The reunion

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It was the summer of 2003, it has been 6 months since he moved. Oh how I missed him…..his light brown hair, his hazel eyes, his daring smile. Every girl would fall for him. One night I got a call from Veronica, she told me that he was in town for a visit. I was over joyed, that I would have fainted. He wanted me to come over to her house, so that we can spend time together. I rushed over to my wardrobe and opened it, and took out a red silky dress that fitted my curves so perfectly. Then I put on some perfume that smelt like roses. I walked out of the house, feeling the cool breeze against my skin made me calm. I pulled out of the drive way driving down the noisy streets all anxious. Finally I arrived at Veronica ‘s house, I drove in her parking lot and got out of the car. I knocked on her door 3 times, at first I thought that she wasn’t home. But then I heard footsteps, my heart beating faster and faster. The door finally opened as I looked up, there in the doorway was a tall man with brown hair, hazel eyes that glowed in the moon light. As he smiled I knew it was him…I never forgot that sexy smile of his. With out a hesitate he pulled me in with his strong arms, and passionately kissed me. I let out a slight moan, he pulled away and looked deep into my eyes “I missed you so much Talia” he said “I missed you to Kalin” I said in a soft voice. He picked me up and brought me to the guestroom and laid me down on the bed. I opened my mouth to speak, he put his finger on my lips “Veronica isn’t here she left to go to her sister’s for the weekend” He started to kiss my neck and moved down to take off my dress and thong. There I laid naked looking into his eyes, he licked his lips and scanned my whole body. I glanced down at his now big bulge in his pants, that turned me on. I unbuttoned his shirt and unzipped his pants, and took off his boxers. His shaft was hard and firm, he started to finger me putting in one finger first. After a few strokes he put another one in, this time he stroked faster and harder. I moaned louder and louder then I came, he licked his wet fingers that were covered in my hot juices.”Fuck me now!” I screamed, he took his rock hard shaft and put the head at my pussy lips. He slowly pushed himself into me then started to pump me, faster and faster harder and harder. I brought my legs around him to push him deeper in me. We both moaned in pleasure, he finally shot his hot sticky cum in me and collapse on top of me. “I love you Talia” he said “I love you to Kalin”

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