Persistant Fuck

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It is amazing at the time least expected that it happens I realize one thing and that is we really enjoy sex and doing it in the bathroom . It was a very cool day we were putting some things away Blondie had to go to the restroom while I was waiting for Her return i started to feel my great friend Horny Goat weed take affect i was getting so horny at that time you probably could have seen my huge cock through my underwear .I went to the restroom not really planning on Fucking Blondie but to tease her with my Cock. As i entered She was standing by the Cabinet washing Her hands I was planning on using the restroom and then flash my 7 and a half inch cock at Her this just drives her nuts She has always been fasinated with Cocks through out Her life.
As i started to pass her I did my buisness then as I turned went right up to Her with out her knowing it i attacked i grabbed her from behind reached around Her and grabbed her big Tits i started to caress them i herard her moan a little so i swung Her around and started to lick on Her ears and went down Her neck where i began to suck on her neck i proceeded to her mouth where i met her tongue waiting for mine we went on french kissing until i went down Her chin below it to her chest where i unbuttoned her shirt as i was doing this She already had Her hand on my Cock by unzipping my paints she took out my big cock and began to stroke it i started to caress her tits a little more but then i went right to her pussy where i found it very wet and on her panties She already creamed on them i began to stick my finger up in her pussy while She continued to stroke my Cock by this time She had me precumming and took it and stoked my cock with it i went on to fingering Her pussy as She stoked my Huge cock .
She went down my body with Her tongue until She reached my Horny cock and began to suck it with a vengeance as She came up i pushed Her quickly to the Cabinet set Her up on it and raised Her legs and began to fuck Her hard i shoved my Cock in and She screamed as we always had a hard time penetrating Her pussy with my Big Cock She is very tight so i have a time fucking Her .
We continue to fuck until i shot a huge wad of Cum in Her pussy I always enjoy fucking Her tight pussy it is always ready for fun She stays wet all the time She always wants to fuck anytime and anyday.

Big Tex


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  1. Fresh

    Like I said can I join in on the fun?

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