Want to meet couple for Swapping our 1St Time

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We’ve been married for 30 years andd our SEX life has ben great, but it seems to me somethng is missing!
I’ve never had another cock other then my Husnads and I’ve always wondered what another cock would feel like!
I’ve seen pictures of bigger cocks then his and Smaller then his!
Lately he fucks like he’s only pleasing himself and doesn’t care if i get off!
I’m 56 years old and still looks pretty good in a Mini skirt and a Bikini,i have a set of Solid 34 B Tits an I’m a Narural Red Haired lady, but I wear my showing hair different colors, OOH and I do have a GREAT looking ASS, he even says i do!! He’s 54, Greying hair and has a cock about 9 Inches long and about 1 3/4 Inches across and still looks pretty good!
I’m looking to meet a couple at Atlantic city in May 2011! I want a guy that likes to fuck to please he woman, nothing bigger then 6 Inches so I can enjoy it in all 3 openings, I’ve tried going down on him and he tries to jam it all the way down my throat! I’ve wanted to try a little in the Rear, but afraid he might trry to jam it all the way up my ASS!
I’m looking for a couple, she better be great looking in a Mini skirt and a Bikini! I want it to look like it’s my Husnad’s Idea to swap our 1St Time, so I want her to come onto my Husband!
We like to walk the boardwal early about 7:30 A., and then later hang out around the Bally’s Beaach bar, even if it’s closed!
Last year I wore a Very short skirt and hal;f my as was showing to put a little show on for the guys putting the Bally’s beach bar back together! My husband doesn’t mind me showing off a little Tit, but if he knew I was showing off alot of ASS, he’s get pissed!
We are booking our Room at Caesars Casino, Sunday thru Thursday, in May, but not sure waht week!
Hope she either wear a Very skimpy white or Pink Bikini and has long hair, even if it’s a wig!
You see,.if we get along and agree to fuck for the 2Nd Time, I want him to watch me being fucked by another guy, he thinks he’s the only one that can satisfy me!!!!
kep an eye out for the date, but i hope someone answers this soon!

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