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I had been friends with lynn for about 3 years when her boyfriend dumped her. She came over to my place to vent and wash away the tears with some wine. I had always had a crush on her bt never acted because she was with her man. Now that she was single tonight was the night. We got drunk pretty quickly and I made my move. I turned the tv to cinemax and let the people on tv do the trick. She started pinching her nipples through her shirt thinking I was not watching, well I quickly got hard and did nothing to hide it. She saw my rock hard cock and all of a sudden got up and went to the bathroom. When she did not come back I went to see if she was ok and found her on the sink with her pants around her ankles rubbing her pussy through her black panties. I asked her if she wanted help and she told me to show her my cock. Wow, this was going to happen. I took off my pants and let my massive cock spring to attention. She rubbed herself harder and came right there in front of me!! I walked into my room and told her if she wanted to come again to follow me, she cake up behind me and started rubbing the back of my thighs and kissing my back, she slowly spushed me down on my bed so I was bent over, and right away started licking the back of the balls, I told her to lick my ass and that is what she did. I had no idea she was a filthly chick. She licked my ass and started jerking me off, I was in heaven. I put her on the bed and started licking her shaved pussy while positiong her to fuck her hungry mouth. I fucked her mouth as hard as I could and she could get enough, I ate her pussy and slowly started fingering her ass, she whimpered and I thought I had passed a boundary but instead she told me to use 2 fingers, so here I was fucking her mouth and finger fucking her tight ass, I could not hold it in anymore, I dumped my first load down her throat she took every drop. I kept eating her until she came. She told me to fuck her like the little slut she was, I laid her down and plunged my 9 inches into her gushing passy, she was a animal, she told me to bite her nipples and make her scream, she came again right away. I told her I wanted her ass, she asked me for lube and lubed my cock and told me that she loved it n the ass. She got on top of me and lowered herself onto my cock and slid up and down, clearly she was no stranger to a big cock in her ass. She could not get enough. I asked her if she really wanted to be a slut and she answered yes tonight I am your whore. I bent her over and fucked her pussy from behind until she came again. I told her that I had to cum and she took another load in her mouth. She seemed dissapointed that I had come again. Right as I finished I heard my roomate come in and told her that her night was just starting, my roomate quickly joined in and started fingering her while I got hard again. She rode him hard begging me to fuck her ass, we took turns from ass to pussy for the next hour, and again the next morning. Never knew she was like that>

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