For Quen and Country-Chapter 1: Early to Bed

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N’Tressar grunted in exasperation. He was stuck again.

He probed the magic bonds tying him to his bed. Dammit. Sapphire. What is she even trying to prove? He struggled, couldn’t get out.

He muttered angrily, “Nadalas…um, it’s not funny anymore. You do this all the time! You keep me stuck in bed until you take me out. And even then, not until you’ve had at least eight climaxes. I tell you, I don’t really appreciate being tied down when you come. It’s not fun.”

“I can assure you, I certainly appreciate it…” Nadalas called from the bathroom.

“Well you’d appreciate it more if I was free to pleasure you, Nadalas! It’s hard to please you orally without a certain range of motion.”

Nadalas finally emerged, wearing N’Tressar’s favorite black nightdress. Which was, of course, no nightdress.

“Oh, um! Hello! I…uh…didn’t…expect you to…Well this is different. Good morning.”

“Good evening, dear.”

“…Is it really?”

“Mmhmm,” she purred, crawling under the down comforter.

“Heh-hello!” Nadalas leaned over and silenced him with a kiss.

“Mmph! Hello.”

Nadalas’s hand slid down, following the trail of buttons unfastened by invisible threads of psychic power. N’Tressar grinned. This was different.

He tried to move his arms; he couldn’t, and swore quietly. With all the buttons undone, the shirt vanished, followed quickly by his pants. N’Tressar strained his neck, but still couldn’t kiss Nadalas. He opened his mouth like a hungry baby bird and moaned quietly for her touch.

Fully denuded now, N’Tressar tried to squirm and failed again. “P-please, Nadalas. Kiss me!” Nadalas willingly obliged, her hand resting lightly on his chest.

“Mmmgh, Nadalas…”He slid his tongue between her lips, moaning quietly. “Yes…”He licked the inside of her mouth. “Mmm…” His eyelids fluttered, lost in Nadalas’s soft mouth.

Nadalas deepened the kiss, her fingers stroking his nipples in soft circles.


This was very different. Nadalas would usually come in and mount him, bang him for her own pleasure, then leave. Of course, there would be the sex in the daytime that was for the pleasure of both parties, but this… this was special.

N’Tressar only wished he could touch her. Nadalas finally relented, and released one hand. “O-ohh.. thank you!”N’Tressar brought his hand around behind Nadalas’ head he massaged her head, moaned into her softness. “Mmmmm… yeah…”

She slid halfway over him, her leg entwined between his. His penis could not lift, but it did lengthen. It slid along the length of his thigh as it grew, six inches, seven, nine. He moved his hand down to her neck, playing with her hair, trying to grind himself against her.

Nadalas released his bonds from the waist down and slid her hand down to his hips. “Unnh” with his lower body finally free, his penis shot upwards into the air, like an obelisk being pulled up by some invisible phalanx of workers.
“O-oh, Darling…” He fondled the back of her neck, still kissing her.
He closed his eyes with pleasure as their lips met again, his penis throbbing. “Stroke it… please, Nadalas?” Nadalas kindly obliged, her hand languidly slithering down to his crotch.

“Yes, Nadalas! P-Please me like that!” Nadalas grinned at him, took her hand to his shaft and gripped it hard. N’Tressar gritted his teeth in pleasure. Nadalas encircled his head with her hand, spat on it. She gently began to move her hand up and down, its passage eased by her lubricating saliva.

N’Tressar moaned, bucked his hips gently. It seemed almost impossible, but his quivering member got even harder as her hand moved faster. Nadalas slid over N’Tressar, savoring the smooth silkiness of bare skin against bare skin. N’Tressar moaned aloud, his penis rubbing up against her thigh.

He sent out a Green burst of energy, straight into her sex. He gyrated his hips against hers, felt the warm cushion of her pubic hair against his. Pubic hair that was rapidly dampening. Nadalas slid over his hardened sex, sending soft whispers of psychic hands gliding down N’Tressar’s body.

His penis slid into the thick wet mounds of her sex. He tried to wrap his legs around her but couldn’t. He groaned, half with pleasure, and half with frustration that he could not please his mistress to the best of his ability. “Unnhh… yes, my queen!” He groaned, his penis pumping in and out of her, her juices dripping down his length. Nadalas matched her hips to his, each thrust penetrating deeper.

They began to grunt in unison, faster and faster. “Y-yes! YES, oh darkness yes!” Nadalas rose up on her arms over N’Tressar, her breasts swaying tantalizingly above N’Tressars chest. N’tressar pumped upwards furiously, resisting the urge to scream with each piston-thrust. He could not resist anymore: he tilted his head back and screamed, ululating a primal, throaty shriek of pleasure. Nadalas silenced him with yet another kiss, sliding her tongue in and deepening the kiss with each thrust.

With his one free hand he pulled her face in closer, his engorged penis screaming for release. He licked her tongue, eyes closed in ecstasy. His member pumped harder and harder still. Finally, they orgasmed together; their bodies shuddered with the release, and Nadalas fell against him, her hair splayed across his chest. With a soft moan, she slid her arms around his neck, and finally released his bonds.

“Ah-h-h!!!” N’Tressar could not stop ejaculating, his penis a huge floodgate opened wide by the torrential rains of Nadalas.

Fluid spurted from his reddened penis like a thick powerful water hose. He bucked a few times into her, tried to stop his moaning.

He buried himself in her neck, licking and sucking as she lay, still shuddering from her climax, on top of him. Realizing he was free at last, N’Tressar explored his lover’s body, sending his hands gliding gently over her back, her sacrum, her buttocks Nadalas snuggled closer, rubbing her cheek against his chest, and planting a kiss in the hollow at the base of his neck. N’Tressar held her head to his chest, cradling her head under his chin.

He kissed her hair, once, twice. N’Tressar curled his fingers through her hair, rubbed his cheek against her head. Nadalas rose up and kissed his neck. She sighed contentedly and rested her head against his shoulder.

“So what brought this on, Nadalas? This sexual generosity.”

“Do I need a reason?”

“Oh Darkness, I hope not.”

He ran his fingers along her spine, feeling a psychic tingle from the remnants of their shared orgasm. He tried to extract himself from her, to more comfortably position himself near her, unfold his wings. He discovered, for the second time that day, that he was stuck. But for the first time, he discovered he didn’t mind at all.

*End of first chapter*

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