The Work Place (5)


Chapter Five

Waking up, Angie found herself in a painfully white room. She immediately recognized it as standard hospital surroundings, and sat up gingerly. Beside her bed was a night table with a vase of slightly drooping flowers, and a folded up card at the base. She picked up the card, opened it, and read:

Dear Angie,
I apologize for the way things turned out tonight. I usually do this whenever Tony brings a new girl home. He does this often, and I usually take the cold, authoritarian role. I really was going to let you go, but I didn’t realize the gravity of the situation. I hope you get better soon, anyway, but I don’t think we should be seeing each other anymore. I don’t think it’s good for either of us. Thank you for an interesting evening, and please accept my most sincere apologies.

P.S. The doctors say that you’re going to be just fine, and that all you had was mostly a vaginal infection (which they were able to treat), and the rest of the symptoms (difficulty breathing, shivering, etc.) were the effects of shock and exhaustion. I paid for your bill, as well, being that it was my fault you were hospitalized.

Sighing, Angie put the card down and lay onto her pillows. Had she known she wouldn’t be seeing Mary anymore, she would have given more of herself to the other woman with that final kiss.

As she was mulling over this tragic loss of a fabulous woman, the door opened in the far corner and what was probably the youngest doctor she had ever seen walked into the room.

“I’m glad to see you’re awake, Ms. Simmons,” the doctor said. “My name is Dr. Kayson. What you basically had was a minor vaginal infection, which was treated right away. It might take some time for your vagina to be fully healed, but I understand that you can go whenever you wish.”

“Um…” Angie cleared her throat, her voice hoarse. “Wh-what time is it?” she rasped.

Dr. Kayson looked at his watch and said, “Eleven.”

“In the morning?”

“Yes, Ms. Simmons. Do you need anything further, or are you ready to go back home? I suggest at least twenty-four hours of rest before engaging in any strenuous activities.”

Angie, of course, knew that this meant she wouldn’t have any action for a day more, which was more than she could handle. Her pussy was already getting extremely wet just staring at the handsome doctor in front of her.

“I think I’m ready to head home,” she said. “But first, could you do me a little favor?”

“Of course, Ms. Simmons.”

“I’m just really getting horny right now, and I was wondering if you could fuck me. Right here… right now.” As she said these last words, she tilted her head seductively to the side, tracing her upper lip with her tongue, and hooking a finger under the young doctor’s chin.

“I—um…” Dr. Kayson stammered.

“Oh, I know I can’t be involved in any… strenuous activities.” Angie winked. “But I think I can handle a little pain.” With that, she pulled her hospital gown over her head, exposing her lean, completely naked body. She leaned forward and nibbled on her doctor’s right earlobe, drawing him toward her, onto the bed.

Succumbing to the drive of his hormones, Dr. Kayson unbuckled his belt and pulled down his underwear, revealing a long, eight-inch cock. Angie marveled at the sight, and wrapped her hand around his warm member, which had grown hard in the small amount of time that she had come onto Dr. Kayson. “Ooh, Doctor. What an impressive specimen.” The tip of her middle finger and thumb just barely touched when she held his pulsing cock in her palm.

Dr. Kayson pressed his mouth to the base of her neck, nibbling and sucking on it until a nice, dark hickey appeared. He stroked Angie’s nipples softly, and cradled her breasts in his hands while meeting her lips with his. Angie hooked her arm around Dr. Kayson’s neck, pulling him closer to her body, until their torsos were aligned with each other’s.

Angie gripped Dr. Kayson’s penis in her hand and guided it slowly to her opening. In his eagerness, he pushed the first few inches in too fast, and Angie gave a cry of pain. Dr. Kayson pulled back a bit, a look of apology on his face.

“I’m sorry. Shall I take it slow?”

“No. Uh, yes please. It’s fine. I just… didn’t expect it to… hurt so bad.” Angie said in a tight voice. “I’ve never received anything so massive.” She chuckled nervously.

They again started making out, but this time Dr. Kayson’s shaft slowly but surely entered her. Their lips pulled apart as they concentrated on their lower halves.

Angie’s breathing began to shallow, taking in Dr. Kayson’s full length over and over again. She bit her lip against the pain. Nothing had ever felt so good, and so painful at the same time.

“Mm…” Dr. Kayson said, breathing heavily. “Yeah, baby. Can you take it?”

“Yeah. Yess…” Angie said slowly. “Harder!”

With this signal, Dr. Kayson thrusted harder and faster, taking his penis completely out, and then pushing it back in over and over again.

“Wooah…!” Angie moaned. “Uh, uh, yes, yes! I like it like that… Yeah, that feels so good.” She arched her back, which made Dr. Kayson fill her up even deeper—deeper than she had ever experienced before. This drew her over the edge, and with a loud, “Aaauh!” Angie came, both cum and blood leaking out of her tender cavity. She pulled out Dr. Kayson’s moist organ, bent down, and sucked on it. She cleaned up all her fluids and swallowed. She steadily moved her mouth up and down the length of the shaft, up to the hilt. Every time she’d reach the end, she’d feel a slight gagging at the back of her throat, where the head reached.

After a few minutes, Angie was getting tired, but Dr. Kayson still hadn’t cum. Her lips where getting sore, but she was still hungry for more juice. Deciding to help her out, Dr. Kayson gripped the back of her hair, and pumped her head faster and faster on his impatient penis.

“Mh! Mh! Mh!” Angie said after every thrust.

When the doctor stopped, her leaned back, his muscles taut. “I’m cumming. I’m cumming!” He warned. With this in mind, Angie stopped her rapid intake of his member, and focused on the tip, circling her tongue around it, and kissing it gently. She sucked on it like a baby would suck on a bottle, and was soon rewarded with delicious, slightly salty milk. She opened her mouth wide, letting the cum shoot onto her tongue, not swallowing just yet. When Dr. Kayson had finished, Angie held her lips tight, his cum sloshing around in her mouth.

She opened the doctor’s lips, tilted his head back, and slowly transferred his own cum into his mouth. Her lips still covered in white liquid, Angie ordered, “Swallow.”

Dr. Kayson did as he was told, and Angie kissed him on the lips, licking the rest of the cum off. She grasped his large penis in her hand again, pleasuring in the feeling of such largeness. She jerked on it a couple of times and said, “Thank you, Doctor.”

Dr. Kayson redid the button on his pants, zipped up his fly, and rebuckled his belt. He grabbed the back of Angie’s neck, and pulled her close for a last kiss. This one was raw and animal, their teeth grinding together, and their tongues exploring the backs of each other’s throats.

Dr. Kayson turned his back, straightened himself up, and walked out of the room. Angie went to the closet on the left side of the room where she found her clothes neatly folded up beside her car keys. Underneath her tank top and skirt was a pair of white satin panties, which she knew weren’t hers. She recognized them from the night before, when Mary had pulled them off. Angie held the underwear to her chest, and swore that she’d keep it forever.

When Angie was dressed, she checked out, and then stepped onto the parking lot. She spotted her car right up front, and got in. “Nice of them to drop m
y car over,” Angie mused, and twisted the ignition. She was heading home to change into smarter attire. She had an interview to do, if they’d still ta
ke her.

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