want to get fucked by a sttranger in ATlanti City

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We’ve been married for over 30 years and he’s the only guy I’ve ever been with!
I love my husband but he just fucs to get himself off, he doesn’t worry if I ever shoot! He fuckes me hard and with no feelings!
I’ve always herad “Happiness is a Large Johnson” I thought they meant Cock, sso I looked for a Large cock and married it! NOW I wish he had a smaller cock!
Why do you see som many wwomen fucking large cocks and it’s like they are getting ripped apart!
I’m looking for a cock that I can suck the whole cock without having it jammed down my thorat! I’d like to try a cock in my ass my 1St. time and not have it ripppp my Ass hole apart!
I wouldn’t truct him fucking my ass because he is way tooooo big!
I’m 57 years old, about 5 foot 7 and about 155 pounds, I have lovely perky Tits, 36 B and try never to wear a bra! I don’t need to, they never sag or Bounce, they aree really firm! I have aagreat looking ass and I’m a Naatural White haired laady! YES my bush is SNOW white, but I wear different wigs!1
You never see my white bush, wehen I go without paanties, it’s alawys a different color then my wigs! My favorite BUSH color is DARK Black!
He’s about 5 foot 10 and pretty well built! The best part i guess his his cock, it’s about 9 to 10 inches long, about 1 3/4 Inches across and in the summer it’s darm BRROWN, no, he’s white, but on our Boat, he will lay in the sun with shorts on and his cock out!!!!
I’d like to meet a couple at Atlantic city in May! We will be staying 4 nights at Caesars Casino! We like hanging out around the Ballys Bikini beach bar! I love to wear very revealing bikinis or Very short Flirty skirts to show off my long legs! It’s funny, when we leave the room, he will actually check to se if I have panties on, he doesn’t like for me to show off my Pussy, but as soon as I can I hit the bathroom and take my panties off!!
I actually ahd 1 Guy working at theBeach bar fall off a Ladader because I sprad my legs and showed him my Pussy!
I’d like to meet a couple, she better look great in a bikini and a Mini Skirt! We “I.m” only interested in a white couple”! I don’t want him to know I setting up a FUCK Date with another couple!
I want him to have NO more the 6 Inches of cock, so i can try it my 1St. time in my ASS!
I want her to come onto him, so it looks like it’s HIS Idea to Swap our 1St time!
I don’t want any Rough SEX, I have enough rough sex with him!
He’s never tasted my Pussy, I’ve sucked his dick Twice, but tries to jam it down my throat! I ddon’t want that, I want to take a Guys cock in my Mouth as i want to!
Right now I’m not sure waht week we will be in Caesars, but itt will be Sunday tjru Thursday!

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