Time To Trim The Lawn

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“Come on Marny, just do it.” Angel firmly said.

“I don’t want to, I feel strange doing it.”

Angel walked over to Marny who was near the full length window. “Look out there, are they gorgeous or what?”

Marny looked at the two buff landscapers, they were wearing just cut off jeans and work boots, sweat streaming down their toned, tan backs and chests,

“I can’t…what if they think we are sluts?”

“Come on, look at them, they look like they love sluts! I’m telling you if you take off your clothes and stand there, I’ll do the same thing in the other window. They will just look and maybe get hard,then we can close the curtains and have a good laugh. Come on, be spontaneous for once in your life!”

Marny thought it over as she peeked at those two hot guys, “Oh ok, but you get naked first and then I will.”

“Fine!” Angel said and she took off her sweat shorts and tee shirt, she stood completely nude, Marny noticed her nipples were rock hard and she saw that she had no pubes. Her body was long and lean and tan allover. “Your turn!” Angel said as she motioned her hand up and down in the air toward Marny.

“Ohhhh brother, this better be funny, and nothing bad better happen!” Marny said as she unzipped her shorts, she dropped them and she removed her halter, she stood only in her pink lacy boy panties.

“Panties too. I’m nude you have to be as well!”

Alright, already!” Marny grumbled as she pulled her panties down and off. “There, saisfied?”

Angel looked Marny up and down and whistled, Marny giggled.

“Ok, I’m going over to this window, you stand in yours I’ll tell you what to do, ok?”

“Yesssssss.” Marny said almost dejectedly.

Angel stood in the window and said, “Okay press your breasts on the glass, try to get your pussy close to it too.” Marny did as she was told.

“They’ll look before you know it.”

“Ohhh shit! Yeah! Robbie look over at those windows.” Mikey said and pointed.

“Damn! What the hell are those two doing?” Robbie said and smiled. He dropped the shovel and just stared.

“I think they want to get fucked by us!” Mikey said.

“Okay, Marny turn around and press your ass on the glass.” Marny did and so did Angel.

“Look at those hot asses, I want the untanned one, that ass is just my type!” Robbie said.

“Fine with me, I think both are hot!” both men walked closer.

“Quick, bend over press your lips on the glass and rub around!” Angel ordered. They both did and that made both guys super horny they walked over quickly.

“Hurry pull the curtain cords!” Marny did and so did Angel. They ran away laughing.

“Ahhh damn teases!” Robbie said, “I knew it was too good to be true!” and he startedwalking away.

“Hahahaha that was fun!” Marny said, but her pussy was hot and wet, she was turned on and embarassed, but definitely excited. She rubbed her naked pussy as she laid back on the couch giggling. Angel saw her and said, “Are you turned on?”


“So am I.” Angel said. “Damn my pussy is on fire!”

“What should we do about it?” Marny asked.

“I say we fuck them. Let’s go to the front door and invite them in.” Angel said as she pulled Marny by her wrist.

They opened the door and stood hip by hip, nude and soft and horny and Angel yelled, “Hey!” The two guys looked and Robbie said, “Ignore them they’re cock teasers.” So they did just that.

“Hey!!!!!” Angel yelled louder. But the guys ignored her.

“Maybe they don’t want to fuck us.” Marny said.

“Oh well we’ll fix that.” Angel said as she grabbed two soda cans, “Here you take one, I’ll take the other. Come on we’re going out there.”

“Out in your backyard naked? Are you sure?”

“Yes! Now shut up and come on!” Angel practically screamed.

So out the door they went, nothing on but their sexy curves, their soft skin and their errogenous zones on fire.

“Um excuse me would you like to get something sweet and tasy on your tongue?” Angel impishly said.

Robbie and Mikey looked at the two sexy, attractive, nude women in front of them and smiled broadly. “Yeah I think I need some pussy juice to cool me off.” Robbie said as he smiled at Marny.

“Yeah, me too,” Mikey said as he smiled at Angel. “My cock wants some pussy juice too.”

“Well we’ve got plenty of that!” Angel said and she ran her finger up and down Marny’s pussy causing Marny to be very surprised to feel a woman’s finger there.

“See look how much juice Marny has.” Angel said as she showed her slick finger to the guys their dicks were so stiff as it was seeing two nude women outside like that, but the finger slide, caused Robbie to pre-cum stain his shorts.

Without another word spoken Robbie and Mikey stripped off their shorts and underwear, they were only clad in their workboots.

Robbie had a big thick cock with a huge slit in his cock head. Mikey had a longer cock, not as thick and it bent slightly to the right.

“You’re mine!” Robbie said as he pulled Marny to him, he let his bare cock rub on her skin.

“And you’re mine pretty lady!” Mikey said to Angel as he pulled her close to him, her ass against his cock, he sat do0wn in the grass and pulled her back onto his lap. He felt her soft sexy ass bounce on his cock.

Robbie was holding Marny’s nice tits and with his thumbs circling her hard nipples. “Baby you are going to get a good hard fucking! I’m horny! I haven’t gotten laid in three weeks so my dick is gonna give your pussy a good work-out!”
Marny slightly shook and then she peed, it just came out. All three watched her piss shoot out from her pussy slit. “Oh yeah baby that pussy is scared, but so ready!” And Robbie roughly pushed her onto her knees on the grass, brown and green staining her knees. He pushed her back down, spread her thighs, slapped her ass and rammed his dick in, her pussy opened immediately to his thick cock. “Oh yeah I’m gonna fuck your brains out!” Robbie said and he did, he just rammed his big full cock in and out of her pussy, her scent wafted up to his nose which made him fuck harder.

As they fucked, Mikey had Angel sitting on his lap, “Get up slightly and sit in my cock.” he told Angel. She squatted and sat on it, getting his stiff dick right into her wet hole. He held her ass and helped lift her up and down on his pole, he delighted in seeing that dick disappear and reappear under her ass cheeks. Angel’s pussy was a slurper and sucker so everytime he got in deep her pussy muscles constricted and in rhythmic waves siucked and massaged his dick. She rode his prick, milking it until he came, she sat down hard on his cock and wiggled while he came he reached around and squeezed her tits. She lifted up and getting her ass near his face she, with her strong pussy muscles shot his cum out onto his face, He watched it shoot out from between her lips and his cock spurted out the last drops of his cum.

Meanwhile Robbie was fucking Marny’s pussy hole so hard that it was tightening up to the teeniest hole, he felt it and came, but he forced her down to the grass her tots smooshed in the grass and dirt. He stayed in and she humped the grass, her clit orgasmed and that teeny hole vibrated around his cock.

All four breathed hard waiting for their pulses to relax. Robbie pulled out and walked over to the hose. He told Marny to turn around, he saw grass protruding out of her pussy slit and putting the hose setting on the gentlest setting he washed her pussy, he saw her looking excited so he got it super close on her clit, Mikey and Angel stood and watched as Marny orgasmed her knees wobbled, but she arched her back pushing her pussy out further, she had another orgasm.

“Me too!” Angel said. So Robbie took the hose and put in on her clit, she first opened her lips so it was directly on
it, it did not take long for her eyes to roll back in her head and she orgasmed and the rest of Mikeys cum shot out of her pussy.

“How about in the ass?” Robbie said.

Without a word Angel a
nd Marny got on their knees, asses up in the air, assholes exposed and Robbie, reset the setting to “Steady thin stream” he took the nozzle and put in inside Marny’s tight asshole and squirted the water causing her pussy to openand pucker, she pulled away and in a second the water shot out like a torrent her teeny asshole just spit out the water and she orgasmed. He quickly went over to Angel and did the same and she too shot out the water.The two guys jerked off as those two women had water just dripping out of their gorgeous asses.

Looking at the two women Robbie said, Now that’s what I call great landscaping!” and he high-fived Mikey

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