Romance in the woods- Part 2

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The kiss feels like an eternity, one that I don’t want to end, but it does. I lean back a little to see that your eyes are still closed, and a faint smile is upon your beautiful face. You open your eyes, and start to say something, but then stop. The candles dance around the room, moving from shadow to shadow. I try to lean forward to kiss you again, but I can’t. I just pause and continue to look at you. Your eyes have swallowed my mind and body, like a calm sea I am just lost i. I finally realize where I am, and lean forward. This time I place my lips to yours. It was as if all my senses were awaken all at once. Your perfume entices me, skins welcomes me, and your lips beacons me to stay. You feel my tongue brush across your lips slightly, you part your lips to welcome it, but I reply only by another pass and stopping. We both open our eyes and gaze into each other’s. I slide in closer to you and while lying on my right side facing you, I take my left arm and drape it over your waist, and l pace it on the small of your back. I have waited for this moment for so long, but now that its here I want it to go so slow so that it never ends.

The raindrops make a playful noise on the windowsill, echoing through the room, the music continues to play in the back round, and the candles are slowly getting dimmer.

“Stay with me” I ask, to which you simply nod your head. I lean forward and gently caress your neck with my lips, but only for a second, as you then feel my body slowly lean against yours, causing you to roll to your back, and I slightly on top of you. The down pillows and satin pillowcases comfort both of our heads. I lean forward to kiss your neck again, but this time you feel the passion escape my lips. The passion that has driven me to the point no man can ever imagine going. To make me do what ever in my will to make you happy. The passion to satisfy you over and over again until you are happy. It rushes over your body, you can feel it making you warmer. The rush you get when some one scares you, making your heart beat faster and faster but only for a second, and then it gets worse. My tongue has now passed through my lips and is tracing the outline of your neck, gliding across your skin, leaving a trail of intoxication behind it. You close your eyes, trusting me more then you ever thought possible. You then feel me stop and wonder why, as you open your eyes, and see me leaning on my left shoulder, across your body looking back at you. I take my right hand and begin to brush it across your forehead, then across your brow. Continually in the same fashion, side to side in smooth even strokes, and you close your eyes again. I lean forward now and touch your lips with mine. You now wait to see if my tongue is just passing by, but then you feel a slight pressure upon your lips, and so you open them, allowing me to begin to explore the very mouth that has brought so many smiles, and laughs to my own. Moving gracefully it slowly dances along your teeth, and then to your own tongue in which they become entangled in a dance of love. I can feel your heart beat begin to quicken under my chest, sending mine to a faster rate. I have now stopped stroking your brow, and have now slid my arm under your shoulders, and have you in a tight embrace, that you don’t want me to let go. You slide your arms over my back and massage it slowly, pulling my shirt from my pants, and then slipping your hands underneath it. Tracing the curves to my back, your nails leave a trail of Goosebumps whereever they go. My kissing slows down, but only slightly, as I am now slightly distracted by the new pleasure that I am experiencing. As much as I am content at just kissing you the entire evening, I know that you deserve more. I break from our lock of passion, only to kiss your cheek few times and then down the left side of your neck. Pausing every inch to massage the sweet tasting area with my tongue and lips. Now it is you who has stopped hat they are doing, enjoying what they are experiencing. Then my lips fall upon your left shoulder. Only stopping for a minute to swirl my tongue across it, as it now eases its way across your collarbone towards your neck. Then it reaches the spot where your neck meets the body I call heaven. I now shift my kisses up the center of your neck to your chin, and then a brief kiss to your lips, only to start down the other side again, moving much to the same rhythm, I am now laying on the right side of you, as I begin my second journey down your body, and that’s when you feel it. I catch you off guard at first, but then you realize it’s the suttle touch of my finger tips easeing up your left side. Light enough to be felt, but not that it tickles, from your waist up to your shoulder, then, down your arm. My fingers massaging like little swirls of water, down to your finger tips, and then back up, yet even slower. I feel you shift your weight, and then you take my hand in yours. I am not sure what you’re going to do, so I just wait and continue to kiss your shoulder and arm. Then you place my right hand on your chest just above your breast where your heart is, I feel it beating now faster then it was just moments ago.

“Can you feel that? You did that all by yourself. No one has ever been able to make it feel like that.” I stop to hear what you just said, and then to listen to it, to know that I made you feel like no one ever has, is more then I could have ever asked for. You take your hand away from mine, and lay it back down. I now have stopped kissing you and am completely focus on my hand. I gaze deeply into your eyes, and you looking back at me. The music has stopped, the rain lightened, all that is heard is our no slightly heavy breathing. My hand begins to massage your chest, and then slowly move down to your breast. Lightly at first. As I watch your eyes, it’s as if you didn’t even notice, and then all of a sudden they close and a sigh escapes your slightly open lips. The warmth from your body sends chills down my spine, my singer tips are tingeing just from touching you. I reach your nipple, and I can feel you tense up, but only for a second as my fingers dance around it, circling it with their movement, making it become harder with each pass. Now your breathing has increased yet a little bit more. Your eyes are completely closed. I lean forward and begin to kiss down the center of your chest, while still teasing you with my right hand. And then with one swift movement I begin to shift direction and caress your breast. From the top slowly working my way down, getting closer to my fingertips.

“Mmmmmmmm” is all I can hear from those beautiful lips, from which the sweetest things have ever been spoken My hand is now away from your nipple as it moves down your side and finds its place at your wait. I shift my weight over and almost lay completely on you, the sudden shift catches you off guard, and then with out warning my mouth has engulfed your nipple. With one movement the warmth from my lips and tongue have taken every nerve in your body and brought it to life. My tongue swirls around it, from the outside to the center and back again. Pressing slightly harder each time and then a faint trace is all that can be felt you arch your chest to meet my lips but I keep pulling back as if to tease you. I am now resting on my elbows that are on either side of your body. I slowly transition to the other side, still leaving you in a state of bliss. Then it happens, with out warning, or if there was, you never noticed it. I take your right nipple into my mouth and begin to ease it between my lips all the while flicking my tongue across it. Your body shutters, but I know that its just the beginning. Your hands are out to either side. Clutching the blanket as I continue to send wave after wave of pleasure through your body. And with slight passion I gently bite on your now completely firm nipple.

“Ahh” passes through your lips, only slightly louder then the last. You feverishly begin to pull at my shirt, and begin to slide it over my head and throw it to the floor. No
w it’s my heart that b
egins to race slightly. I can feel the tension building in my pants as I begin to press against them. I lean back in, but not to your nipple, this time to your stomach. As if it were the skin of a peach, my tongue gracefully moistens your belly button. First with small circles, repeating direction, then to larger ones that switch from way to way. Your hands have found their way from the blanket and are now running through my hair as if it were the finest silk you have ever touched. The rain has started again, this time louder then before, but I can still hear our breathing increase with intensity. The candle has begun to disapear, one by one, as if to indicate the need for privacy has been understood. My hands are on either side of your waist. Holding you tightly, but I know you don’t want to leave. I can feel your pulse now beating through your whole body, and I know you are happy. Your fingers are now just memories to which your nails have replaced, sliding down the back of my neck to my shoulders. Moving erotically with no pattern or reason. I now take a finger from either hand and hook them around your white lace panties and begin to slide them down. You lift up slightly to make it easier and they pass your feet. I slide back up and begin to kiss your lips again. This time it is more complicated for you to concentrate on kissing me as well as what I am going to do next. You feel my right hand on your stomach dancing around. My weight has shifted back to my left side. My fingers begin to move downward, but slower then you want, as I want each moment to last forever. And then you feel it. A finger slowly starts to ease to your womanhood. Running up and down your opening I tease you for what must seem like hours. You have stopped kissing me, so I begin to move my lips back to your right breast where they begin to massage your nipple. I then slowly start to slide into you, in which I then back out. Slowly at first I keep moving my hand in and out, each time I press a little firmer. Your breathing has now become faster, with slight moans on every exhale. I can feel your muscles contract around my finger with each thrust, and so I slide another finger in, but move it in the opposite direction. Increasing speed with each movement, I can feel your body begin to tense up, I can tell you are reaching your first climax. I push my fingers in deeper with every passing second. Making your twist under my weight, my lips have no formed a tight seal around your nipple in which the posses, as I begin to now nibble on it slightly harder then before. All of a sudden you let out a loud moan, and the first wave of orgasm has escaped your body. But I don’t stop, yet. I keep you there, massage your pussy with my fingers, working them in opposite directions. I can feel your juices beginning to flow past me. I keep moving them faster and faster. And then faster then the first the second wave of pleasure sweeps through your body. Now is my chance with out stopping my hand I slowly pry my lips form your warm breast, and move them down your side to your wait, in which they now replace my well placed fingers.

“Aahhhhhh!!Aaahhhhhhh!!” escapes your lips many times as I now circulate my well endowed tongue across your pussy. The sweet nectar of your body fills my mouth, and leaves me wanting more with each passing of my tongue. And then with in a matter of seconds I find it. Slightly hidden, but begging to be found. I take my tongue and start to massage your clit. I start with small up and down strokes, making sure not to press to firmly, and then once I can tell I am bringing you back to possibly another orgasm, I switch the rhythm and begin to move it side to side, pressing it firmly against it. Your hands are pulling my mouth to your body holding me there tightly, I can only move my tongue in circles now as I want to keep you guessing which way it will go next. Then I can feel it. Your thighs begin to quiver and your body starts to shutter and you reach an orgasm. This one more intense then the others. Your juices rush past my lips, and quickly overwhelm my taste buds. My hands are wrapped around your waist in such away that I am supporting your hips, while massaging your lower stomach with my fingertips. I can feel your fingers pulling at my hair as a soft cry escapes your lips.

I know now that we are ready as I have now slowed my tongue and am starting to find my way back to your lips. But not with out showering your body with tiny kisses. As I slide back upon you I can feel your hands sliding down my side and around to the front of my waist. It is there where they stop and unbutton my pants and start to slowly work them away form my now sweating body. Your breath still hasn’t slowed, and it won’t as long as I keep kissing you. The passion is more then I can handle and I don’t want to be a single second with out those lips or that body. The one that has brought so much joy and love to my life. The reason for this evening and many more to come. The candles are out, but the rain has kept up its pace dancing on the windowsill. My pants and boxers land softly to the floor. The warmth of our tow bodies is like nothing I have ever felt before. Our hearts both racing at the same speed, our tongues inner twined in a passionate kiss. I can feel your hands on my waist guiding me forward. I have stopped kissing you, and am just gazing deeply into your eyes. I try to figure out what I see, and then as if a curtain had been lifted, I see everything you are. Your beauty, trust, friendship, and most importantly love. And at that second my body slowly enters yours. I slowly continue to slide my body closer to yours, never taking my eyes from yours. I can feel your hands slowly feeding me into you. Your muscles holding onto me, as if telling me I can’t leave, but you already know I wont. Then we both feel it, completion. I am all the way in, yet before I start to slide back out, I hesitate for a second. To remember this moment. The exact look in your eyes, the sent of your body, the taste of your lips, the warmth of your love. And with all that being taken in I slowly start to slide back out, but not all the way. You close your eyes as I am now guiding myself in at my own speed, slow. Fast enough not to tease you but slow enough for you to never forget this moment. I lean forward and begin to caress your brow softly with my lips. The sweat has subsided slightly, but the slight hint of salt still remains. My bodies pace slightly quickens, but still not going to fast. I can feel your nails tracing over every muscle in my back, exploring like they have never been there before. Moving over the same spot hundreds of times, as if to make a map, so you will always remember. I embrace you with my arms as I start to feel you push back now with your hips, meeting my every thrust. I can feel my own climax starting to build up in my body. I hold you tighter and am bow back to caressing your lips with my own. You have stopped moving your hands and are now just holding me tightly against you. I begin to feel a sensation never felt before, slightly light headed, while at the same time dizzy. Your legs are wrapped around mine, and my rhythm has now increased, and become slightly harder, but still soft and gentle. Our moans are now becoming louder and more frequent. Then as if our two worlds were in perfect harmony, I can feel my climax rush through my body and into yours. I hold you tighter then I ever thought I could as I feel your orgasm rushing through your body to meet mine.

The rain is still falling as we both lay there, I on top of you. Still in our lover’s embrace. I lean forward and kiss you. Yes its still there. The feeling of passion and true love that I had from the first time we kissed. I slide off of you now as you slide to the middle of the bed. We rest our heads on the pillows, and look at each other in complete darkness, but both knowing exactly what the other looks like. I roll to my side as you do to yours, and we face each other for our last kiss of the evening. My arms hold you tightly through the night as we both drift off into a deep
sleep. Quiet
ly whispering sweet words in the others ear.

“Sweet dreams my love”

“Sweet dreams my love”

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