Fantasiae of a young man .

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Fantasies of a young man !!!!!
Part #1
I started working at grocery store while I was finishing high school. My self and my girl friend have been together for about four year’s. We both started working there together but for a while we ends up breaking up. Just when new cashiers where starting to, one of the new cashiers caught my attention, as unlucky I was feeling that week I got to train in that new cashier that caught my eye her name was Amanda. We start to talk for the last three day’s of her training we got know each other very well and even got to hang outside of work we had some good times but she had a boy friend at that time so don’t get any ideas that we end up been more then just friends. She was a cool girl, we stop talking to each other for a while because I was working the night shift and was only able to work during the day.
Mouths past holiday’s where around the corner I found out that she was coming back to night shift I was so happy about I for got that I had a girl friend yeah we end up back together. Just like every relations ship are in but it was still tip pie for what had happen between us but that’s another story. I got to saw her first night back we took our break at the same time and catch-up on every thing. I did found out she was single so decided to get together. So we did we went out for about a week, she was finishing high school and ask me to be her prom date “oh yeah ” I did go but no don’t think just because it was prom we end up going to have sex tighter nope don’t get me wrong I really wanted to but no. She did look very hot while we were dancing I started to get a big boner. Amanda got closer to my ear and ask me our a little bit to happy I said “oh yeah” ” Do you need some help to put that away” I said no it will go away on it’s own but no tried to hide it, so it won’t show as much at the end of the night came took her home of course I got asked to come in but no I just went home.
The next day came around and I get call from her but I was at work but she left me a message on my phone at time. She said ” had a good time last night and want to see me that night and hang out” ok I called her back and told her ” I will be at the pool hall with my causing and to meet me there if she wanted ” thinking at the time that we will just play some pool, she said “sure I’ll be there” I got the biggest smile on my face that day everyone was asking me why I was smiling but of course I said nothing. The night me and my causing met up at my house getting ready to go out, so phone goes off and just think of he, it’s her ask if I left yet I said “no we are about to leave in a couple of min.” ok she said “can we just come over to your house and from there we can go to the pool hall? ” Thinking sure we can do that. Time went by they show up hang out for little bit I was not sure who was with her? My mind was thinking other guy was with her but no it was her best friend. Her name was Jessica, my head turns when I saw both of them. Jessica was tall blonde blue eyes hot tie B average chest slim but my causing had his eyes on her already and started to talk to her. Then she comes in the room Amanda tall hazel eyes light brown hair C average chest nice ass and every thing just how I like it. My jaw drop, when I saw her and what she was wearing nice little blue tang top with a pair of silk black paints the kind you that hug he ass every well. Just looking at her made my dick all hard. In a way where I could not hide it, she comes up to me and said are you just happy to see you or me just say hello in your way. I could not denied the way I felt but could not do anything. To be continue!

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