Couples Swap

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It started on Friday evenings, getting together with our friends Beth and Ron to play a few harmless hands of poker. On one particular evening we started drinking earlier than usual and things got a little heated. Beth suggested we move up the stakes to strip poker. Ron, her husband readily agreed. Vic looked at me with a question in his eyes. I knew he thought Beth was very sexy. He had commented on several occasions about her hot tits. I found my head nodding up and down agreeing to this. Over the next half hour, Beth was clearly the big winner and had almost all the coins in front of her. I on the other hand, had become use to sitting in a black sexy bra. Then Ron was tapped, and about to forfeit his shirt.
Beth said, “Listen, losing shirts isn’t as revealing for you guys as it is for us girls. I demand your jeans.”
Ron agreed and quickly removed his jeans. He was wearing the smallest pair of briefs I had ever seen and they barely covered the bulge caused by his hard prick. I swallowed a few gulps of air as I stared.
Beth noticing the direction of my eyes remarked, “Have you ever played with another couple before?”
“Never” Vic said.
Ron stood up and quickly slipped Beth’s sweater over her head, revealing a tiny bra and her gorgeous tits. Ron suggested we all get more comfortable, removing his sweatshirt, socks and shoes. Beth slipped out of her shoes and pulled off her jeans. She was wearing a pair of bikini panties that barely covered her pussy.
Vic took a deep breath, and said to me, “Babe? Is it alright with you?”
In answer, I stood up and pulled my jeans off. Like Beth, I had on a tiny pair of bikini panties.
“You are really gorgeous,” Ron said.
My husband was the last to strip. When he finally did, I stared, and then giggled. He had decided to wear the tightest pair of underwear he owned that night. Suddenly everyone was laughing and moved into the living room. Vic placed his lips against mine and kissed me long and deeply. His hands roamed over my back, cupped my ass, and caressed my calves. Calves? My eyes sprung open, Ron sat at my feet, his hands stroking my legs. At first I stiffened, but then I relaxed and enjoyed the feeling of someone else’s hands on my body. Slowly his hands slid to the front of my thighs, then quieted.
“I can feel you tremble,” he said softly. “Are you afraid? Has this gone to far?”
“No,” I whispered. “It all feels good.”
Beth moved behind Vic, her palms flat on his upper back. Then she turned my husband so he was facing her. She slipped her arms around Vic’s neck and pressed her lips against his. Another woman is kissing my husband. But it was so sexy as I watched. Beth rubbed her lace-covered tits over Vic’s chest. His arms went around her and he was kissing her. Suddenly Ron’s hands were on my naked belly, stroking, caressing, kneading. He stood up and his hands slid to my ribs.
“May I? I want so much to touch you.” Ron moaned
I smiled and whispered, “Yes.”
His hands were on my tits, cupping me. His fingers found my nipples through the silky fabric and he pinched.
“Oh God,” I said as my eyes closed and my knees buckled.
Quickly Ron guided me to the sofa. As I lay back on the soft material, I knew nothing else mattered but hands and mouths and satisfying the rising heat. Ron crouched between my spread thighs and his mouth found my nipple. Then his teeth. The slight pain on my nipple drove me crazy. I held his head as he nipped and nibbled, moisture flowing between my legs, soaking the crotch of my panties. This wasn’t my husband, but it felt so good. Suddenly there was a mouth on my other tit. My eyes flew open and I saw Vic bent over me. I had a mouth on each tit and Beth stood behind, stroking each man’s back. Vic unsnapped the front hook of my bra and now months engulfed naked nipples. Sharp teeth. Pinching fingers. A hand stroked me between my thighs. Vic’s? Ron’s? I found I didn’t want to know and kept my eyes closed. Fingers rubbed through the silk of my panties. My clit swelled to press against those hands. Fingers slipped under the edge of my panties and found my wetness. One finger penetrated just a tiny bit. Not enough, my body cried as I thrust my hips upward. Fill me. Hands removed my panties and still my eyes remained closed. I want the hands to be Ron’s, not my husband’s. Then the fingers filled me, first one, then two, then three, filling my emptiness. I drove my hips upward, forcing the fingers to fill me more deeply. I opened my eyes. Vic was on his hands and knees, bent over my tit sucking. Beth had one hand on his back and the other obviously rubbing him between his thighs. Ron was between my legs, one hand buried in my pussy, the other stroking his now naked cock. Then Ron’s mouth found my clit, his tongue ceaseless in its exploration, his fingers still filling me. It was too much and I came. Waves and waves of molten heat washed over me and I heard myself screaming. As I climaxed, Ron leaned over me and put his cock between my breasts and started humping them. Within minutes he was shooting his cum all over my face. I grabbed his cock, pulling him to my face so that I could suck his cock clean. As I finished, I noticed Vic and Beth pulling off the rest of their clothes and Beth lying on the carpet. Vic bent between her legs and pressed his mouth over her clit.
Ron was sitting next to me on the floor and said ” You’ve never felt anything like touching your husband while he makes love like this. Touch him.”
Hesitantly I reached out and placed my hand on my husband’s back. I could feel the movements of his body as he licked Beth’s pussy.
“If you’re up to it,” Ron whispered, “come here and touch him right.”
I moved onto the floor until I could reach between my husband’s thighs and placed my hand on Vic’s cock. He was hard and hot and so smooth. I squeezed and felt his entire body tighten. I smiled and stroked him the way I knew he liked as I watched his head bob between Beth’s thighs. I rubbed and squeezed until I knew he was getting close. I kept him there, on the edge of climax until I heard Beth scream, then I moved around and took his cock in my mouth and started sucking with the movement of his hips. I could feel his balls start to tighten up. Vic pulled away from Beth’s pussy and grabbed my head, slamming his cock into me as fast as he could. He pulls me forward and held my head against him as he spurts deep into my throat. I gag slightly; he had never been this forceful.
“Oh God, yes” Vic cried his voice relaxing.
Vic’ releases my head and kissed me on the lips hard and deep.
“I need a shower. Do you think there is room for 4?” Vic said

And so the adventures begin….

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  1. disenchanted

    Awesome story! Very well done. Wish I had been there to see it if it is true.

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  2. crazyboy531

    great story! you need to write some more. to top it off

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