the girl behind the cash said to me.
I reach into my pocket I realize that I have left all of my money in my car.
“DAMN!” I said in a rather frustrated tone “I will be right back, I left my money in my car” I tell her in an annoyed voice.
Just then someone behind me piped up and said;
“Here, let me help you out.”
He handed the cashier two singles. I turned around to thank the kind stranger, and as I looked up to him, I saw that it was my “waiting room boyfriend”. I felt my face turn 10 shades of red and all I could manage to mutter out was a poor
“Umm Thank you.”
As I pull myself together I continue to say;
“I will give it back to you as soon as I go to my car and get it.”
He smiled back at me and said
“I am sure we can think of some WAY for you to return the favor.”
I smiled back at him and turned to walk away, my heart pounding in my chest.
When I got back to the waiting room, there wasn’t a single seat available, so I walked back up the hall and started looking around at pictures and reading postings on the boards and stuff. As I was standing in the hallway “Tall, Dark & Handsome” walked past me to go to the waiting room.
“Don’t bother” I told him, “You won’t get a seat”.
So he stood in the hallway with me and we chatted a bit. I felt very awkward, because as this guy was talking to me, all I could think in my head was how I would love to jump him and fuck his brains out.
After about 10 minutes of me undressing him with my eyes and him talking to me I said;
“Well let me go to my car and get my money so I can repay you, and by the way, thanks for saving me in there.”
To which he responded.
“Don’t worry about it, two dollars is no big deal.”
As we continued to talk, we started to get closer to one another, and pretty soon we were standing right next to each other, looking at things on the wall, talking and laughing together.
Suddenly, he put me up against the wall, leaned in to me and began to kiss me passionately. I kissed him back for a min and then stepped back.
“Woah” I said, “Sorry, I wasn’t expecting that.”
He leaned in and kissed me again. He stopped for a second and stared me right in the eyes and asked
“Well don’t you like it?”…..
“MmmmHmmm” seem to be all that I could find to answer him back with.
We kissed some more, our hands were going up and down each other’s bodies, my arms around his neck and his hands slid down my back to my ass. We were making out pretty heavily in this hallway, when he spotted a single washroom, he motions over to it, and I followed him into it, we locked the door behind us and got right back to where we were.
He slid his hands down my ass and to my inner thighs from the back, as he griped my thighs, lifted me up onto the sink. He parted my knees and I allowed my legs to fall with ease, my jean skirt riding up my legs a little bit, making my lacey black panties visible.
He reached up with his hand, slowly up my leg, to my silky pink pussy, pulled my panties over to the side and started to run his finger up and down my wet slit.
I moan as I lean back on the sink, placing a hand on each side of the sink behind me. He watched me enjoy his finger for a minute and then he said
“Take your top of for me and let me see those magnificent tits.”
I crossed my arms around the front of my waist, grabbing the bottom of my shirt on either side of me, I lifted up my arms and pulled my shirt over my head, right off of my body, and I let it drop to the floor.
He was starring at my chest, practically bare as the lace bra I had on was more for decoration than anything and he could see right through it!
While he was still pleasuring my pussy with his fingers, he leaned in and pulled my bra down under my breasts with his teeth, exposing them completely. He began to lick around my nipples, causing them to harden and then he placed his lips directly over my nipple, opened his mouth and took it in between his teeth, biting gently while flicking his tongue on it.
“Ohhhhh” I moaned out silently.
I reached my hand down and felt the bulge in his pants, it was practically busting out of the top of his shorts. I reached my hand in and grabbed his cock as I pulled down the shorts down with my feet that were spread around his body. As the shorts hit the floor, I realized he was freeballin (not wearing underwear).
“Yes!” I said to myself in my head.
I gripped his cock firmly and started to slide my hand up and down his shaft slowly. As he fingered and licked me, I jerked him at a pretty good pace, both of us moaning and starting to feel our bodies get worked up.
He knelt down and pulled my body forward so my ass was hanging off of the edge of the sink. I placed one foot on the toilet beside the sink and the other on his shoulder. I gripped the sink and braced myself for what I knew is about to happen.
Just as I was ready for it, he ran his tongue up and down my pussy lips, starting on the outside and making his way to the inner lips. He sucked my clit in his mouth and then he bit it gently for a second before going back to licking up and down my pussy lips….
“Ahhhhh, Yes baby, eat my pussy, fuck I love your tongue, oMgggg!”
I moan out pretty loudly as he continues to eat me.
He looked up and saw that I was leaning right back, head falling between my shoulders against the wall, enjoying every second of his strong firm tongue slithering in and out of my tight horny little pussy.
I felt my body begin to tremble. I knew I was close to Cumming in his mouth. I grabbed his head and pushed it in to me as deep as I could. His tongue was right up my sweet pussy hole as far as it could be and I CUM, as he fucked my hole with his tongue. I gave him a mouthful of my sweet pussy juice. He collected it on his tongue and when I was done he got up leaned into me, sliding his tongue into my mouth, letting me taste myself as our tongues twirled in each other’s mouths.
“My turn.”
He smile and said to me, as he backed away from me, holding both of my hands in his and pulled me off of the sink. He flipped the toilet lid down and sat on it, spread his legs and still holding my hands, pulled me into him.
I dropped to my knees and instantly sucked his cock furiously. I was ragging horny and wanted his dick in my mouth. As my head bobbed up and down on his dick, he placed his hand on the back of my head, pushing me to the speed and hardness that he wanted me to take him in. He leaned back a bit and his dick went even deeper into my mouth. I felt him reach the back of my throat and I gagged a bit.
As I rose up his shaft, I took my mouth off of it and held his cock in my hand, it was so slippery with my saliva as I jerked him off as I licked the head. Holding his balls tight in my other hand at the same time.
After a while of this, I straightened my body up so that my tits were level with his stiff cock. I leaned in and placed it between my tits, squeezing them around his cock and sliding my body up and down, totally titty fucking him.
He rocked his hips into me pushing his dick up to my mouth. I stuck out my tongue and licked the head as it hits my lips. I tasted his pre cum and it sent me wild!
I dug my fingers into his thighs and I pulled myself up, straddled my legs over him and leaned in pushing my tits into his face. He grabbed them into his hands and held my firm round breasts as he sucked them. I leaned over top of him, placing my hands on the back of the toilet on either side of him as he greedily sucked on my tits.
His hands slid down the sides of my body and to my ass. His one finger was rimming my ass as another finger was rubbing my pussy, collecting the moisture on it so he can lube up my tight little asshole and stick his finger right in it.
“Ughh!” I gasp as my body jolts forward with his finger penetrating my ass.
I started to lower myself down, rubbing my pussy around on his dick before I took it into my hand and guided it to my eager fuck hole. I inserted the tip and slowly made my way down his shaft, until he was fully engulfed in my tight wet pussy.
He was still sucking my tits as they bounced up and down while I rode him, his finger still up my ass. I started to fuck him slower and harder, taking his entire cock.
“Ohhhh YESss, Yess YESS baby!”
I screamed as I had another orgasm, this time I came all over his amazing cock. As I gushed all over, I tried to lift myself off of him, but he just pulled me down harder onto his cock and made me cum over and over again, gushing all around his never ending fuck tool!
“Ohhhhh, wow!”
I moaned out loudly
“I need to stop baby, it feels toooo GOOD” I said to him as I had yet another orgasm.
I tried to get up again and this time he let me, but just so that we could switch positions.
He took me and bent me over the toilet, my knees up on the seat, I was facing the wall behind, as he approached me and spread my ass cheeks, spitting down into my asshole and rubbing the saliva around before he entered his throbbing hard cock into my tight ass.
First he pushed the head in, and then he grabbed me by the waist and held me there as he pulled himself in, until my ass was covering his entire shaft, all the way to his balls. He thrusted in and out slowly at first and then a bit harder, until he was fucking my ass full throttle, his one hand on my back as the other grabbed a hold of my hair and pulled.
“Ahhhh”, he says “Don’t stop baby, I am going to cum” he tells me.
I continued to push back as he pounded into my ass, I reached down and rubbed my clit, causing myself to have yet another orgasm. As I came, my pussy and ass muscles tightened up and I felt a hot load fill my ass,
“Ohhhh, fuck YEA” he yells out,
” Take my load up in your tight asshole!!”
He shot out the last little bit and I felt him start to go soft in my ass. He pulled his dick out and a bit of the cum trickled down onto my leg. He wiped it up for me and I got up and to put my shirt back on.
He grabbed me and kissed me and said
“That was the best sex I have EVER had.”
I kissed him back, smiled and said
“Thank you, you were pretty amazing yourself!”
As I put my shirt back on, he pulled up his shorts and we both bounced out of the bathroom.
We got back to the waiting room and everyone in the entire room stared at us. We were pretty sure we knew why. We smiled at each other, exchanged phone numbers and then went our separate ways.
A few minutes later, my brother walked out, cast on his foot, ready to go home.
“Sorry it took so long” he said to me very apologetically.
“Don’t apologize” I said to him, “It was an accident, it wasn’t your fault, and it wasn’t that bad after all.” I told him with a HUGE smile on my face.
He looked at me like as if I had lost my mind, shook his head and went home.

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