Perfection (Part 6)

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Begging for it (perfection part 6)

Her Master turned once to look back at his writhing, whimpering, beautiful pet. He saw the need and hunger in her eyes. Every fiber in his being told him to go to her. His need to bury his cock deep in her burning pussy was so strong he took a step toward her.
His associate watched as he prepared his own pet. He cleared his throat loudly and asked for Masters assistance. Tra cursed the man and vowed that if she could help it he would not be enjoying any more of her body. Master walked to the table and there was some whispers among the men. The girl looked a little frightened and unsure.
Tra moved to draw the girls attention. She was not allowed to speak unless spoken to. The girls gaze was fixed on the huge dildo her master was inspecting. She tugged at the ties to the table and struggled harder when they wouldn’t give. She was rewarded with stinging slap from the same crop used on Tras tingling pussy earlier. The girl cried out and Tra shook her head cause she knew that would only be rewarded with another. Sure enough the silence was broken by the hiss of the whip in the air and the loud thwack of leather hitting flesh. Her eyes finally met Tras and she searched and seemed to calm almost immediately. Tra smiled and nodded. The girls mouth opened and Tra shook her head. She closed her mouth and again Tra smiled and nodded.
Unawares to the girls Master saw this display and was torn between respect for his pet that she would go to such lengths of walking the line between disobeying and behaving. He decided shed be left too long untouched. He grabbed the crop from his associate and briefly explained what had transpired. His associate grin at what that meant. There was more talk between the men and Master handed the crop back to his associate.
Grabbing a burning candle he stalked toward Tra. They had talked of this often, but had yet done it. She instantly became aroused and wary. He stopped just short of the bed and slowly stripped of his clothing. She watched as first his chest, muscled and gleaming was revealed. Her pulse quickened. He watched her eyes darken and knew she was craving his touch. Her eyes dropped at the movement of his hands. The rise and fall of her heaving breasts told him she was straining for control. He slowed even more and starting removing his jeans. He was aware of her breathing as he slowly lowered them. His hardness trying to break free. As he past his hips and his throbbing cock sprung from its confines, she softly whimpered. A half moan, half gasp. It was one of his favorite sounds. He let his pants drop and stepped out of them. Picking up the candle again he climbed onto the bed and made his way toward her. He could hear the breaths she took and feel the heat of her body. The hunger in her eyes as he neared her was so hard to ignore.
He took her mouth in a searing kiss. Pulling away from her breathless and pre cum oozing from his cock. It flexed and she involuntarily opened her mouth. He chuckled and moved behind her. Her head fell back as his mouth took her neck in a vicious bite and she cried out. She knew instantly that was a mistake and braced herself for the pain.
He smiled at her cry. Taking the candle, he slowly poured until the hot wax drizzled across the rise of her ass. Covering her butterfly tattoo in a steaming purple trail. Her back arched as it trailed into her ass crack. He barely heard the hiss escape her mouth as she arched.
She had forgotten about the other couple until she heard the man removing his clothes. Her eyes focused on him and she glared. He didn’t seemed the least bit worried, fact he smiled and told Master to pour it down Tras spine, that she arches so nicely.
She felt Masters hands move her hair over to one shoulder and strained a little against the silk cords. He again slowly poured the wax starting at the base of her skull, trailing it down her spine. She immediately arched hard and her nipples pressed forward. He tweaked one hard and she started to pant. His mouth came around her ribs and closed over the other one. Her hips seemed to seek his body out on their own. She tried to turn into him and instead found hot wax being poured over her left breast. The nipple tingling from the heat. She whispered softly. He strained to hear. “Please Master. Please touch me..”
He had to fight the pleading sound of her voice. His associate had slowly been stroking his cock while watching. Standing next to his pets head he started fucking her mouth. The gagging sounds filling the room. Rather then slow Tras blood as shed hoped, it spurred her on. Her pussy twitching and seeping wetness.
Master trailed his tongue down her belly heading for the very spot aching for some attention. She longed to have her hands free to push him down. To tell him how badly she needed his mouth on her. He seemed to know what she needed and avoided it at all costs. He poured more wax over her belly, down over her shaved pussy. The minute the wax and its searing heat touched her swollen nub, she cried out and a squirting orgasm followed. Master just barely caught the sweet nector as it exploded from her body. It coated his lips and chin and flowed over his tongue and down his throat before she finally collapsed limp against the silken cords. His associate pounded away at his pets mouth. Her own pussy flooding the table with wetness. His orgasm followed Tras and was just as long.
Master raised back up and gently lifted her chin and looking in to her eyes for a brief second before kissing her deeply. She tasted the tangy sweetness of herself and longed for the taste of him to mix with it.

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