Cheater Payback-Chapter Eight

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Rick rolled over off of Cathy’s outstretched body, her legs still apart.   Bill’s eyes focused on her little pink hairy pussy while it drooled sperm.  Rick was also lying on his back while his wet, and now useless and shriveled, penis flopped down.  Cathy bent her knees a little and sat upright supported by her elbows, her dark brown nipples and pretty face enticing him to act on what he was seeing.  Bill crawled over and positioned himself over Cathy, their bodies met and they poked at each other until Bill’s firm condom-less cock found the hole and plunged effortlessly into Cathy’s slicked up cheating vagina.  The velvety tickle like sensation was intense and right away they were banging crotches hard into each other.  They were screwing with real skin to skin contact and it was nasty and messy.  Back and forth they went at it, changing angles of penetration for maximum pleasure.  Rick also got back into the act and was holding Cathy’s boobs, one in each hand. Cathy noticed Rick had just the right touch and knew how to handle them.  Her nipples were hard and his touch made her tingle as well as throw her body into Bill harder, banging him with her hairy pubic mound.  Needless to say she was a bit excited, being in command of two nasty guys working on her.

She was pleased to look over and see Rick already had another erection.  Cathy had to admit to herself that she was also out of control with lust and did something she rarely did with her husband.  With Bill still crotch banging her, she reached over and pulled Rick by the penis and put it into her mouth.  Then she worked on his balls with one hand while bending a little so she could reach Bill’s nuts too as they swung back and forth at her as he fucked.  They could hear the bed springs squeaking and the headboard banging against the wall, except it sounded like it was hitting even faster than they were fucking.  Cathy said “You guys hear that?” It was also coming from the room on the other side of the wall.  “Wonder what is going on next door.”

Rick said, “Yeah I think someone is horny, besides us.”

Bill said, “It sounds like we set off a sex storm.”

With Rick’s cock being sucked, Cathy had fluffed it up and it was plump and throbbing, needing a hole to get inside of.  Cathy said, “This isn’t fair, let’s do it doggy style and you two can take turns on me, OK?” And don’t get any ideas, if you want to stick it in my butt, stick it in your own instead because I don’t do that.”

Cathy decoupled from Bill and as Cathy got on her hands and knees, some more slop dribbled out of her slit.  Now it was again Rick’s turn and he and cheater Cathy got into the position.  Rick carefully entered Cathy’s wonderful cunt and Bill was in a perfect position to watch the live cock and cunt porn show as…

To be continued…

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