The sex pill

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I left the doctor’s office with a handful of pills he had given me. I had been falling asleep lately and saw the doctor. He came to the conclusion I was over worked and needed some rest, but since that wasn’t going to happen I went the other root and he gave me some pills to keep me awake instead.
I wore nothing sexy to go to the doctors just a tee shirt a skirt that went to my ankles sandals and just a bra and panties I wore every day. I walked to me car and could feel the slightest of a breeze blow threw my skirt on the summer day. My legs took in the breeze and I could feel each hair on them, even though I had shaven the day before. The more I walked the more senses I became aware of. I could smell of the flowers, the stench of the sun burning the paint off a nearby car. My eyes became sensitive from the sunlight even with my sunglasses on and my large brim hat that I could smell as well. I got into my car, the seat was hot, the smell of cleaner and the hum of every belt and chain in the engine. I was in tune with everything, my senses were at their height and I noticed things I never noticed before.
As I drove I could see things more clearly, the dirt on the stop sign that I would have never even thought of never mine see. I could see the people who cut their grass and others who didn’t. I parked my car in the driveway and noticed right away the different sound it made when the tires rolled upon it. I opened the door and got out of the car then just stood looking around. I could feel the breeze once again, how it cooled my ass crack yet tingled my cunt threw my pubic hair. I could feel my tits sweating under my bra and how my back felt tensed up. Each step towards the door gave me new sensations from my feet feeling the heat of the sun to my head feeling the tightness of my hat. Once inside I ran up the stairs and took off all my clothing. I could feel any draft in the house as I walked threw it floor to floor.
Taken back by all my new senses I didn’t realize the window blinds were open as I walked naked around. I headed up stairs as I started to feel sexy for some unknown reason. I stood at the top of the stairs running my hands over my legs and could feel the tiny hair stubble. My hands traced my hips around to my ass, as my fingers moved inside my butt and played teasingly with my ass hole. With no rhyme or reason my finger pushed into my little hole, it sucked on my finger like I would suck on a man’s cock, with all the force one could muster. Everything felt new, as my other hand pulled gently on my pubic hair making my lips open wanting to have something to come in. Soon my hands were running over my breasts and tugging playfully with my nipples. I could feel my own cum run slowly down my thigh and each pore wanting to welcome it in.
The phone rang and I jumped with a start almost from an erotic dream. I moved to answer it when it stopped. I needed to get out of the house so I put on a loose fitting dress with ruffled sleeves that were loose fitting, hanging halfway down my thighs. I wore no underwear or bra and headed out the door not even stopping to put on my shoes. I walked to the park and walked thru the grass feeling each blade as it cushioned my step. I wanted more, the senses had taken me over and I sat down on the grass with my hands behind me holding me in a sitting position. At first my legs were cross but as the wind blew they spread to feel the breeze flow directly up to my cunt. It felt good and my pussy lips opened asking for more. I could feel my ass, as if it too were opening, spreading apart until my little tight hole was touching the grass as well. The sun was hot and there were no clouds in the sky yet there were no children in the park.
I need more I walked over to the swing set and sat on one feeling the breeze as my nipples cried for attention, I pushed off and began to swing slowly. My dress blew back at me but I kept swinging, feeling the breeze as it finds its way into my wet cunt. Then I smelt a scent I had never smelt before. It wasn’t a nice smell but one that kind of drew me towards it. I looked around and saw a man walking alone. He did not look like anything special but somehow he was drawing me towards him. I fought hard to stay and swing but as he got closer something made me want him. I continued to swing fighting with every bit of my being to stay on the swing. As he got closer and closer he stopped and stood in front of me as I was swinging. His scent grew stronger and stronger, I could not fight it anymore and stopped pumping the swing and coasted as I watched him intently.
Once the swing stopped moving I jumped off and walked up to him, smelling him as I did. He looked at me puzzled as I sniffed him. I moved up and down his body without touching him sniffing. I could smell his cock and somehow it was calling me. I could smell his body and it too was fighting to control me. I stood standing before him as the sun started to fade behind the nearby homes. I walked around him sniffing and smelling everything I could about him. I could smell everything, his cock, his ass, even the soap he used the last time he showered. The scent was overwhelming and took control of me. My hand grabbed his crotch in some animalistic response; he grabbed my shoulder and pulled down the sleeves of my dress over my shoulder exposing my smooth soft shoulder and collar bones ending with the start of my cleavage. My nipples stuck out wanting to touch him as they reached as far as they have ever stuck out before.
‘Come’ I said to him grasping his hand and running back to my house. He followed and ran into the house and up the stair behind me as if he knew what had to be done. When we reached the top of the stairs his hands ran up and under my dress tracing my legs all the way up to my ass, to which he held in his hands. He could feel my cum running down want him more then I have ever wanted anything before. I stopped and turned and lifted up my arms as he removed my dress from my naked body over my head and tossed it to the floor. I stood before him naked, aroused, and in need to be satisfied. I undid his pants as he removed his shirt. His pants dropped to the floor and his cock bounced before my mouth. I could smell his cock and my own cunt and somehow somewhere in my mind I knew they belonged together. He picked me up into his arms and carried me to the bed and put me gently down on my back. I spread my legs apart and my hands grasped each side of the bed as he crawled on top of me. I didn’t have to do anything; my body was doing everything for me. My cunt opened for him, I could feel my lips spread invitingly and his cock grew hard without even touching it. He slowly pushed his hard erect cock into my waiting cunt. I wanted to feel the full length of his cock but he went slow as I whimpered inside for him to use my cunt hard and fast.
He moved his hand over my breast stopping to teasingly play with my nipple as he pulled gently on it and then let it bounce back all to do it over again. I looked down at my breasts to see my nipple sticking out almost half an inch! He then licked the tip of my nipple and blew softly upon it arousing it to new heights.
My hips pushed hard upward wanting to feel the hard cock that was inside laying still. I could sense his balls tensing and could smell his seed getting ready to exit his hard cock. I began rocking my hips wanting his seed, wanting him to fuck me hard.
‘Please fuck me hard’ I cried making him excited. He moved placing his hands in mine just above my head then began pushing his cock deeper into my soaking wet cunt. He began to thrust deeper and faster into me, but it was not enough I wanted more, I needed more. My sense were maxed and I need to feel everything all at once. I could feel my breasts bouncing up and down, my nipples collecting each movement as they moved thru the air between our sweaty bodies.
“I want more, I need more’ I begged pulling his cock out of me and grabbing hold of it only to guild it into my little ass. ‘Fuck me here’ I demanded and he pushed fighting my hole all the way until it gave way and opened inviting his cock in. No lube was going to be needed today my wet cunt did it for us. I wrap my legs around his body as he fucks my ass hard. All my senses beg to be used pain, lust, pleasure all wanting to partake in this act. Again I could feel his cock ready to explode his seeds within me. I buck like a wild animal wanting his cock deeper inside, but my senses wont have me stop they are in control, and they want more. But what more can they do and he knows what they want as he pulls his hard cock out of my excited ass and shoots his seed all over my chest, neck and abdomen. The large load fills my belly button and the small curvature in my neck. I can feel his seed run down my side and wander towards my cunt.
He sits up on his feet at the end of the bed as I run my hands thru his seed and spread it all over my body stopping to lick my fingers. He moves beside me and places his cock next to my head as I suck on his cock hoping my senses are satisfied. My cunt cries for more as he moves away from me, thanking me then he leaves. I lay on the bed my body still not happy. My cunt begging for another round and my ass wants the same. Without thought my hands pull on my nipples and cup my breasts. I’m in heat and I won’t stop until I am satisfied. Soon my hands are mopping up the left over seed and I lick up as much as I can from my sweaty body. I quickly sit up and see the bed post tall round, hard. Without any thought any care I mount the bedpost pushing it deep into my wet cunt. I jump up and down wanting to end this passion, but my senses tell me otherwise. I soon move to the dresser and retrieve a vibrator that is placed on my cunt to stop it from controlling me, but even this doesn’t stop the craving and in a bid of desperation I launch myself onto the bedpost once again but this time forcing it deep into my ass well the vibrator is almost lost in my cunt. I bounce as if I were in a bouncy castle on the bedpost then I felt the first sign of the end. With one hand holding the vibrator the other pulling vigorously on my nipple and the bedpost buried deep inside my ass, I explode in frenzy of cum and sheer ecstasy that I have never felt before. I explode my cum all over the bed soaking my sheets leaving puddles on top. Once I am finished I slowly sink on to the bedpost as it drives deeper into me and holds me up from falling over.
I sit there as the vibrator is pushed gently out of my cunt and falls onto the bed. Slowly I can feel the discomfort of the bedpost as I try to move myself off but find myself exhausted as I do so. I fall off the bedpost and onto the bed. I lay in my own cum as I smell it as it run up my nose. I stick out my tongue and lick some up. I can feel how the cum is cool on my breasts. Afraid to fall asleep in case I drown I push myself over and lie on my back until morning.
I wake up slowly opening my eyes as I lay naked on wet bed sheets. I am soon reminded of the previous day events by the pain in my ass. It even hurts to move. I look around the room and see the vibrator beside me. I gently push it away not wanting to lose so much control again. I get up and shower change the bed sheets and air out the mattress. I go down stairs to find the door still opened and all as it was before. I make myself a coffee and take hold of the pills the doctor gave me and read the bottle warning signs. ‘May cause heighten senses and sexual arousal’ Yesterday the doctor gave me two it says to take three times a day! I’m game!

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    Always look forward to reading your posts. Good story.

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