The Library

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I am at a local small town library looking for a few good books to read. As I stroll through the small aisles I see you by another section. I have noticed you before at different places in town and think you’re cute but I would never attempt to communicate with you. After all what would a 48 year old woman have in common with a 27 year old guy?

I continue to stroll the very small tight aisles when I notice you are coming towards the area I am in. I notice my heart is racing a bit and wonder what is happening to me. And then it happens, you are in the same section as I am. My breathing becomes stronger and I try desperately to calm down.

You are looking for something on the shelves and will have to pass me but the space is so tight our bodies will have to touch in order for you to get by. We look up at each other and you say “Excuse me” – I move back as far as I can and you maneuver by me but you brush against my breasts causing my very sensitive nipples to harden on contact. I moan slightly and you notice it.

I am embarrassed at my behavior and walk to the next aisle ashamed. The next thing I know you are in the aisle again with me and are trying to pass me again. This time I turn and face the shelves so my back and ass are facing the aisle – I don’t want you to brush up against my nipples again. The thought of that makes my pussy feel warm and moist. You pass by and I feel your hand graze my ass and squeeze it slightly. I moan again but a bit louder this time. I look around to see if I have caused anyone to look in my direction but the librarians are busy working.

I glance over to look at you and you and giving me a look to join you by the last aisle by the wall. I am shaking because I am nervous but excited by the proposition. I walk over to join you and the area is more secluded so that we are not noticed as much.

You pull me in to you and hungrily kiss me – your tongue finds its way into my mouth and I respond to your advance. I feel your hands run down my back and ass and I get hotter wanting more than just a feel. My pussy is very wet now and I know I will need to release. You back off from my mouth and kiss my face and neck – at the same time I feel you unbuttoning my blouse with one hand and sliding the other up under the blouse up my back to unclasp my bra.

My breasts are exposed and you look at them cupping your hands under them and squeezing them together – I am mad with desire and arch back slightly offering them to you. You run your tongue over my hard nipples and my head tilts backwards savoring the feel of it. I am worried someone may catch us but I love my nipples played with and can’t get enough. I don’t want you to stop.

You pull one nipple in your mouth and begin sucking while rubbing my other nipple lightly between your fingers. I am breathing very heavy now and feel myself drift off with pleasure – I ask you to suck harder and pinch my other nipple and you do causing me greater pleasure. I feel an orgasm coming on and cannot hold it – I cum shaking – my legs feel as if they are going to collapse.

When I have calmed down a little you press me against the wall and kneel down in front of me and reach up to slide my panties down – I am petrified we will get caught again but I am so excited I throw caution away. You lift my skirt and expose my very wet pussy and your tongue finds its way to my clit. My legs open wider into v shape so you have better access and you begin to eat my pussy lapping up my juices from my first orgasm. I am writhing in ecstasy against the wall praying I do not moan causing a scene. Again I feel another orgasm build and cum on your mouth and face.

I am getting weaker and don’t know how much more I can stand. You are standing back up now and position yourself against the wall with me in front of you now. You tell me “Unzip my pants and blow me”. Of course I want to and I kneel, unzip your pants and they fall to the floor along with you underwear I have slithered down your legs. Your cock is lovely – large and hard. I take it into my mouth and wet it first then run my tongue along every side causing you to gasp with delight. When I am sure you are very hot I take the entire shaft in to my mouth and suck lightly and then pick up the pace and feel you wanting to explode. With a final gasp you cum into my mouth – I swallow every drop not wanting to miss out on your tasty cum.

I think we are through but you surprise me by getting an erection quickly again – once again I am pressed against the wall and your cock is searching for my cunt. You thrust it into me and fuck me while your mouth again finds my nipples and tongues them making me wild. I cum again and again having multiple orgasms this time.

I am beyond weak this time and without a word you pull out of me and turn me around so I face the wall – you bend down and grab my panties and stuff them into my mouth and lean against my body causing me to press into the wall crushing my tits. I feel your cock probing around my ass and you find my tight hole. You slowly push against it waiting for it to relax so you can penetrate me – the panties in my mouth stop me from screaming. Finally I feel the head of your cock enter my ass and I am insane with lust. You begin to stroke forward and fill my ass with your cock pulling me into towards you so you can play with my tits while fucking me. I still have my panties in my mouth so I keep quiet as much as I can and do not cause any commotion.

One hand is on my tits and the other has found its way to my cunt – you are driving me totally crazy. I am ready to cum again and so are you. We both explode I feel your cum shoot into my ass and at the same time my cum is oozing on to your fingers. We both recuperate and redress. You give me a wink and leave the section. I follow after a short time and wind up at the counter checking out the book I found to read. I meet up with you there but no words are spoken. I turn my head to look behind me at something and then look back at the librarian. You have vanished and I feel a bit empty. I walk out of the library and get to my car and place the book on the seat – accidentally it falls to the floor and when I pick it up a note falls out. It is from you and it states “Meet me again next week same aisle”. I am in heaven knowing you will once again fill all my orifices with that lovely cock of yours and making me act like the slut I am.

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