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Friends I want to share one secret with you which I came to know recently. Its about my wife Sonia she is beautiful with great figure and has fair complexion ,she has really maintained her very well. our sex life is satisfactory and I believe I satisfy her everytime we make love. She is very shy and looks so decent and she dresses up very conservatively.
It all started 8 months back as she is beautiful lot of our neighbours ofcourse ladies complimented on her figure , and everywhere she goes people stare was my fault as i asked her to be bold and should wear skirts and jeans, initially she was shy but later agreed to wear skirt. Then one day I noticed as she was sitting with one marketing executive in living room with crossed legs and thus revealing her inner thighs to that stranger I was watching from another room and in between she opened her legs and her panty was in full view but she kept on reading the brochure given by that executive. I was aghast but could’nt do much may be it was unintentional . after that I noticed her skirt grew shorter and she always tried to show her thighs to others. there is an elder man in our building he is around 45yrs. And my wife is very free with him as he is very helpful, one day as I came from office I saw them having tea in our living room. After greetings I went to take bath but having forgotton towel I came out and peeped in the living room , it was same my wife providing full view of her thighs to that uncle, I stood there and noticed she was not wearing any panty this time and her shaved pussy was visible, uncle was shivering and my wife coolly sipped her tea as she watched t.v. maybe this time also it was not intentional, so I kept quite. later i told her that her thighs were visible to that uncle to which she acted inoccent, i did’nt tell her that her vagina was also visible bcos i thought she will be uncomfortable with that uncle next time and i believed it was unintentional.

After wards I noticed she started wearing low cut blouses and shirts and when at home avoided wearing bra. Once we were going to market she asked me to stop the car at some tailors shop as the new blouse she was wearing is stitched tight and she has to give measurement for salwar also.she asked me to wait for five minute and went inside to complain As she was taking time I grew restless and went inside they did not notice me it was big shop I noticed her at the far end argueing with tailor as I stood there inspecting other stiched dresses. In a way I was hidden from them as lot of dress were hanging there. Tailor told her it’s not his fault as her breast must have grown or she has not given the right measurement. And asked her to remove the blouse for correct msnt, it was surprising for me the way he was talking to her i knew she would slap him and will walk out but this is how their conversation went
Sonia-‘how do you expect from me to remove my clothes”
tailor-‘for correct measurement madam though you are very beautiful pls do not think that i want to see you nude now but otherwise frankly given an apportunity who would not like to see you nude”
S-” how you are talking this is a very raw compliment?
T-” but its truth indeed you are very beautiful and you have lovely figuire”.
S- ‘but how can i remove shirt i feel shy and your assistant is also present here’
T-‘i will ask him to go out’
S- ‘no my husband is outside what he’ll think and he might doubt let him be here, i’ll remove my shirt for only one minuite quickly take measurement”

to my dismay my wife asked him to bolt the door and started opening her blouse tailor and his assistant stared at her as she opened her last hook.there she was standing there in red bra tailor came forward to measure it but he knew he can get more he told her
T-“your bra is very tight its not possible to measure breasts correctly”
S-‘do not ask me to remove bra too”
T-” madam look for yourself soo tight is your bra do you think its possible to measure this way?”
indeed her bra was tight and major part of het breasts was coming out S- “but how can i remove my bra here has anyone else done it here”
tailor was very smart he knew what can follow if he shows some smartness.
T- “yes madam ladies who can not compromise on fitting have shed there clothes and i assure you i’ll take correct measurement and you will be satisfied”
S-“see they must be unmarried and modern but i’m a house wife.
T”madam you are better than any girl and you do not look married your husband is very lucky”
these compliments made Sonia smile and became little free with them tailor asked her to remove the bra for correct measurement now wife was shy and scared i could feel it from her looks, tailor said it was necessary for correct measurement and no one will come to know of it and assured her she is safe here and for next dress she need not do it my wife reached for the hooks as she opened last hook her beautiful boobs 35inches sprang out, they had not expected in their wildest dreams that this lady would show them her boobs. they kept staring and could not move an inch,her pink tits on milky white breasts could make any man crazy but tailor was showing remarkable control maybe he knew what he can get by showing some control my wife broke the silence and asked them to take measurement quickly. with trembling hands assistant stood with tape he was not asked to do so from tailor but he did not wanted to miss this apportunity as he will not get this type of beauty through out his life he knew it he went near my wife and started to take measurement in doing so he brushed his fingers on her creamy white boobs, i could feel my wife was little embarassed but i could feel she was getting higher, tailor did not wanted to miss this apportunity asked his assistant to move aside and himself started taking measurement and repeatedly pressed her boobs. he senced that she is high and took advantage by asking if she could remove saree so that he can take measurement of the salwar given to him.
very obediently she removed saree and stood in petticot. tailor was sure he can get more because for salwar exact fitting is not required and she has readly removed saree
T-“madam you have to remove petiicot as well”
now she was undecided to do it or not she pulled her petticot up to her thighs and asked them to take measurement and said she will not remove petticot as she was holdinh her petticot up assistant was continuesly staring at her boobs and was rpeatedly brushing his dick, tailor started measureing her thighs and pulled her petticott to her waist exposing her panty my wife was looking away trying hard to look normal, tailor was very smart and fast he repeatedly brushed her vagina while taking measurement of inner thighs, i knew this will make Sonia mad as whenever i have touched her there she has lost all control. she closed her eyes and whispered “do what you want but pls do not tease me this way” this was open invitation and tailor grabbed this apportunity. HE PULLED HER PETTICOT DOWN , now only her panty was there on her body, i must say she was looking too sexy to resist i would have stopped what was to follow but i kept quite qs she wanted this to happen. tailor pulled her panty down too and she was fully nude in front of two strangers she kept her eyes closed and whispered” please fuck me “
he started sucking her breasts vigourously and kept pressing them she started moaning, he pulled his erect dick out’ Sonia quickly grabbed it and pushed it inside her vagina, he picked her up and fucked her there and then for full 10mins at least after he came inside her he made her sit on the table then his assistant came forward and pulled his dick out Sonia complained to the tailor ‘not him please’ in turn he abused her and asked his assistant to go ahead for anything he wants. he too fucked her hungerly. this all lasted for maximum 30mins . till today i’m too shocked to react .I want you to go through the next incident you will be ….
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