Alex and Amanda : Memories

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Story number : 9

Before you start reading : Please forgive me for my bad grammar and vocabulary but that’s cause my first language is NOT English but Dutch . But I do the best I can to write a decent story that is pleasant to read . When I write my stories I don’t always find the words I need to express myself . So if that bugs you , you should stop reading now , if you don’t care about it , enjoy the story .

Alex and Amanda : Memories

Well I have written two stories about my relationship with the love of my youth , Alex so far and this will be the third and final story about me and Alex . This will also be the longest story and containing several sexual adventures I had with him during our relationship . I am trying to write this story in a way to bring out the emotions I felt and making it more a romantic and erotic story instead of a pornographic story so I hope you will enjoy this as much as my other stories .

Saturday , it was raining outside , had been raining all day actually . Alex , who also had a math test on Monday like me , asked me to come studying at his place on Saturday . An offer I could not reject cause he was my boyfriend and every minute I could spend with him was another fantastic minute . Not a single thing of what happened on that Saturday was what I had expected that was going to happen . His parents weren’t at home so it was very silent in the house . For months I was exploring Alex’s mouth and body . I loved his lips and tongue who could bring me into seventh heaven . I loved it when he caressed me with his soft hands . When he pulled me close against his chest , his arms around me , I trembled cause of the weird sensations running through my body . When he touched me , I always managed to get me wet between my legs , just by touching me . Making me so wet sometimes like I never been before . His hands making a way into my underwear . He was stronger than me , but shy and insecure .

I laid my hand on the bulge that just had grown inside his jeans . His dick was hard , pressed against his tummy , like it was crawling up . I didn’t want to unzip his pants yet to take his dick out , although I was craving for it . I was caressing him with my hand , his dick , his cock , his meat , through the fabric . He started to breathe faster . Our lips met and his tongue slipped into my mouth , turning around with unknown slowness and very sensual . I stopped rubbing his cock and pulled my lips back . I smiled at him . He smiled back and said : ” I love you . ” . On that moment , I don’t know why , tears ran down my face , I was crying . Love , such a stupid thing .

Two hours later , we had done a bit studying . You could feel the sexual tension in his room . He was horny , I was horny . Sex was the only outcome . We stood up , Alex walked behind me and laid his arms around me , holding me tight . His mouth on the skin of my neck . He started kissing me all over , knowing that would make me even more crazy . ” Mmmh Alex ” , I moaned . I could not resist him . His tongue made a soft trail in my neck . He licked me like I was made out of salt , he was so thirsty . He moaned . I suddenly forgot all about that math test . I was lost , lost into his love for me . It felt like a heart started beating between my legs . I tried to keep control of myself , but it was too late for that . We sat down on the bed . I tried to keep my legs together , trying to resist him . I moaned : ” stop , stop …” . I didn’t mean it , not at all , it was more a call , a call to him to make him feel the hunter , closing down on his prey . For the first time , I wanted to be dominated by my lover . I wanted to be his prey . He laid a finger on my chin and turned my face towards him . In his hand he was holding his amazingly hard cock , which he had pulled out without me noticing . With his other hand he grabbed my head . He pushed my mouth towards the shining head of his cock . ” Suck it ! ” : he commanded me .

Alex was strong , very strong . His erection was like it was made out of stone . His gigantic lollypop disappeared into my mouth , between my lips . I wanted him so bad . My body ached for his body . With both hands I grabbed his cock and sucked it between my lips . While I wrapped my fingers around his shaft I could feel the tension building up inside him , the need to explode . I opened my mouth a bit to breathe , my tongue gliding over the glistering skin of his cock . Alex stood up , his cock still in my mouth as I sat on the side of the bed . He laid his hands on my hair , caressing it slowly while he enjoyed his blowjob . His hard cock inside my mouth , laying on my tongue . My tongue not knowing where to lick . My lips closing tight around his shaft , sucking slowly . The taste is sweet . He grabbed me by my hair , getting more violent now , slowly pulling my head closer towards him while he start fucking my mouth , telling me to put my hands on my back as I did quickly . His bucking gets more and more violent , almost suffocating me by moments , making me gag . But I didn’t give up and kept my hands on my back . Yes , I became submissive to my boyfriend . I was serving him . My head was spinning around . He humiliated me , making me his slave . But I loved him , I loved his cock that was taken control over my mouth and lips . I was eager to know what was going to happen .

He pushed me down on the bed , on my back . Alex , driven mad by his hormones , pulled off my t-shirt and my bra so he cold caress my breasts . He laid down on top of me , pulling me legs open so he could lay down between them . His lips kissing mine . With his hand he moves my skirt and thong aside . I am trying to get away . He is to strong for me . He laid his hand on my pussy like an animal jumping on its prey . His fingers rubbing over my wet pussy . With a hard push from the hips , there it was , he penetrated me with his cock . I was so soaking wet ! He started fucking me hard . Never in my life I had sex as rough as I was experiencing it now . I was screaming . Alex was moaning . The doorbell rang ! Who could that be ? Alex got up quickly , pulling his pants up and putting his hard cock away . Again the doorbell rang . No orgasm for both of us and the game was over .

A few weeks later on our way to the movies . Just before we left to the movie theatre we drank some wine . Wine is something I don’t drink much , just don’t like the taste of it but well that evening I drank wine , and actually I drank a bit too much . We arrived at the movies and were looking at the screen to see which movie we were going to see . No movie seemed interesting enough . Alex looked at me and said : ” We are not going to see a movie tonight sweetie . ” . He grabbed me by the hand and we walked back outside the building . Alex didn’t live far from the theatre , maybe 10 minutes walking .

Alex laid his arm around me and pulled me close against him as we made our way through the streets of the city , back to his house . I look at the large clock on the city hall , it was almost 10pm . The wind was blowing soft and the sky was dark , the moon was hardly visible , not providing us any light . Suddenly Alex pulled me into the park . The were no lights at all in the park . He made me trip so I felt down on the grass . He jumped on me , laying down between my legs . He ripped my blouse open and took my breasts in his hands after moving his warm hands under my bra which popped open , revealing my tits for him . There I was , half naked in a park . He moved forward , laying his lips on mine . His tongue enters my mouth , his hands moving down towards my skirt . He lifted up my skirt and wrapped it around my hips . A few seconds later he slid off my panties, throwing them somewhere . I still don’t know where cause I never found them afterwards . He lifted up my legs and bowed his head towards my pussy which was already soaking wet , making it look like he could drink from my juices . Oh that wonderful tongue . He licked me , he bit me . He moved th
e tip of his tongue down towards my ass , pu
shing my legs further open . I was so ashamed . The tip of his tongue touched my anus and licked it , drooled on it . My juices mixing with his skin , total lust took over our bodies .

He opened his jeans and got his hard cock out . Alex grabbed me and turned me around so I was facing the grass now . And there , outside in a public park , late at night he forces his cock inside my pussy from behind . A moan escaped from my mouth as I grabbed the grass and pulled as he forced his cock all the way inside me at once . He laid his hand on my mouth so I couldn’t scream anymore when he started pumping me harder and harder . His body slapping against my body as the sounds of flesh smacking together filled the silence of the night . Overwhelmed by this new sensation Alex started groining , moaning and shaking , shooting his hot sperm into my wet cunt . Falling on my back after the last drops filled my pussy . At the same moment we saw 2 people standing in the dark not far from us . They had been watching us all the time . It was an older couple , probable both around age 40 . I saw their faces . They were staring at us . I looked at the older man who was watching me like he could fuck me too on that moment . We were grabbing for our clothes as we ran away quick towards home .

We couldn’t stop laughing on our way home , realizing what just happened . His sperm was running down my thighs as we walked home . I felt a little ashamed . What had I done ? Sex in a public place , in the dark , being watched by other people . Was I a slut ? Only thing I knew at that moment was that I was enjoying it all the way .

A few months later , I hadn’t seen Alex for a few days so I didn’t get any sex during these days . He was coming over to my home that day and I was horny as hell . I was in my room when Alex knocked on my door and came in . I was just putting on a new blouse I bought earlier that day . “Look , bought this today ” : I said while putting the blouse in place . Alex smiled : ” Nice , specially on that new skirt you are wearing . ” He looked into my eyes . We sat down on the bed and Alex laid his hand on my bare knee . His fingers running over the soft skin of my thigh . I am looking into his eyes . We are smiling , both knowing how horny we are . We are talking about what we had done the past few days while his hand slowly disappears under my skirt , still rubbing the inside of my thigh . My voice is going softer and slower . His lips are getting closer to mine . Our noses are touching each other . Our lips meet , he kisses me . With a sigh I open my lips , letting his tongue in . His tongue caressing mine . My hand resting on his back , finding a way under his shirt to cares his strong back . His hand also under my blouse , finding a way to unhook my bra . I laid my other arm around him and move closer towards him . I surrendered to his touch and our kiss .
His hand between my thighs , getting closer towards my pussy . His index finger now slowly running over my outer pussy lips , touching them through the fabric of my thong . He brings in another finger to caress my pussy . Slowly rubbing those two fingers over my thong now , making me wet . I lay my hand on his hand . My fingers guiding his over my pussy . I push his fingers aside so he has one finger on each pussy lip now . With a little more pressure I push his fingers back together . I am moaning softly as he continue to make this move over and over again on my warm pussy .

Again I lay my fingers on his fingers , using his fingers to push my pussy lips together . My pussy is getting warmer and fleshier . They are swollen up by now . He removes his hand from under my skirt and grabs both edges of my thong and pull them away from my pussy and ass . I unbotton my skirt and remove it from my waist . Alex moves between my thighs as I am sitting on the side of the bed . He is on the floor , spreading my legs with his hands . His hands are moving over my spread thighs again , this time his hand moving quicker back to my pussy . His finger running over my pussy lips , slowly towards my entrance . He dips his finger into my pussy , pulling it back out as his finger is covered by my juices now . Gently he tickles my clit , making circles around it , to wake it up . I am moaning softly . He spreads my lips apart with his finger , exposing my pink moist pussy to his eyes . Alex unzipped his jeans , pulling out his cock . I wanted to feel his cock inside me . ” Give it to me ” : I commanded him .

He places the tip of his cock at my entrance . The lips of my pussy slowly enclosing around his cock . In a fraction he slips his complete hard cock in my pussy and pushes it deep inside me . ” Aaaaaawh ” : I scream in pleasure . I start begging him : ” Fuck me ! , Fuck me hard ! ” . He kisses me and we start kissing wild . He is bucking me hard , his balls slamming against me . The juices spreading around . No thoughts at all anymore in my head , my mind fully focussed on sex now . So intense . The sun is shining into the room . Passion and love filling my bedroom . His cock stirring inside me , my pussy filled with warmth . My words making him even hornier : ” Yes , give me that hard dick sweetie ” . With hard pushes deep inside my cunt he groans : ” Yes , take it , take it all the way . ” My pussy muscles massaging his shaft while he fucks me . Faster and faster he is fucking me , the sounds of fucking everywhere . Harder , harder and faster . Screaming and moaning filling the room . Like a madman he is bucking inside my pussy , cock going in and out into my hot soaking cunt !

I was cumming , I could feel it building up inside me . ” Yes , I am going to cum ” : I screamed . My cunt tightens around his rock hard cock as he keeps fucking me . His cock grows bigger as he also cums inside my cunt . On each stroke his cock shoots sperm into my womb . He keeps his cock there for a while , the head of his cock , resting against my womb . His mouth on mine , as we kissed . We were happy , in love , together and satisfied .

I hope you enjoyed reading this story . Again , this was a true story , no fantasy . So if you don’t like my story , maybe you don’t like reality ? Mail me anytime if you want to get in contact with me or want to read more stories I have written or if you want to chat with me on msn just ask …

I don’t bite …hard !

Hugs and Kisses

Amanda Marais

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