walking round the golf course

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I love older women they are so sexy and being a 23 year scot in Edinburgh one day I will fiend one for me that really want me back, I would love to know how to do it. This is one of my fantasies.
I decide to go for a little walk around the area on one of the many golf courses in Edinburgh, As I walk round I see an older woman also walking, she was wearing beautiful summer dress, looking amazing as with gorgeous blond hair and lovely long legs. She must have been in forty’s, so alluring, so perfect. I walk over and start talking. The usual rubbish, how nice the day is and how much the City looks better with the sun. I notice a spark between us a look some how we both know what we want from each other. We walk down a slight hill and onto a grass bank, and sit down and start watching the sun go down. You say something so cheeky, flirty and tri to have a we wrestle with me. I grab both of her wrists and pin you to the ground, ware I stare into her eyes. She gives me a cheeky smile as if she has something planned, something she knows I will enjoy, she stop fighting me and I move in for a long passionate kiss, relaxing my body, getting us both so horney. She pushes me on to my back and start kissing and bighting my body making me hard, making me want her. She unbutton my trousers and start sucking my cock, all the time with that cute look she has knowing in her mind that she driving me crazy. I throw
her onto her back and get on top of you sliding my hand up her thigh to
find she has no underwear on. She smiles, I smile back and slide my hand razing you clit making her groan slightly. I want her so much but I resist, playing with her, slowly rubbing her up and down making her want me more than anyone on the planet. Her nails digging into my back while I’m kissing up and down her neck, she crys out, at this point I remember we are out sideand could be caught at any moment so I slide my body up on her sliding my
big hard cock into while still furiously playing with you clit, building the tension, moving up and down iside her. She starts scratching me, faster, trying not to get caught. Trying to hold of from coming for as long as possible, knowing someone could walk past at any time, faster, faster.
Suddenly we both cry out, pull each other so close we can hardly breath,
holding each other and kissing softly. We lie next to each other, shattered,
just in time to see the final slithers of the sun go down. The beautiful woman gets up and walks away, posing only for one moment to look back at me, and smiles.
That would be hot, any older women want to do that?

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