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It was an Easter Sunday and me and my girlfriend were both virgins. I had been trying to get her to have sex with me for a few months before but never could get her too. But today is going to be special, so we were in her room just talking about sex and it got to the point to where we were horny so I asked her once again if she was ready she didn’t answer me so I went to the bathroom. When I came back there she was but naked on the bed and she told me to get my big dick over there and please her. Well I got naked and tried to stick it in her wet tight pussy, it took me a few times but I finally got it in her and she started screaming so I pushed harder and she got louder, so I started stroking it really hard back and forth and then I started fucking her as hard as I could she started crying. I got off in her 3 times before we finally quit and soon as I pulled out her blood was all over my cock and coming out of her. It was a great first time but now when we fuck, its on like a mother fucker.

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