She introduced me to Daisy

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The next weekend Kayla called me and said her friend Daisy was getting some people together and asked if I wanted to go. I said sure and she said she’d pick me up around 7-ish. She came over to my house and knocked on the door. I answered the door in a towel, just getting out of the shower, and she looked me up and down, stepped inside and closed the door. “God I missed this.” she said as she put he hands on my hips, kissed me, and ran those hands across my stomach and to the towel. “Oops.” she said as she pulled at the towel and it dropped to the floor.
She started grinding against my dick with her mini-skirt until I was nice and hard, then lifted one of her legs, pulled up the skirt, and dropped herself down on my hard, throbbing cock. I took a hold of her waist and started moving her up and down on my pole, gradually picking up speed until we both climaxed. She lowered herself off of me and then said “Hurry up and get dressed Daisy is waiting in the car.” Then she gave my dick a little squeeze with her hand, pulled down her skirt, and sat down to wait for me.
Well I got dressed, and we headed out to her car. I got introduced to Daisy, and off we went over to one of their friend’s house for the little get together. We were all hanging out, watching a movie, with several couples. In fact the only person without a partner was Daisy. Kayla had been slowly rubbing me through my pants in the dark, and then she decided she needed to go to the bathroom. She got up and left, and a minute later I felt something inside my thigh. I looked over and saw Daisy continuing to rub me where Kayla left off. She winked, and then stopped when Kayla came back in.
We finished the movie, when everybody decided that the hot tub sounded like a good idea. We were all chilling in the hot tub when somebody mentioned the lake that was on their property too. Daisy said she wanted to go swimming in the lake, but she didn’t wanna go alone. No one was volunteering to so I spoke up and said that I would go with her. She smiled and got out of the hot tub, heading towards the lake. I got out and followed her, getting colder by the second after leaving the warmth of the hot tub. We both got to the lake and she dipped her toe into the lake to test for warmth. When she jumped back and shrieked I laughed and went to test it for myself. Trying to appear macho and shoved my whole foot in their.
Holy Shit that water was cold! I turned to her and said “Lets run and jump in off the dock their together, then we can go back.” she agreed and so we got ready to go. “On the count of three, ok?” she said and I nodded in agreement. She counted to three and we both took off, then catapulted into the lake. This water was freezing, the kind of water that people get hypothermia in! We both started booking it for the shore. We finally got their and climbed out, both of us shivering and blue in the lips.
I hugged her close, trying to warm her up, and I started rubbing my hands all over her body, trying to build friction for warmth. Well she started warming up pretty quick, then she started breathing heavier. I looked at her and she had her eyes closed with her hand down the front of her swim suit, masturbating. She opened her eyes and smiled, then said “The way you were rubbing me was really turning me on.” I smiled and kissed her, undoing her bathing suit, top and bottom, then kept rubbing her all over. She kept playing with herself until I felt her shudder and let out a really low, throaty moan. She sagged in my grip, then caught herself kissed me again. While kissing me she reached into my shorts and grabbed my dick, which was getting pretty hard, and said “So this is what Kayla was bragging about!”

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