Cheater Payback-Chapter Nine

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Rick humped back and forth, plunging his hard cock inside Cathy. Cathy, on her knees, was holding on to the headboard using it to push back onto Rick’s penis meeting his thrusts.  The slight curvature of his cock made for a soothing motion as it passed, his mushroom squishing the thick, runny mixture everywhere inside her warm, wet, velvety, smooth texture.   Bill was getting a thrill as he saw fluids running down both of Cathy’s legs; he watched while he jacked his cock like an out of control pervert.  Nobody was thinking about making a baby,  the creaking bed, the musky, pussy smell, or Cathy’s little grunting girl sounds, were driving them to a fuck frenzy.

Cathy was nearing orgasm, her legs now were positioned with one knee on the bed and Bill again had her other leg raised for better penetration.  Steve felt a gentle contraction and an additional wetness as Cathy went through another climax.  Rick was not fazed by it and continued plowing into the slippery mess.  There was just enough light in the room for Rick to watch Cathy’s wiggling tits and himself banging into the beautiful pussy pelt as he concentrated on the feeling.  Rick was probing Cathy’s twat and now pounding even harder as he could feel his nut sack building pressure.  Cathy knew when a man was getting close, she had years of fucking her hubby to learn that.  With Bill still holding her leg she moved her bottom so Rick could get in even deeper while at the same time cupping Ricks testicles and tickle torturing him.  Rick had an involuntary ejaculation that sent a wad of sperm deep inside while he twitched his body with convulsions as Cathy continued humping at him, her other hand and leg holding him as he emptied everything he had left.  Steve then just collapsed and lost his hold, flopping on the bed trying to catch his breath.  Bill eased Cathy over and assumed the scissors position,  neither of them had much energy left.  Cathy’s cunt felt so nice that Bill was able to inject his last load very quickly. It was now 5:30 a.m.   Cathy joked “You two want anymore?”

Bill replied, “Yes, we sure do but not right now.”

Cathy went into the bathroom and showered.  She dried off and re-entered the room naked, allowing the guys one more look before getting dressed.  She sat down on a chair and said, “OK, if you guys want me again, then you had better keep your mouths shut.”

“If you didn’t get me pregnant, I will be calling on you again soon. But if you did get me pregnant, I won’t be needing you, ha, ha. At least not for a while.”   She lied about the pregnant part as that was impossible.   Then she asked for them to get dressed and go get some donuts and coffee.

Her cunt felt nice and well massaged as she turned the key and went into the house.  Still a little bit horny, she woke up Tony with a surprise fuck before she fixed him breakfast.

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