Romance in the woods-part 1

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My car slowly climbs the road, heading farther and farther to its destination. What awaits me is far more incredible that what I can imagine. Around a few more turns, and then I can see it. Far off in the woods, it looks small from the road, but as I drive closer, its size once again captures my mind with the ideas that could be set forth. I don’t have much time, as I see the clouds moving closer to the sun. I park my car and begin to bring in a few backpacks. One by one I place them inside the door. I flip the switch and all the lights come on. Very small table lamps that just barely illuminate the room. From the first bad I pull a box of small scented candles. Wild flowers it reads lilacs, and roses with a hint of vanilla and lavender. I place on at the front window, “the mountains are beautiful”, I think to myself. Through out the rest of the living room I place one on almost every ledge. I then walk outside and begin to gather some small kindling wood to start the fire. The breeze caresses the back of my neck and I can feel the rain moving in. I look at my watch, its now 4:30, you will be here in an hour, I have to hurry. I replace the stale white sheets with satin blue ones, and lay a cashmere blanket over top of them. I place a few candles on the nightstand on one on the dresser. Then I take the small tea candles and make two lines from either side of the doorway to the living room, to resemble a path. Done. Now the kitchen. I open the cabinets and find a large silver bowl, not what I was looking for but it will do. I fill it with ice and place a bottle of champagne in it and set it in the fridge. I turn the stove on and begin to heat a pan. I fill it with Hershey kisses, and watch them begin to melt. 20 minutes left. I take the strawberries out and begin to take the ends off and slice them in half. I take the chocolate sauce and place it in the oven to stay warm. Now to set the table. I take the plates from the cabinet and place them around the small oak table. And set two candles in the middle. I take the pasta from the box and throw it on the stove, and put the sauce on the other burner and warm them both. Perfect just about done. I walk around quickly to make sure I set everything up. “Shit” music. I grab the CDs from my bag and put one on. Classical with a hint of blues. Your car pulls in the driveway and I see you walking to the door. I open it

“Did you find it ok?”

“Your directions were perfect!!” and then you give that smile, where you look right into my eyes, and just barely smile, but to me it seems like the sun is now shinning. I take your coat and lead you to the table. It’s started to rain, the sound takes away any tension you had from work.

“What do I smell?” you ask as if you don’t already know. I open the lid to the pan and begin to serve you dinner. I light the candles. We talk about this and that, but both wondering what is instore next. Your eyes are glowing with curiosity to know what awaits you next.

We finish and I lead you to the living room and set you on the couch. I light the candles around the room then disappear to the kitchen again. I come back with the champagne and fill both of our glasses.

“Your not trying to get me drunk are you?” I smile and walk back to the kitchen. I take the sauce from the over and grab the strawberries from the fridge.

“Time for desert”. I begin to start the fire, and its warmth now sends chills down your body, releasing and tension that might be left. You take a sip from your glass. I sit next to you and you reach for a strawberry, and I take your hand and place it back on your lap. I take the same strawberry you were reaching for and dip it in the sauce and place it at your lips. Your mouth eagerly opens to accept this gift.

“Mmmmmmm” as I watch the definition of your face while you absorb its sweet taste. We continue the evening with small talk and taking turns feeding each other. The CD stops and I get up to change it. I tip to one side as the champagne has begun to take its affects on me. I change CD’s and turn back around, but you’re not there. You spin me around and take my hands in yours, as we begin to dance. The candle light dances off of your hair, making it shine like gold. I brush a lock away from your face and you smile. I want to lean in and kiss you, but not yet, it’s too early. After a few songs we sit back on the couch, now just sipping form our glasses. With the first pause in our conversation I get up and head to the door, puzzled you just watch. I pull a small bottle from my back and walk back to the couch. With out a word I turn you around with your back to me, and slowly start to lift your shirt from your shoulders. You object for a second, but then go along. I pull the blanket from the back of the sofa and wrap it around the front of you leaving you to hold it with your arms. I unhook your bra and place it on the floor. You look over your left shoulder to see what I might do next.

“Lay down” I ask and you are more then willing to comply. I take the lotion and pour it into my hands and begin to rub it around, making it warm. Then I place my hand to your shoulders and begin to massage. Gently at first, to se where our muscles are the tightest. I start at your shoulders and work down to your lower back and sides, back to your shoulders again. I continue this pattern over and over, changing the intensity of my touch and the movement of my fingertips.

Its now raining much harder and I can see you have fallen asleep. I get up with out waking you and light the candles to the bedroom. One by one ’til the hallway glows lie your smile. Then I light the ones on the dresser and nightstand. I walk back in to see you standing at the coffee table with the blanket wrapped around you. The flames illuminate the gloss on your lips. I walk towards you and see your pants on the floor, but pay it no attention. You reach a hand for mine and I take it leading you to the bedroom, the whole time never looking away from your eyes. You now see the candles and a small gasp escapes your lips. If only I knew what you were thinking. I pull the blanket back as I sit on the edge of the bed, then slide to the other side. You sit down with your back to e, and let the blanket fall from your shoulders, then slide under the sheets and pull them over you. You roll over and face me, and then I finally lean over and kiss you, not on the lips but on the forehead. You close your eyes and welcome my touch.

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  1. Laylahhh

    Cheers to the author! I can’t wait for part II. I love the authors style of writing. Makes you feel like you want to be there. Would love to read more stories. Kudos!

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