Threes the way

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I’m hanging out in a bar one night, (I’m a guy 6ft 4 Dark red hair and hazel eyes, around 190 pounds. ) begin to drink a little but no where close to drunk, so i don’t have to worry about having a coyote ugly tomorrow mourning when i wake up. I then see the beautiful blond across at the other end of the bar. She’s perfect, Shes around 5ft 6 125 pounds, nice tan, great legs, her breast however are a 36 B, a little small, but it fit her body perfectly. We begin to talk abd I find out her name is Amy. So we get talking for a while and decided to leave together. We wind up at her apartment building. We get in an unoccupied elevator and start to make out while we are heading up to the 5th floor, My hands begin rubbing Amys breasts over her shirt,as we passionately and a little roughly kss each other.
We then get out of the elevator and head to the room. We were to drunk and too busy making out, to realize that when they closed the door, we forgot to lock it.
so while I was undressing her, seeing her beautifully tanned body, her black panties and her black laced bra. I begin to squeze her breasts together and began kissing them. I then take off her bra and begins sucking on her nipples.
As soon as I get into it, just then, We begin to her another girl moaning we turn around and see this brown hair, blue eyed 5ft 6 125 pound girl, with a nice tan and around 36 c breasted, girl standing there, masterbating, watching us go at it. Amy ask what she was doing there, cause right now im thinking the more the better it is.
We find out the girls name is Kim. She said she followed them from the bar, and wanted to watch, or maybe if allowed, to join in.
Now the I’m not drunk enough to let this oportunity pass, and the Amy seems to be all for it, so the next thing i know the Amy gets up. closes the door locks it, and begins to kiss kim on the lips, then the begin, to slowly, passionately French kiss, and Amy beigns to undress the brunnette who also has one hell of a body.
Amy then bends over to suck on the other girls breasts beautiful breasts and
while she does that, i walk over, and begin to fuck Amy from behind, while I am doing that, Amy begins to fingure the Kim, then she placing two fingures in kims pussy, then three, pumpping them in and out, in and out, she doing it in the same rhythm as i am doing her.
i begin to go faster and faster, and she begins to go faster and faster, i begin to reach around her and begin to rub her breasts and the harder i rub, the harder she sucks on the other girls nipples, she then begins to bit alittle to teast the other girls nipples, Kim begins to moan in pleaser, with each suck and pumping of Amy’s hand.
Amy also begins to moan and then then we all cum. Kim cums all over Amy’s hands
Amy then licks it, and she lets kim lick her own cum
then we take it to the bed.
Kim tells Amy to lay down.on the bed and to lay on ur backand Amy follows her command. Kim then goes into the bathroom and takes out two bottles one of the bottles she opens and poors a liqiud onto a bigger bottle. she says for lubrication
then she bends over putting her knees on the bed inbetween Amy’s spead legs, and Kim slowly puts the larger boddle, in Amy’s pussy, i can here Amy in pain and yet in pleasure at the same time, with each moan she makes. so i walk over to Amy, and have her suck on my dick, while the other girl humps her with the bottle harder and faster until she cums.
and i cum in her mouth, some squrting around her lips, and down her chin and down her neck, the brunnette sees this, goes over to Amy’s neck and licks the cum off, rising up to Amys chin and licks around Amy’s lips and the two begin to Kiss once more.
Then i layed on the bed, and Kim rides me hard as I inserted my 9 inch dick into her pussy, I then biggin to suck on her breasts, and nibble on her nipples to tease her. Then it appears that Amy is getting jelous and begins to feel left out. So amy rolls us around so I am not on top, fucking Kim, while Amy sits on Kims face And kim begins to pump her tongue in and out of the Amy’s pussy, Amy screams oh you got a great tongue and Amy begins pussy fucking Kims mouth. i hump hard and harder And Kim sucks harder, As me and Amy begin to kiss and make out while we are both doing Kim, M kiss Amy and then I move down her neck to her breats and begin sucking on hem once more, We all begin to climax once more and we all cum together. Amy cums all over Kims face and down her chest. Amy then proceeds to lick her cum off of the brunntte and i help out. Each of us take a breasts, licking Amy’s cum off of Kims body.
Then i begin to rest, but the girls are not yet. Kim then lies on top of Amy who Kim then speads Amy’s pussy lips, and does the same to her own, and then they begin humping each other, rubbing they pussies against each other. Kim begins to hump harder and harder. So I begin to get hard again, by watching and hearing there moans, Amy looks almost exhausted, but she looks like she enjoys it as well. So I get up and kneel on the bed by Amy’s head. And put my dick in her mouth. As Kim continues to fuck Amy harder and harder. And Amy begins to suck and pump my dick in her mouth. This girl has one hell of a mouth on her. Just then The two girls begin to cum all over the bed, cum going down ther legs, all over the sheets all over the bed. But kim still doesn’t stop, she continues to go harder and faster.
As amy begins to suck me harder and faster. The girls have another orgasm, so fast after the last one and this time more cum comes out, shoots in and oout of the other girls pussies, running down there legs, over the sheets, now we here cum dripping on the floor from the bed. Then Kim contiues to fuck her harder and harder, faster and faster. And We all cum together. I cum all over Amy’s mouth. And kim and Amy cum all over themselves. Kim gets up and cleans off my cum off her face. And I begin to clean off their cum off each others lower body. We then take off the sheets, put on clean ones, and lay down and go to sleep. Me with a girl in each arm.

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