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I had this dream last night and i just can’t get it out of my head, so i am going to tell you allabout it.

It started out with my driving down somw road i had never seen before. The kids are in the back sleeping it is late at night. I am looking for a certain house. I spot it up ahead and i get butterflys in my stomach. I pull into the driveway and there you are sitting on the porch smoking a cigarrett and smiling. I get out of the truck and head straight for you. You stand up to catch me in the tightest hug i have ever had. You pull me back and look at me and tell me i haven’t changed much. I had tears in my eyes i had been waiting so long to see you. I look up at you and grab your neck and give you the longest deepest most sensual kiss i have ever given or recieved in my whole life. You grab my ass with both hand and pick me up. I wrap my legs around you and we stand there making out on your porch for what seems like an eternity. Then all at once i pull back, I just realized that my kids are still sleeping in the car. We go and get them out, take them in the house and put them to bed. we sit up for a little while and drink a few beers and talk about things that have gone on in the past few months. But the longer we talk the more we look at each other. And the more we look the less we can wait. I got up to go check on the kids. As i am coming back you stop me in the hallway outside the bedroom door. You grasp both my hands in one of your and hold them way above my head as you press me against the wall. You are kissing me over and over again. You tell me you can’t wait that this has been years in the making and now its time. You unbutton my shirt and start kissing my tits right there in the hallway. I tell you we have to go to the bedroom cause i don’t want to be caught by our kids or your grandpa. You laugh and release your hold on me. We turn to go in the bedroom and you slap my ass as i walk through the door. I start whining cause you hurt my poor llittle ass. You laugh as you shut the door and tell me that that was just the beginning. i tell you to bring it on i can handle anything youve got. You push me down to the bed and then climb in with me. I decide that i am going to refresh your memory on what one of my blowjobs feels like and show you that i have learned a few things since the last time you had one. I unzip your pants and pull them off of you. Next comes the undies. Your dick is already hard with anticipation. I smile at you then bend down and teasingly lick the head of it a few times. You tell me to stop playing so I put the head of it in my mouth and start to slowly glide up and down the entire length of it. As my pace increases so do the moans coming from you. I stop at the top a few times to suck on the head real hard. I love the sounds of obvious enjoyment that are coming from you, so i keep it up a few more minutes. When i decide that you can’t stand that anymore I stop and get offthe bed. You look at me with a look of pure wonder. I turn on the radio some nicklebeck song is playing. I start to sway to the music and take my clothes off. Just then is when you remember that i used to work at a strip club. Even though i wasn’t a dancer i seem to have picked up a few things there. Once i am completly naked i ask you what you want. You tell me that you want me to fuck you and you want it done right now. I crawl up the bed and climb on top of you. As i stradle your wonderful body i position myself with the entrance to my severly wet pussy just milimeters from the head of your dick. I lower myself just enough to let you brush up against it. I do this five or six times each time letting you get a little closer to entering me. Then i decided you have had enough torture. I raise myself up one last time then i come down slowly just like i have been teasing you but then just as i get to the point where i have been drawing back up i slam my pussy all the way down your oh so eager cock. You gasp at the feeling. You did not expect a woman like me who has had a child and been married as long as i had been to have such a tight little pussy. I start to slowly ride your cock up and down over and over again. I tell you to pinch my nipples as i do. You pinch them hard almost making me wince but that is ok that is the way i like it. I see that everything that is going on is about to be to much for you so i slow down the pace a little. Then i start swinging my hips in a circular motion so that you dick is managing to hit every inch of the inside of my wonderful pussy. All at once you tense up so i pick up the pace, going around and aroundand around. It is too much for either of us to handle. We both explode with one of the best orgasms that either of us has ever had. Your cum has filled me up and made me all warm inside. You kiss me and tell you that you love me and that you wish this would have lasted longer. I tell you not to worry about it. This was only round one. We have all night long. Not to mention the next seven days to pound the shit out of each other till it is time for me to go home. I kiss you one last time and close my eyes, i doze off for what seems like seconds. When i open my eyes again I have to look around because i am confused. I am at home and in my own bed. You are not here and it is still two more weeks before i will get to see you. It was so real though. My pussy felt like it was on fire this morning and i have never had a dream that intense before.

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