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You were following me down the hallway…it’s dark, and suddenly, you grab hold of me, holding me tight against your body…we maneuver up against the wall. You take both my hands in yours and place them with my palms against the wall. Your breath hot against my neck and right ear. You press your weight against me, I can feel you getting hard against the curve of my ass. You pin both my wrists to the wall with your left hand. I’m wearing my favorite faded t-shirt, no bra, no panties and my favorite black shorts. You nibble and lick my right ear, starting from the outer ear to the inner ear. My neck muscles involuntarily react, catching your head between mine and my shoulders. You take your right hand, my shirt slightly above my waist and bare skin showing, and move your hand along my right side, up the side of my right breast, driving me insane. My body shudders from all the places my skin is tingling.

I start to wiggle, the intensity of your touch is almost too much. I feel your hard cock, firm against my ass, pleading to be released from your shorts. Your left hand still pinning me in place; your right exploring my entire mid-section without touching my nipples or slit. The anticipation is driving me wild, my breath becomes shallow. My right nipple hard against the soft fabric of my shirt. Finally, your right hand cups my breast, moves up and rolls the nipple between the rough skin of your fingers. I audibly moan and become weak kneed. You quickly catch me with your strong thighs and your cock is digging against my ass.

My mouth turns to find yours, and you own me, kissing me hard and yet gentle at the same time. I try to win back domination of the moment, but my resistance is futile. You want control, and won’t relinquish it until you are ready. I give in. Sensing your victory, you turn me around to face you, cupping my face with both hands and kiss me like I’ve never been kissed before. Your tongue elicits reaction from mine, and I return your wanton kiss with fervor. You release my hands, and your arms come down over my ass, grabbing a handful. You draw up my right leg around your waist; your straining cock rubbing against my most tender parts. I moan your name; wanting you more than ever. My right leg pulls you in tighter against my body.

My hands reach down between us, and I undo your shorts, and pull your pants down around your ankles. In a fit of passion, you kick them off. My hands find your cock, hard and throbbing in my hands; you’re so ready for me. You raise my leg to your waist again, put your hand up my shorts, your hand rubbing my ass until you find my folds and dip your finger in my slit. You find that I’m hot, and extremely wet, needing you. You rub my clit with deliberate hard, small circles. Your hand drenched in my wetness, your fingers slippery in my pussy. I breathe hard, and bite you gently on the shoulder; my feelings raw for you. You lift my chin to meet your gaze; the light so dark I can barely make out the velvety chocolate of your eyes. As I look deep in your eyes, you slip your finger deep inside me, my eyelids flutter with utter enjoyment. You smile and bite your lip. In one motion, you have my shorts off and I remove my shirt…wanting to feel your heartbeat through my breasts against your bare chest.

My clit is huge and engorged with blood, and throbbing against your expert fingers. I want so badly to cum, but I’m waiting for your cock. Sensing this, you take your cock into your hand; lubing it up with my wetness. You stroke your cock a bit…knowing how watching you makes me feel. You take the head of your cock; and slowing rub circles against my clit. My knees nearly buckle to the floor, but I regain my balance. You softly chuckle your low, sexy laugh; knowing how much you are driving me crazy. Finally, you aim your cock towards my opening, and within one motion, you are fully inside me. I take a sharp intake of breath from the total pleasure of how well our bodies fit together; you fill me completely and without pain. You sit there a moment….your cock within the furthest reaches of me, and kiss me ever so softly. Such a contrast from how you filled my pussy with your cock. I bite your lower lip, suck it between my lips and tenderly kiss you back. You withdraw a bit, and thrust it hard back into me. Each time, I exhale an audible moan….your thrust pattern erratic and totally unpredictable.

Your thumb encircles my clit as you put your hand around the base of your cock….get double the pleasure from each stroke. My hands find themselves in your hair, around your neck, lightly pinching your nipples….running my hands softly over them; making them stand on end. My lips find your neck, I suck long and hard on each clavicle, I turn your face with my hands and draw your left earn down to my lips, my right hand massaging the other ear. I gently nibble your left ear, lick the inside, behind the ear lobe, down your neck and start the process over again; all the while you thrust deep inside my womb. Fingernails lightly scratching your back, and fingers lost in your hair. Barely audible I whisper, “Fuck me….” you moan, and I add, “Now.”

Your passion overcomes you and you start to thrust as hard as you can against my body, hitting my “G” spot nearly every time. It’s amazing that the wall isn’t knocked down by our incessant and incredibly strong thrusts. My inability to breathe normally is your biggest hint that you’re pleasing me utterly. You take my right nipple into your mouth and suck long and hard, increasing my pleasure; I like it a little rough. My hands at your sides, assisting you with your thrusts; I want you as deep inside me as possible. I shiver as I start to cum, and I moan your name as I try to breathe, over and over. “Yes, right there,” as you expertly work your cock in and out of my pussy.

Finally, with one final thrust, I feel your cock explode inside me, your seed spraying my pussy, my own 2nd orgasm milking your cock for every last drop in the most intimate of hugs. Finally, when the last spurt occurs, you bury yourself clear up to my hilt to allow my orgasm to last longer. I am holding you as close to me as I possibly can, still holding on for dear life. As my orgasm subsides, you feel a bit of your cum mixed with mine fall down over your shaft with the gravity. It feels so good, and our two scents combined is heady and sexy.

As you slowly withdraw your cock from between my folds, you kiss me softly and sweetly. Your eyes find mine and start to fill with worry,you whisper, “Did I hurt you?”

I lick your lips and whisper, “No.” Taking your hand, I bend down to pick up our discarded clothes and lead you down the last 2 feet of the hallway into the bedroom. Our bodies spent, I crawl into the right side of the bed, exhausted, you right behind me. Your body spoons around mine, and with one final kiss of my ear, I hear you whisper, “Sweet dreams…” and I fall into a glorious, spent slumber.

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  1. MindyB

    I love stories that are told second person. They are so hard to get right, to truly draw you in. Well done

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