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My store front looks normal, my blinds are shut, and candles are letting sweet air of Lavender fill the front waiting room.
My store is unlike others, I have a receptionist, named Evelia, and I am the soul owner to “Just a Twist” I specialize in Pleasure, and believ in “hands on” work. The front waiting room is dressed in purple, lavander color, comfy couches, a coffee pot, cookies, even a coke machine. nothing strange. Evelia schedules at least 9 appointments a day, for me, I am a very Career oriented person, Silent you walk in and silent you walk out. There are rules to my practice. Plain as day they Read ” No Speaking, in or Out. Unless you have business to conduct with Receptionist.”
I make Fantasies come true for couples and some I show them diferant pleasures to practice on there own. I charge 700.00 a couple for 1 hour. Every 30 minutes after is an addition 350.00. Every one goes over….More overtime for me,
Anyhow, A man and wife come in the office, sign in, and are seated until called. Go into my back office, the husband sits down, on the chair and the wife is left standing, that usually tells me who goes first, there is a bed in the center of the room, a tall bed, with a drape hanging on all 4 ends. I srrive in the room and ask for both man and wife to be blind folded, I ask the husband what he needs, I want my wife to go down on me, suck my cock, until, I can’t take it anymore and cum in her mouth. I want her to enjoy it and offer it….” Clearly they both have issues, so I turn to the wife, and she says the same. ” My husband doesn’t lick me I can beg and nothing..” SAD, but true, the wife now laying on the bed where I have posited her BOTH still blind folded, and I begin to lick her beautiful lips, they moisten quickly, and are throbbing with excitement, Do NOT touch around I said, she is under full intension it is her spouce sucking and licking she is moaning and groaning..I go up her slim body kissing and nibbling on her breasts as I unfold her eyes, I place my index finger over her mouth, she is crazed ant the site of me, it excites her, more, we kiss passionately, and touch each other with lust in every stroke, her husband mean while is hard as a rock, hungry for action… are you ready I asked her, of course not wanting to stop the passion between eachother she says yes, I hold the man by the hard rock he has and lead him to the bed…I begin sucking his cock slow showing her I can masterbate adn suck at the same time, I tell her whispering, so he would have no clue it is me, I pop it out and begin to stroke, I ask her to take over, and watch her enjoy socking his long hard rod, I move quickly to his mouth give him a kiss, and sit softly on his face while, she sucks as hard as she can. His tongue is like a tornado, just whipping through my shave lips, not missing a spot, I am so turned on by this licks, but I in turn want more, they both have been pleasured, and I think I deserve some gratitude. I get off, and tell her to stop, I tell him to take the fold off and then, I begin to kiss his wife, naturally he is rock harder than before, and smiles, I ask her to taste me now, and I enjoy her kissing and licking too, he is kissing me back, then I turn to her and ask if I could get a sample of her husbands penis, she says yes if I suck her like I did before, naturally i said. I got on all fours and asked politly Please FUCk me hard, sure I heard, She laid down in front of me a grabbed at her breast while I made her cum 2 more times alone with my tongue. I waited and asked for him to fuck his wife , and they were both so arroused. He cummed inside his wife, and they both layed there in awe of the experience. $1050.00 made without a problem, thay got dressed and thanked me, Sure I said come again and you’ll get discount. Thay cleaned up, I changed the sheets, and the next couple arrived in,, the room. You see, the secret to my rules are, The smile and glow from the couple help deplict the satisfaction I give.
Maybe one day you’ll stop at my store, and I can show you a thing or two.

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