Should you lay by the pool.

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Her dress falls to the ground.
Black panties in place.
She take her position
With strength and grace.

She holds tight to the hand bar.
A little shocked and surprised.
Though his request is servere.
She submits with pride.

The feel of the cane
is cool to the touch.
But the fire it delivers
Many soon be too much.

He raises his hand
“Not a sound now my dear”
Comes down with great power.
And lands with a sear.

Now the burns left behind
His hand up again
To teach her the rules
Can’t be broken again.

The force of the 3rd lash
Her grap now tightens
Brings a tear and a wimper.
Though she is not frightened.

Four, five, and six
The tear start flowing.
Her bottom now aching.
Her skin now glowing.

She whisper please stop.
She starts feeling weak.
He say, “4 more babydoll”.
Then kisses her cheek.

He stands over her
Down comes the cane
The burn so intense
Three more remain.

She lays there naked
Body and pride exposed
Her emotions on the edge
Her cries now explode.

Eight and nine are rapid
Landing side by side
Can she stand one more
For him she will try.

She take a deep breath
As he kisses her shoulder
Last one darlin’one
Then it will be over

Up goes his hand
Contact is made
A pain so intense
She’d learn to obey

The lesson is over
Though the pain still remains
Reinforcement of rules
Is what has been gained.

He hold her closely
Carressing what’s his
She finally understands
All that love is………..

In the future, my darling
He tone very cool
You now know what will happen
Should you lay by the pool

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