Ending the night right

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I had known her forever it seems but we had never hooked up before . Maybe because she was one of my best friend’s girlfriend when we first met . They had broken up some years ago and we just lost touch .
We met up by chance at a club when we were both leaving . The action just wasn’t what either of us were looking for . We decided to go out for coffee and catch up on the last few years . There wasn’t much around that was open and quiet enough for coffee and dessert so we picked up a couple of cups and went up to her place .
As I followed her up the stairs I couldn’t help but check her out and notice that she hadn’t seemed to change in the 6 or 7 years since I had last seen her . She is still a very pretty brunette with eyes to melt in and a smile that won’t quit. She is petite ,slightly curvy with a pert “b” size chest and a nicely shaped ass .I almost forgot just how attractive she was .
We entered her apartment and sat on the couch .We drank our coffee , reminisced ,and laughed. As we talked every once in a while she would touch my arm or I would touch her knee and it seemed like there was electricity .I know I felt it and I thought she could feel it ,too.
As we were talking she got up and looked out the window .She asked me over her shoulder why we never went out before . I didn,t have any words to answer her . I got up and crossed the room and stood behind her looking out over her shoulder . She reached back and grabbed my hand . I pulled in closer and wrapped my arm around her . As I held her ,I could smell the soft aroma of her sweet perfume . I brushed her hair off her shoulder and kissed the back of her neck . She leaned back into me and I lifted my hand to carress her face . My hand slid down her throat and I let my fingers trace down between her breasts over her stomach and down to her waist . As she let go of my hand I could feel her hand sliding up and down my thigh .
I reached both hands around and started to unbutton her white blouse . She had reached op and started rubbing my crotch , outlining my dick with her fingers . She spun around and we finally kissed . As our tongues swirled together we started undressing each other . I finished unbuttoning her blouse and slid it off her shoulders . She undid my shirt part way and then pulled it over my head . I then unzipped her skirt and let it fall and as she stepped out of it she undid my pants . We both stood there for a moment admiring each other in our underwear .
We started kissing again with even more passion . My hands were wandering all over her and hers all over me .I was carressing her Beautiful tits and rolling her perky nipples as she grabbed for my growing cock . she peeled my boxers down and looked me in the eyes as she kissed down my chest .She continued down my stomach and then took my member in her hand and started kissing the head . she started sucking and licking up and down my shaft and then she would engulf me in her mouth sucking me all the way down her throught and back up . She was driving me crazy as she did this and I had to stop her before I came too quickly right in her pretty little mouth . I took her back over and sat her on the arm of thecouch . Now it was my turn . I kissed her lips and neck ,then I kissed my way around her mounds licking and nibbling her nipples until they stood out proudly . I trailed my way down her stomach ,nipped her hipbone and kissed down to her knee .I trailed my lips back up her inner thighs and pulled aside her thong . Her beautiful lips were already swollen and moist . I lightly tickled the outline of her box with my tongue . Then I zeroed in and flicked her clit , slowly at first and then a little quicker .Lapping between her lips ,I could taste her sweetness . She started cooing softly as I licked and sucked her clit then I pushed a finger in and out .Her soft coos grew into moans .She lost her breath for a moment as she came in waves .
She pulled me up once she caught her breath and again we kissed . I rubbed the head of my cock over her pussy as she put her legs around my waist . As I started to slide in she winced a little ,she was so tight . I slid in and out in little thrusts until she got used to me in her . She was so wet that it didn’t take long .
Soon I was taking full slow strokes ,all the way in and all the way out . She oulled me back in again and loced her legs around me .We grinded against each other varying the pace until she started breathing heavy again . Then she gound herself harder and faster until she came again . We stopped movig for a moment until she could catch her breath .
I pulled out of her and took her and bent her over the couch arm . I positioned myself behind her and eased myself back in her pussy . I was grabbing her hips as if pulling her onto my prick .I knew I wasn’t going to last long and started thusting myself into her harder and faster . My thighs making loud claps slapping against the backs of her thighs . She was moaning loudly again as I lost all control . I pushed all the way in one last time as I exploded inside her ,pulsing and pumping ,feeling like a fire hose , deep inside her as my knees practically collapsed.
I slowly pulled out and turned her around and kissed her again .As she led me to her bed we both agreed we had A LOT of catching up still to do . Falling asleep with her in my arms was a perfect way to end the night .

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