Web of Lust

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When the dream began I was first aware, not of sights, but of sounds–low voices and laughter. In front of me, huge shapes, dark and vague, floated in a rolling mist. I realized I was standing at the edge of an ancient forest. The trees towered above me like dark sentinels-giants of another age, transformed by long-forgotten magic.

As I moved closer, I heard the laughter again, but it seemed farther off, deeper in the woods. I hesitated. For a split-second, the mist parted and I glimpsed a shaft of light. A desire to move toward the source overwhelmed me. The trees seemed to part for me as I passed. They were whispering…laughing.

I had no sense of time passing, but I must have walked a great distance. The forest had swallowed me up. From what I could see, it had neither beginning nor end.

Suddenly, I felt a stab of anticipation shoot from my toes to the roots of my hair. I had reached a clearing–a ring of trees about 30 feet across. Here, the sun shone fiercely bright on a glimmering, gossamer spider’s web of enormous size that ran from the center of the circle to the high brances of the far trees. It was beautiful. Droplets of water clumb to it, refracting the rays like prisms.

I stepped closer. One silken strand that had broken free trailed like a feather across my face. And then I realized that someone was standing behind me.

He was naked, perfect, his skin a strange combination of gold and marble, seemed to glow with an inner light. His hair was lengthy and pale, flowing out from his finely shaped head like an anemone. He said nothing, but I could feel his thoughts inside my head, begging me to come to him.

Hypnotizing me with his jewel-green eyes he took my hand and led me to the web. As we sank into the embrace, I felt sure that it would break beneath our weight, but it did not. He drew me in his arms and kissed me. My body was filled with a strange combination of lethargy and supercharged desire. Every nerve was alive, hungering for stimulation and touch, but my muscles were immobilized. Pearly moisture began to well and flow from my inner lips. My nipples sang with a near-electric thrill. His hands took possession of my flesh, caressing, questioning, promising and delivering pleasures such as I had never known. I closed my eyes and gave myself over to the sensation. My legs fell open to his probing advances. He dipped his hand into my sex, then withdrew his honey-drowned fingers and placed them to my lips.

He kissed me then. Deeply. And while still engaged in this kiss, he slipped his hand back down to my salt-wet sex, fingering the clutch of nerves crying out for his caress. I felt his weight on top of me. His exquisite phallus danced at the entrance of my inner core, lightly teasing the lips at first, gaining deeper and deeper ground with each subsequent thrust. My sleeping muscles came back to life. My arms sought him out and pulled himi close while my legs locked in a tangle with his.

But even as we bucked and danced together, joined in ectasy, I became aware of another sensation. Fine, near-invisible cords began to issue from his fingertips, engulfing us both in an ever-thickening web. Our sex became mad, frenzied as we twirled and twirled in the supple strands. Finally, the net became woven so thickly around us that all light and soun were lost. We were all there was in the universe–locked in a moist, hot cocoon of pure sexual abandon. We came with a silent explostion of liquid and heat. The force of the climax was so strong that for a moment, I lost my senses.

And then I woke up…with my covers twisted all around me.

Copy Right, Desolation – 2003

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