wifes with old friend

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I am sitting at the house when my wife walks in four hours late from her classes. When I asked her why she was so late she says that she ran into an old friend at school and they went and had some drinks. She takes me by the hand and leads me to our bed. When she strips I can see that her pussy is swollen and red. When I asked her why she said that she was just really horny, but I know better. She climbed on top of me and starts to rub my hard dick on her wet pussy. Then a new smell hits me and I know just what it is. A condom. So with this she tells the truth. After the drinks they went back to his house and she was really wet from just being there with him so she kissed him then stood up and stripped. She let him look at her for a few seconds then she dropped to her kness and pulled his hard dick out of his pants and sucked it like she had been waiting on his dick all her life. He pulled her up and took her to his bed and she layed down and oped her legs to give him what he wanted. He fucked her so hard and fast that she was cumming in just a few minutes then he fiped her over and fucked her from behind untill he had to cum. He pulled out and took the condom off and put his dick in her mouth and shot his cum all in her mouth she swolled it all and got dressed and come home. I could not believe she and fucked some but what I could not belive was how turned on I was. After she told me everything we fucked all night. Then we plan she next trip to his house.

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