my loving husband

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My husband knows everything that pleases me. He is the best lover I have ever had in my life. He always amazes me with the new ideas he comes up with.
For my birthday last year he took me to a romantic hotel with a view of the ocean. We had a king size four poster bed and a hot tub in our bedroom. It was fantastic. When we arrived he had champagne and strawberries waiting by the hot tub. The scent of strawberries filled the air.
He suggested that I make myself comfortable in the tub while he finished up a few details. The hot water rolling around me felt so good. I was relaxing in the tub when I heard some soft music come on in the room. I looked around and I saw him lighting candles near the bed and around the room. He brought a candle to the side of the jacuzzi and then stripped off his clothes. He opened the champagne with a loud pop and poured me a glass of the bubbly. Then he got in the tub with his glass and sat beside me. He looked deeply in my eyes and told me there was no other woman in the world he would rather be with. His love for me grew more everyday. My heart swelled listening to him say those words. My husband raises his glass and says happy birthday, my love. We drink the champagne and feel the bubbles tickle our noses. He then takes my glass and sets it aside. He pulls me in his arms and kisses me deeply.My tongue caresses his and his lips are so soft on mine. He then caresses my breasts. My nipples get hard at his touch. I feel a rush go through me as he kisses me and rubs my nipples with his fingers, lightly pinching them. My pussy is getting excited thinking about what lays ahead. He trails his mouth to my earlobes and bites and sucks them gently. He sends shivers down me. Slowly, he makes his way to my neck and shoulders. Running his tongue down to my hard nipples. He takes it in his mouth and sucks so softly I can barely feel his tongue running around in circles. He sucks on it harder biting my nipple a little. A small moan escapes my lips and he lifts his head to see my face. I am enjoying all the attention he is giving my nipple. He moves to the other one and sucks harder as he rubs the other breast. I moan more. It feels so good. He then raises his head and reaches over for the glasses. He hands one to me and I drink. He drinks some of his and tells me to lay back and enjoy his present to me. I take a small sip and lean back and close my eyes again. I feel his cold mouth on my nipples again, moving from one then the other. I have never felt so relaxed. He pays a lot of time to my breast sucking and biting and licking them. I am moaning louder than before and I feel my pussy getting hot. He must relise this and he tells me to sit up and have a strawberry and relax. He gets out of the hot tub and gets me a towel. I get out and he dries me off slowly. He kisses me and presses me to him. I can feel his hard dick against my stomach. My excitement grows. My pussy gets wetter. He leads me to the bed and lays back slowly. he has brought the strawberries to the bed now. He takes one and puts it to my lips. I take a bite. He then takes the rest of the strawberry and trails it down my body to my nipples. He teases them with the cold fruit making them harder. I moan a little letting him know I like what he is doing. He then takes the fruit and runs it down to my stomach. He licks the sweet juice off my tummy. He eats the rest of the strawberry and gives me kiss. He then takes my hands and lifts them above my head. One at a time he ties them to the bed. I did not know he had put silk scarves on the bed posts before. He whispers to me that he is going to tease me with his tongue and mouth. He is going to make me beg for his hard cock. Beg for him to fill me up. I moan listening to him. My pussy is getting wetter. He hasn’t even gone near my cunt yet. He takes my legs and ties them down also. I am now spread eagle on the bed. I am so turned on. He takes another piece of the fruit and rubs it along the inside of my thighs.He then licks off the juice. He rubs it around the outside of my pussy. Not touching my clit. Rubbing the strawberry on my lips. The fruit is rough, and I like the sensation. He puts the strawberry in my pussy hole and takes some of my wetness. He then eats the strawberry. He tells me how sweet it is now if I want to taste too. I tell him yes and he takes another one and dips in my pussy. He puts it in my mouth and I taste my wetness with the sweet taste of the strawberry. Oh it tastes good. He then dips his head to my pussy and lightly runs his tongue inside my lips. I moan loud when I feel his tongue there. I love to feel his tongue there. His mouth is hot. His breath is hot. I love it. He runs his tongue around and around never touching my clit. It is getting harder.Poking out and begging for his kiss. He senses this and finally he takes the tip of his tongue and gently flicks my clit. I almost scream. I am so hot now. I need to feel him suck my clit. I start begging for him to eat my pussy to stop teasing me. He continues running his tongue in my wetness making my lips slippery. My juice is dripping down my ass cheeks i am so wet. His tongue finally concentates on my clit. First he slowly works my clit with his tongue. Around in circles teasing me and making me moan. Then back and forth harder. Oh so good. He then takes my whole clit in his mouth and sucks hard. As he is sucking he is teasing the tip of my clit with his tongue. It is so wonderful. I am so close to coming and he senses this. He sticks a finger in my pussy and licks my clit faster. I am writhing on the bed moaning in passion. Ineed to cum. I am so close to cumming. oh so goood. He makes me cum on his face with my juices dripping down his chin. Was that good he asked me. You weren’t supposed to cum yet but I thought I would be nice to you. I thank him over and over and tell him how great that was. He tells me there is more to cum. He stands up so I can see how turned on he is. He gets on the bed and strddles my chest. The tip of his cock just inches from my mouth. He knows I love to suck his dick. He puts it near my lips and I stick my tongue out so I can lick off the drops of pre cum. He tells me to ask for it. I ask him if I can please suck his dick. He then moves forward some more so I can only lick the head of his dick. A little moan comes from his lips as I lick the underside of the shaft with my tongue. I feel him move forward slowly and his cock goes in my mouth a little more. He then pulls out of my mouth and turns around so he can eat my pussy. I feel him licking my sensitive clit. I can see his little brown hole and I want to put my tongue there. I lift up my head as far as I can and put my tongue there. He moans and whimpers as I lick his bunghole. He loves it. And I love him eating my pussy. I stick my tongue in his ass as far as I can. I can tell he likes it because he stops licking my cunt. He turns around and shoves his dick in my mouth.I suck on it and lick the head like he likes me to do. He then backs off the bed before he can cum in my mouth. He tells me I am a bad girl because this was supposed to be all for me. I tell him I couldn’t help it.
He tells me to close my eyes. I feel the cold champagne on my pussy. I cry out. Then I feel his warm mouth on my pussy and I moan again. I have never had so much attention to my pussy before and I really love it. I am so horny now. So wet for him. I start begging for his cock in me. He teases my clit some more building my orgasm. I tell him to please fuck me with his hard dick. He just eats my cunt some more. I tell him I need to feel his hard dick fill me up. His tongue then starts to fuck my pussy hole and my need for him inside of me grows stronger. Please…….I tell him please fuck me I am moaning so loud now. I am begging for him. I tell him he is going to make me cum if he doesn’t stop soon. Please fill me up with your dick I scream. He gets up and kneels between my legs. He rubs his cock up and down my pussy lips and looks in my eyes and tells me that I have been a good girl and I will now get my present. He then slowly ent
ers me.
Putting just the head of his cock inside my pussy. He is slowly stretching me. I moan because he feels so good inside of me. He is hitting every sensitive spot in my cunt. Slowly working his dick inside of me. Pumping slow and deep. I love the feeling of his dick in my pussy. I love feeling him fuck me deep. I want more. I beg for more. He fills me all the way up..deep. He grinds his cock in my cunt. Pumping faster now. Deep.Hard. I want him to fuck me. I am going crazy. I need release. He fucks me faster, my breasts are bouncing and I am helpless against the ropes around my legs. I cannot move. I can only enjoy the feeling of my loving husband fucking me with his hard cock. Filling me up and making my orgasm grow. i am going to cum so hard. I feel it. I feel him get faster and his rod get harder and I know he is about to cum. He fucks me hard and fast and I am cumming. I am gushing juice around his cock and he is screaming my name and telling me he loves me. I am moaning and cumming so hard. I tell him I love him and that he is the most wonderful lover in the world. He pulls his dick out of me and brings it to my lips so I can taste his cum and mine mixed together. MMmmmmmmm…I can’t wait until next year!

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    Very nice-nice combination of romance and raw passion

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