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A very fond reminiscing of a time I shared once with an online friend…

Nathan was 22, about 6 foot.. maybe 170 lbs.. something around there, with brown hair that was buzzed, a nice goatee, glorious arms and beautiful eyes. Cute smile too.. he had that badass look of someone who was always pissed but, to our surprise, we really connected and he found that opening up to me was very easy..
And me, I’m short and Irish (which.. is why). I’m only about 5’4″ but I’m curvy.. I weigh 135, with blue eyes and dark dark brown hair. My face reflects what little bit of Native American heritage I have.
Anyways, a little background…

Nathan and I had met offline once, I had kissed him goodbye ..for quite a long time.. before he left. He’d really turned me on. He was sexy, funny, and extremely easy to talk to.. I felt comfortable with him. And, thus far, he was a great kisser.
The second time we met, we drank tequila and Goldshlager, danced to spanish music and then made out on my couch for avery long time. It was so hot.. I could feel him get hard and he was making me wet every time he’d kiss and breathe on my neck..teasing me.
We drew a line though… considering we both (at the time) had morals and we’d only met twice.

And then there was the night where a guy friend of mine called me up wanting to go out bowling, and we did, I brought one of my chick friends along and gave Nate a message to come if he’d like.. I wanted to see him again. He clledm e and informed me that himand his buddies were at the bar getting drunk. It was noisy and they sounded like they were having a blast. I let him know that if he was capable, that we’d be where we were until 2 AM so if he wanted to stop by, he could.
We got to the alley and I gave him a message letting him know what lane we were in if he did make it. I am NOT a bowler.. so, well I wasnt bowling. Instead, I sat at one of the back tables watching my friends bowl and get over-competitive while smoking a cigarette when suddenly the phone in my pocket vibrates.
It’s Nathan.
So outside I go to talk to him, and he’s drunk and wants me to come to his friend’s apartment.
It takes a while.. considering my friend was there and I drove her.. but I talked it over with her, called him back and (to fast forward a little) when bowling ended, I said goodbye to my friends and we went our seperate ways…

I find Nate’s place.. its this really neat (and surprisingly huge) apartment directly above an abandoned gas station. A total bachelor pad… the only real decoration they had was the empty liquor bottles they’d mounted on this beautiful shelf for lack of anything else to put there.
He gives me a hug on the small blacony and I step in, see the shelf and its adornments, and there’s this huge living room with a small ass black leather couch. It folded out to a bed, and, after giving me some Peach Schnapps, we settled in together and he put Lord of the Rings in. And the only thing I know about the movie is that it was the second one..

As soon as the lights went off he started cuddling against me. He kiss my cheek. I turned and smiled.. we looked at each other for awhile and then I kissed him on the lips.. nothing deep.. just a kiss. Then he surprised me by leaning over and kissing me suddenly, deeply, with his upper body over mine. It was soo hot..
He climbed completely on top of me and started kissing me deeply that way.. and we were discovering new things about each other’s bodies. Like when I would run my nails down his back, he’d arch it, letting me feel him, and make this adorable sexy growl.. and then he’d really get into kissing my neck.. which he found really turned me on.
He learned to play with my breasts… even though we were still clothed.. and just tease them.. ever so softly running his hand all the way from my him and brushing it over my nipple. God that was such a turn on. He was pretty drunk and pretty into it..
Next thing I know his pants are off.. and he says he cant continue kissing on top of me because the material of my jeans was hurting his knees. I was skeptical about taking off my pants so we layed sideways for awhile and he slowly persuaded me otherwise…
With one arm wrapped around me and forcing me close enough to him to feel his hard on through his thin boxers, his other hand worked its way into my pants. I was hot. Real hot. His hand made it worse. As soon as he made contact with my clit I arched my back and inhaled sharply.. He was making me sooo horny..
Eventually my pants came off and again he was on top of me.. really teasing me with only his boxers separating his penis from actually touching me.. though I could even feel it on my swollen clit and it was driving me nuts..
He lifted up my shirt and bra and began licking and nibbling my nipples which was really making me crazy.. it made me arch my back, putting my exposed clit right up onto his cock.. making me want him sooo bad. I dug my hands down his back because he was torturing me.. and he growled low and got this very seductive look on his face. He leaned down and in my ear, in a husky low voice, he whispered
“You’re really making me want you right now..”
And with that he gave a little thrust.. which made me moan a little… I wasnt letting on how horny I really was.. my conscience (damn my conscience) was forbidding me to go further. And with no response from me other than a smile he took the hint and rolled off me to continue this hot make out session with him again laying beside me.. and again playing with my clit.
This time, he rubbed me completely up and down.. and feeling me get wet.. and I could feel myself getting wetter with every stroke and GOD I was so turned on!!…. I finally ran my hand up his thigh, over his balls and completely over his dick.. it was the first time I’d gone to feel it… and to my pleasant surprise it. was. HUGE..
This made me want him soo much more.. I rubbed him a little and actually felt him get a little bigger and god, was he ever hard!… Thinking about it now even its getting me wet..
I slid his boxers down and we pressed up against each other, kissing so deeply and so passionately.. our hot breaths on each other even turning us on.. we were so aroused we were extra sensitive to anything we did. I ran my hand lightly down his back and he arched it, right onto my clit. I was aching at this point.. I lifted my leg to straddle him sideways, and he must’ve been waiting for something because, quite suddenly, he pulled me on top of him and I found myself straddling him, unable to move my aching pleasure away from his erection…
So I did what any sane person would do.. I kissed him briefly for show.. and as I did so, I slooowly lowered myself onto his hard dick. I almost came right there. Watching his head go back and his eyes close as I did so.. god it was so hot. Everything was so hot. And he was the kind of guy to fill a girl… he felt soo fucking good and neither of us were moving. And then I slowly went back up. Every movement hit every feel-good nerve ending I had. He asked me if I was on birth control and even through my pleasure I still found sarcasm..
“Great time to ask” I breathed with a half smile..
He gave me an inquiring look, and I shook my head no.
And I continued to move on him.. up and down.. really feeling him and just about to come when..
“Pull off..”
“What?” I looked at him..
“Pull off!”
I hopped off him and watched him try and hold off for a few seconds.. and then cum exploded out of him. And I really got to see JUST how big he was… it made me even hornier.. because I had just been teased in the most horrible of ways. Though, he was drunk.. it was only logical.
It doesnt end there… I got mine as the night went on…

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