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I was home alone one night (which almost neer happens) and i was spending it doing research for my PhD. My room mate had apparently forgotten to lock the door on her way out, and i did not check it. We had been told, by a neighbor of ours, that there was a peeping tom having around our dorm. Well little did i know that he had been watching me for a few days. He saw my room mate leave and noticed that she did not lock the door, he decided that tonight would be the night he went from a peeping tom to a rapest.

He walked into my room (we had our own door leading to the out side b/c of our needing to do research at all hours). I was at my computer doing research so i did not notice his entrance. He stood there for a few min. waiting to see if i would notice him, when he knew that he was unnoticed he quietly walked up behind me and covered my eyes. He told “Stand up and walk to your bed and lie down.” I did as he said calmly, that annoied the hell out of him. He wanted me to be scared. “If you yell i am going to kill you” he continued to threaten while i just lied there waiting for it all to be over.

He grabed my legs and opened them. It was then that he realized that this was turning me on and that made him stop and ask me “Why is it that you are not scared?”

“Believe it or not this is my biggest fantasy and I probly want this more than you do.” I replyed.

“Thats hard to believe alright. But it does not change the fact that I am going to fuck you like you wouldn’t believe.”

“Thats all i want. There is very little you can do to me that I wont like, exspecially since i like pain.”

“Well then lets stop all the talking and get to fucking”

“I just have one more thing to ask. Can you remove the blind fold? I told you that I want this as bad or worse than you do so why would I tell any one!”

he then removed the blind fold and I realized that I would be making 2 of my fatasies come true at once. The first is the whole intruder/rape one and the second was that this guy is the same guy I have been crushing the entire semester.

“Fuck me hard Scott!!!” I told him as he started to enter me. That really caught him off gaurd, I guess he thought I did not know who he was. He then fucked me in every way possible, and he made me cum so many time that I list count, I had to admit that he kept his promiss of fucking me like I wouldn’t believe.

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