The Lift

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The midday sun beat down on her body as she approached the building. Her skin was moist with heat and beads of sweat trickled between her breasts.
She pressed the elevator’s button and waited as it came down the shaft 10,8 2, 0…. she entered and sighed at the relief of the cold breeze provided by the air conditioning… fanning herself with a magazine she pressed floor 22, and kicked off her shoes. JustĀ  as the doors were closing a hand intercepted and pushed them open once more. The flash of his deep brown eyes instantly had her mesmerised her breathing got heavier as they examined each other with their eyes…She licked her lips seductively and she could see his bulging cock beneath his trousers. She wanted it so much, she felt her lips moisten with excitement, her clit pulsate. He came closer and her heart was beating heavily as he pulled up her skirt gently scratching the outsides of her warm, soft thighs… she let out a long sigh and felt the dampness in her knickers as his hand crept further up her leg. Taking her clit between his forefinger and thumb he massaged it gently as she thusted towards his hand… longing to take him all in… she felt a rush of excitement tingle up her spine and let out a low moan of pure pleasure…. he pushed two fingers inside her massaging her g-spot. He ran his hands down her breasts and gently licked her rock-hard nipples. Working his way down he licked her dripping wet pussy probing her with his tongue he flicked it along her clit while his hands went to work. She felt a third, then fourth finger enter her and felt an intensity like never before.
Falling to her knees she unzipped his trousers and took out his long hard cock… she licked and nibbled before taking all of him in her mouth… he held on to her hair tight and thrusted deeper into her mouth before she felt the sweet taste of cum in the back of her throat. Licking her lips she adjusted her skirt… put back on her shoes and left at floor 22…


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