The Massage

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So I decided to get a massage the other day, I was very tense from work and other daily stresses and wanted to treat myself. When I walked into the place it had the smell of peppermints and exotic oils, and soothing music playing in the background. I sat down on the big cushy couch filled out my paper work and then put my feet up on the stool and examined the fresh shiny coat of ruby red nail polish on my toes. Finally I heard a door open and out came this tall tanned statuesque man with piercing green eyes and dark hair. He smiled at me and said “Hi my name is Christian you must be my 5 O’clock. I smiled back and in a flirty tone I said I must be. He said “follow Me” I watched his tight ass as he led me into the room.
The room had lush plants in the corners, candles lit that smelled like sandalwood and vanilla and a big comfy looking table. He handed me a sheet and said “You may take off everything but your panties or get completely nude whatever you are comfortable with”. I smiled and said “ok” He left the room and shut the door. I thought to myself I am getting completely nude because I am going to get every aching inch of me massaged. I was tired of being tense. I disrobed and layed on the comfy table and covered myself with the towel. He came in a few mins later and put some oil on his hands and said I am going to start with your shoulders, He pulled back the sheet as I lay on my belly and I caught him sneaking a glance at the side of my breast’s as they were mushed into the table. His hands were like magic sending me into a blissful comfort as he rubbed and caressed my muscles and ran his hands across my baby soft skin.
He had strong hands and that’s what I needed. He started to work his way down my lower back,
Relieving the tension with every touch, I was in heaven.
He rubbed my arms and commented on how he thought tattoo’s were hot. He then told me he was going to rub my feet and explained all the pressure points that your feet have and said it was called reflexology. As he rubbed he explained how every part of your foot was in charge of different parts of your body. He made sure to stress that it controlled every single part. I couldn’t help but wonder what part controlled my pussy. I laughed to myself.
He said ok we are going to do some leg work. So he pulled the sheet off one leg and started from my calf and worked his way up. He asked me to open my legs a bit so he could get more into the muscle of my thigh. He went on to my other leg and asked again if I could part my legs a bit so I did. he then asked me if I wanted my ass massaged. He said “some people are uncomfortable with it but it is a source of a lot of muscle strain” I told him sure I had no problem with it.
He put some more oil on his hands and began to rub up and down my ass cheeks it was amazing!I will admit a turn on as well. A couple times he was doing this he grazed between my legs.
And then it happened. He reached between my legs and began to run his fingers across the outer lips of my pussy and I was so shocked and so turned on at the same time I let him! He began to tell me how Plus size women turned him on like no other and he found me extremely attractive. He leaned down and began to kiss my back, and then grabbed the back of my hair and pulled my neck to one side and bit me! not to hard, just enough to make my skin tingle and started kissing the back of my neck and shoulders. my eyes were about rolling in the back of my head at this point.I turned around and and our lips met,with passionate and wild kisses. I reached up and grabbed his jeans and pulled him to me. As I unbuttoned his pants and dropped them around his ankles reveling his hard throbbing cock. He grabbed my breasts and started rubbing my nipples. I ran my tongue around the head and I licked the precum off his tip as it stretched and glistened From his cock to my tongue, I looked up at him with a naughty wanton look and a side smile. I could literally feel it throbbing in my mouth. I played with his balls while I deep throated his cock sucking and licking vigorously. I wrapped my hand around the base of the shaft and jacked him off as I sucked in the opposite direction. His toes curled. His legs started to shake and he started to fuck my mouth I grabbed his ass and pulled him in as tight as I could.
I could tell he was going to cum and apparently so could he because he stopped me after a while. He leaned down and kissed me hard. Then layed me back on the table. He started kissing my inner thighs and worked his way up to my eager wet pussy. My legs were spread wide as he flicked his tongue ans sucked on my hard clit and reached up and pinched my nipples. He went further down and fucked my excited pussy with his tongue. I pulled my legs back further. He came back up and went crazy on me I came so hard that I think the businesses close by probably heard me. He told me to get on my knee’s, he slid his hot throbbing cock into me and fucked me hard and pulled my hair. I was almost screaming as he hit my g-spot and made me cum again and again. He would slow down and speed up teasing me and driving me crazy and driving himself crazy. He kept saying I don’t want to cum, I don’t want this to end. I turned around and put his cock between my lips again and made love to it with my wet mouth and tongue. I knew he was going to cum so I shoved it all the way down my throat and felt the warm cum slide down. He came so hard he shouted, and his one leg shook. Then he almost collapsed. He managed to sit beside me on the table and looked up at me with amazement.
I said so how much do I owe you? He said it’s on the house. Make another appointment soon.
and you know what I think I just might.

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