A typical weekend

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My name is Frankie, I’m 15 years old and a couple of weekends ago I had the best time ever! I was at school on the Friday afternoon knowing that my boyfriend, Greg, was on his way to see me. Greg is in the Army. So he is very physically fit and has a great toned body, he about 5′ 8″ and has dark short brown hair and blue eyes. I was jus sat there in I.T. thinking about what we would be up to that night. That didn’t take much thinking!
It soon turned 4 o’clock and the school bell rang. School was out! I got all my books together and left the classroom. I was on my way out of the school and I saw my mum in her car, which had come to pick me up and Greg was there as well. Even though he was 17 he could not yet drive. My mum had picked him up from the train station on the way to school. As I got closer to the car Greg got out but my mum stayed in the car. He went towards the boot of the car and opened it for me, as I took my bag off my shoulder and put it in the boot, Greg kissed me on the cheek and said ‘hello’. As he did this I felt a lot better to what I had done throughout the week, Greg being in the Army I do not see him much so it was good to see him! We made our way back into the car and off we went home.
When we got home, I took my shoes and coat off and left them downstairs and made my way to my room. Greg brought his bags inside and took them to the room he was staying in. My parents wouldn’t let us sleep together, but that didn’t stop us! After dumping his stuff Greg came into my room. I was stood there with my attractive school skirt around my ankles, wearing only a thong and my bra and shirt, facing my wardrobe. I looked at him and said, ‘excuse me!’ He just looked at me, making his way over to me and said, ‘what’s your point? I’m just looking at your beauty.’ I said, ‘I don’t know, I’m getting changed!’ He thinks I’m attractive, I think a lot of people agree with him too. I’m 5’6″, and have long dark brown hair with blue eyes. I’m athletic and fit into size 10 clothes; I’m a 32D with a thin waist. With that he turned me towards him and held me close. And gave me a long wet passionate kiss on the lips. Afterwards he said, ‘I’ve missed you!’ and did it again. I dropped the jeans I had in my hands and let my hands wander.
Soon, I thought I would explore even further and moved my hands down towards his belt. I undid it and dropped his trousers. At this point his cock was only semi erect and needed attention! So I dropped to my knees and deep throated his 4″ semi erect cock and started to take it in and out of my mouth. Within a minute or two his cock was fully erect to his 6.5″ and I couldn’t quite deep throat it. I knew he was enjoying this because I could hear his moans from above. After a few minutes I felt his hands at the back of my head hold a tighter grip and he started to push my mouth further down his cock until I was finally deep throating his whole cock! Then as the grip tightened more and the movements quicker I could tell he was about to cum. So I started to move quicker and quicker then all of a sudden I could feel him cum inside me, his warm, and salty cum oozing down my throat. I was there, on my knees taking his weeks worth of cum in. It tasted so good! I then stood up got changed and went down to supper.
After supper and my parents had gone to bed, Greg and I were downstairs watching T.V. I started to get a bit tired and bored of watching so I turned to Greg and said, ‘I’m getting tired, and don’t want to watch T.V. anymore. You want to wake me up?’ With that, he replied ‘now I wonder how I can do that?’ and on that last word our night started.
Greg started to kiss me wet and long on the lips. His hands were exploring my body, he soon found out I wasn’t wearing a bra now, and that my nipples were rock hard. We were lying next to each other on the sofa and our clothes were soon on a heap on the floor. We were still kissing and my hands hand found they’re way to his rock hard cock and was slowly rubbing it up and down. We started to need more room on the sofa so we moved to the floor. There was a nice rug on the carpet, which was very comfy. His hands made they’re way to my pussy and he could feel my shaven, warm and soaking wet pussy. As he realised it I said, ‘All that’s for you, I’m wet for you!’ As I said this he stuck two fingers into me, very quickly, I had to gasp! I wanted his cock in me instead so much!
We were there on the floor in my T.V. room exploring each other’s body! I had had enough and I think so did he, so I lay down on my back and opened my legs and said ‘FUCK ME!’ With that he kneeled up and moved between my legs. Then leant over me and said, ‘Have you been a naughty girl and do I have to punish you?’ I replied quickly because I was so horny, ‘Yes master fuck me hard to punish me!’ On my final word he pushed his cock into me so quickly and so hard I let out a little moan. He felt so good inside me, he started moving slowly getting quicker and quicker. I told him to fuck me hard, but he said ‘Shut up u naughty bitch!’ and grabbed me arms and put them and held them above my head. It felt so amazing! I felt so helpless to him! He was in complete control! I could tell he came close to coming a few times but stopped before he did and used his finger instead. Then he stood up and told me to suck him! I did what I was told and he fucked my head. I had my hands wrapped around his legs and he was holding my head, he was still in control, then he pushed me down and said, ‘have you still been taking the pill?’ and I replied with a nod and with that, he drove his cock into me all the way in one thrust, then almost all the way out and all the way back in! It felt so good, and then all of a sudden I could feel he was hitting my spot, and I felt the eruption from inside me while I came. It felt so amazing! Then I felt him cum inside me at the same time as I was he then collapsed on top of me, as his cock softened up he pulled it out and started to use his fingers. I couldn’t believe it, he had just given me the most amazing orgasm and here he was on the way to give me another! He pulled his fingers out and his tongue left my mouth and made it’s way down. Passed my breasts, down to my stomach. Then finally reached my shaven pussy with his mouth, and I gasped a little when his warm velvet like feeling tongue entered my pussy. It felt so nice, his tongue pushing it’s way into my hole. Soon I was close to climax again and he stuck a finger in as well. He added a second and was fingering my hole whilst sucking on my pussy flaps. It felt incredible! Then I felt the eruption again, but before it happened he brought his fingers out and started to use his tongue again, then I came again and he took in all my love juices. Then he brought his head up to mine and gave me a long, loving kiss on the lips and said, ‘I love you!’ I replied with, ‘I love you too! Your so special to me!’ We then lay there for a few moments and then got changed and went up to bed.

This was my first story, please write to me and tell me what you think of it. There will be more to come, trust me!

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