Working Holiday – part 1

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I have just returned from my first job away from home. I live in Queensland, Australia and had gotten a job at a ski resort in Queenstown, New Zealand for the 2003 season. I was so excited. I would be working in a brand new resort as a waitress and bar tender. It was very similar to the job I already had. Since finishing university I had been managing a bar in Surfers Paradise on the beach where I had lived all of my life. Now at 22, standing 5,6 with shoulder length sun-kissed hair, deep blue eyes and an inevitable tan and perfect breasts, I was sick and tied of the routine I had fallen into. Guys that were in town for surf competitions were always drooling over me, and I was endlessly being picked up in the bar. It was time for a change. I needed to meet new people and get away for a while – especially from my boyfriend. He was becoming a real bore and our sex life had really started to suffer.
I arrived in Queenstown the day before I was supposed to commence work. I was staying in the resort I was working at, which was one condition of the contract, and was delighted to discover that the girl I was supposed to be sharing a room with had turned down her job at the last minute. Which meant I had the room all to myself.
I spent the first day unpacking and familiarising myself with the resort. It restaurant I would be working in was gorgeous with floor to ceiling glass walls overlooking the snow capped mountains and the village – perfectly romantic. But romance wasn’t what I was after. I was after men. Lots of men. And I only had to look around me to view an endless smorgasbord of them. There were men everywhere, muscular, tanned, and with very deep pockets if they could afford to be staying in this place. I couldn’t wait to get started!
Lost in my own thoughts of hot, steamy sex and the mountains, I didn’t hear a silent figure slide up behind me.
“So you must be the seasonal waitress I’ve just hired.”
I turned to come face to face with the biggest brown eye’s I had ever seen.
“I guess so. You must be Bryce Moreley. I’m Layla Wilks.” He was a lot younger than I had expected, not much older than myself. I reached out to shake the hand he extended. It was hard and powerful. He tightened his grip and began to slide his thumb over my knuckles in circular motions. He kissed my hand where his thumb had been and gave me the sexiest smirk I have ever seen.
“So. You just got in?”
“Yeah. A couple of hours ago. I was just checking the place out.”
“And how do you like my pride and joy?” He gestured towards the lobby.
“It’s wonderful. It’s really yours? I was expecting someone older.”
“It was my Dad’s. When he dies he left it to me. You sound a little disappointed.”
My stomached flopped as I realised I had just insulted my employers. But his firm grip on my hand and that sarcastic smirk on his chiselled, handsome face told me that he was anything but insulted. My stomach filled with butterflies instead.
“I’m defiantly not disappointed.” He smiled again and drew my hand to his chest, instinctively bringing me closer. I couldn’t help it. I was starting to get wet. I had never felt this sort of chemistry with a guy before, let a long a guy I had only met 30 seconds ago.
“Good. To prove it to me, come and have dinner with me tonight to hopefully discuss more than your job. I’m in the penthouse. The elevator code is 5908. I’ll see you at 8.” He reached up and brushed his hand over my breast, then abruptly turned without looking back at me. I was totally speechless and left wondering it this was a normal introductory procedure for new staff members. But I didn’t care. Dinner in a penthouse, with my utterly fuckable boss. I was going to make the most of it.
I dressed in a long black dress with a halter neck that fell to my ankles, giving a generous glimpse of my round subtle breasts, and slits in the side of the dress that roamed to my upper thigh revealing my tanned toned legs. I was going to make this night memorable.
I stepped into the elevator and pushed in the code. I was getting wet with anticipation and had to remind myself that for all I knew he really only wanted to have dinner. But deep down I knew better than that.
I watched the elevator continue to climb and at the last moment decided to remove my black lace panties, shoving them into the top of my bag just in time.
The elevator opened to reveal complete darkness other than a television flickering in a nearby room.
I called out, “Hello! Is anyone hear?” I decided to venture in anyway. I figured he was probably still tied up downstairs. I made my way into the room with the television only to find a porn movie playing on mute. What a guy! Sitting down I reached for the remote and turned up the volume. There was no point in not enjoying the show. After all, he left it on, and I was sure I would hear the elevator door open when he came up.
The woman on the television was being fucked from behind while sucking another mans cock. I was getting wet again and stared to drag my skirt up my leg aching to finger myself.
The woman started moaning as she came and the guy she was sucking came all over her face and she rubbed it into her tits. I was off. I had my finger on my clit and was becoming rampant. I was getting hotter and hotter, desperately wanting to remove my clothes. The woman moved onto her back and continued to fuck one of the guys while a girl sat on her face. I started fingering myself faster. The man removed his aching cock from the woman and began to use a vibrator on her. I was starting to pant, desperate to feel a cock inside of me. I looked to the coffee table and saw a bowl of fruit…BINGO! I pick up a banana and rammed into my throbbing cunt. Faster and faster. I was getting so hot. I reached back and undid my halter neck dress and wriggled out of it. I was lying on the couch naked matching my rhythm with the guy on the tv. I was on the verge, I could feel my breasts aching to be caressed and the heat building from my stomach to my thighs. I reached down and started rubbing my clit. I was moaning, louder and louder. I was about to explode. Fucking myself faster and harder, my cunt tightened and I screamed as my body convulsed and I came over and over again. I was doubled over on the couch and suddenly heard voices.
“What a show. Grant, John. This is the new staff member I was telling you about, Layla.”
I peered over the couch to see Bryce and two other men standing there with their dicks out masterbating. They were still pumping three very erect throbbing dicks with there hands, my mouth gaped. I was mortified.
“Hey,” Bryce spoke up. “That was the most memorable end to any business meeting I’ve ever had.” His sexy smirked crawled across his face and I could feel myself getting wet again. “But you should have waited for us.” He started walking towards me and I peered at the other two guys. Fuck they were hot. Bryce bent over me and motioned for his friends to come over.
“Now that you’ve pleasured yourself, why don’t we do it for you?”
Bryce grabbed my ankles and puched me onto my back wrapping my ankles around his neck and dived into my pussy. I yelped as he tongue started licking me clean and circling my clit. I started to pant as Grant and John started to rub their throbbing cocks as they watched. But I wanted them to.
I had a feeling this was going to get a whole lot more interesting.
To be continued.

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