shes back!!!

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My sexy girlfreind went away for the weekend to visit her parents leaving me home alone and very horney!! Man was I happy to see her sexy eighteen year old ass walk threw those doors three days later.She was pretty tired from the trip and so was i so we made our way quietly to the bedroom, got undressed, and tucked in under the covers. Looking at her I new that I couldnt resist any more. I slowly dipped my head under the blankets until my head lay between her legs.I slid her undies to the side and slowly started to massage her clit with my tounge.I could feel her tightening up with excitement and moaning untill she couldnt resist having my hard man bits deep into her throat. That felt so fucking good that I new I had to burry my cock in her now soaking slit. Just as i expected, I had no trouble entering due to her extreme wetness. I rammed her hard but she got antsey and threw me onto my back and started to ride me. She went up and down so slow that i could feel every inch of my cock against the walls of her pussy. As i looked up at her she told me to open my mouth and as I did, she let her sweet saliva run out of her mouth and into mine! It was so fucking erotic. Not long after that we came together in pure bliss. After that we just lay next to eachother smiling untill we fell asleep. I look foward to every night with my baby cause it just keeps getting better!!We should all be so lucky!!

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