Edward's Surprise! Part 1

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So I was at work last Friday, sitting at my desk, bored and over swamped with work when the phone rang. Who could this possibly be I thought. On answering, it was Eddie, my scrumptious Japanese fiancé. He had just gotten home from school (college to be exact so y’all don’t think I’m a pedophile) and made the routine call, somewhat later than usual, only this time he was moaning heavily in the phone and told me he was touching himself then said some very, very naughty things that he wanted to do to me as soon as I got home. That sexy tease, he knows I’m a want to eat him all up!!

A loud moan echoed through the line then my name was called repeatedly; between moans he managed to tell me he was cumming. Of course, I was extremely aroused to the point that I was soaked all the way through to the crotch of my pants and I couldn’t do a thing but retrieve the picture he had taken of his ‘bad boy’ and sigh cause I had a dead line to meet and work wouldn’t be through for another 2 hours or so. (I’ll tell you how his cock got that name one day)

He laughed impishly, knowing what he had done, teasing how he could touch himself and I couldn’t. So I got him back by calling him Edward (he says something about my English accent drives him wild when I call him by his full name…don’t ask…) then he did that kinky little growl in my ear, which set me off again. Unfortunately, I had to end our intriguing chat, reluctantly, and he mentioned that I should stop by the herbalist on the way home and get a ‘cleansing’ and that he had a surprise for me. I thought it was exciting yet odd; nonetheless, I did as was told.

Finally, I was home. Before I could open the front door, Eddie did. He was in a black robe, parts of his buffed chest and abs peeked through, and it led me to wonder if he was wearing anything at all under. My eyes and smile met his as I walked in and bid him hello but I was greeted by a heated and heavy kiss and pushed up against the door, I locked it in the process then flung my purse one side.

Something hard poked at my mound and I shivered, closing my eyes even tighter, then his hands moved from my sides up to cup my handfuls. So tenderly they worked, unbuttoning my blouse then unhooking the bra, touching and molding each bare breast tentatively, randomly tugging at a hard, rasped nipple; simply setting me afire and evoking throaty moans.

My own hands sought to please him in return. After removing the robe, I grasped his naked pole then began stroking it slowly, delighted to feel it was already slippery and throbbing. He intensified the kiss as I fondled him, moving his hands now to the waist of my trousers and undoing it then letting it fall to my ankles followed by my soaked panties. He broke away to caress my breasts with his lips.

Moaning deeply and stepping out of the muddled clothes at our feet, I combed my fingers through his midnight strands repeatedly till his lips came back to mine while my other hand worked its way over his sturdy back. I wanted to taste him so badly but he wouldn’t let me go down on him. “Not yet…” His voice trailed off huskily as he slid his hard flesh between my lower lips. We both groaned richly.

Leisurely, he rubbed his cock over my clit, teasing and weakening me immensely. I was so damned hot and wet for him and greatly desired the feel of his 9-½ inches deep inside my hungry, pulsating hole. He placed his palms just under my ass then lifted and positioned me on his thick manhood. My mind went completely blank for a quick second then a slow, blissful moan was released. Gawd, I almost had an orgasm right there.

The sofa was the nearest retreat so we lied there; he on top, and then it began. He makes the most erotic noises, almost animal like; ones that send shivers up and down my spine and they did just that as he pounded my throbbing cunt.

He kissed my lips, neck and breasts consecutively as I squeezed and slapped his tight ass. My legs were then held up at the back of my knees allowing him in deeper and he showed no mercy in slamming into my pussy with his golden rod. As his climax neared and he told me to rub my clit for him, then as I caved in so did he; his pumps were now slow yet so deep as he filled me up. I felt our mingled discharges seep down between my ass cheeks, warm and sticky.

I reached up and kissed him hungrily, his mouth was sweet and inviting I didn’t want to stop but he pulled away and smiled then withdrew. “There’s a bubble bath upstairs waiting for you, it should be just right now. I’ll be there with you in a moment.” I smiled and thanked him then went to it as he said he’d clean up.

While soaking, even though I was well pleased, I couldn’t help but think how strange he was acting. We’d been together for four and a half years now and he’s never been dominant or commanding before, then I remembered he said something about a surprise. I became excited again and was sure that this was it; he was going to play the dominator tonight!

The thought of him in leather, whipping and torturing me started my clit twitching again and I had to touch myself. If only this 18-year-old man knew, yes 18, how much he drove me crazy and how I loved his every touch. So there I was, eyes closed, massaging my clit vigorously, occasionally slipping 2 fingers in and pinching either nipple till my g-spot was found. My hips swiveled and jerked frantically as I squirted hot juices into the tub and quietly moaned his name. I savored the sweet feeling, which brought a smile to my lips. Gawd, I love him!

When I opened my eyes, as I was now ready to get out, he was standing there, smiling, with a towel spread in hand. I laughed and wondered how long he had actually been standing there then stepped out and backed up into the towel, “Thank you, Edward.” I teased. He wrapped the towel about me and eagerly pressed up against my back then stormily breathed an “oh God!” quickly in my ear. A hand immediately found his hardening cock and firmly squeezed it from under his robe, then the robe disappeared; his animalistic moans were ecstatic and warmly flowed into my ear.

In an instant my nipples raised and I tingled with sexual electricity; I so yearned to be screwed brutally hard once more. The towel dropped to the floor, so did we, in a doggy style position this time. He rubbed his cock head up and down my slit tauntingly but in a bit of frustration I pushed back and roughly impaled myself on his massive sword, moaning loudly as he hit my back wall.

“Mmm…someone’s so greedy for my cock tonight.” He grunted as he reached down to kiss my back and fondle my tits and nipples. Gawd, my pussy throbbed like crazy, then he really turned it up. His balls slapped hard against my lips as he plowed in and shook my body, I was on cloud million but it was when he started rubbing my clit that I almost died.

I let out a long, high-pitched awg as the climax gripped me. My body quavered recurrently in front of his and the moans grew longer and louder as he prolonged the peak with his slow, steady pumping then I felt the sweetest feeling and heard an even sweeter sound. He flooded my inner walls once more with wave after wave of glorious white sperm and moaned resoundingly “I love you!”

After we calmed some down I began touching his cock and just as I was about to go down on him, the doorbell rang. I’d never sworn so much in my mind till that moment. “He’s finally here!” Eddie cheered then got up, dashed his robe on and ran downstairs. I just sat there blinking, “He?!?!?!?” I said out loud to myself wondering what was going on. I found out soon enough…

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