Single Friend Is Bad Influence On Your Wife

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“How’s this look?” asks your wife, coming out into the living room wearing a mini-dress with knee high stockings. She isn’t wearing a bra and her ample breasts are jiggling. She bends over to treat you to a show of milky white cleavage. “How about from behind?” She bends over and wiggles her round ass at you. You admire her pale luscious thighs and start to get a hardon.

“You look very fuckable,” you say. “What the hell is the occasion?”

“My girlfriend is single and wants me to go clubbing with her to help her meet guys. She hasn’t had sex in three months and she is starting to get desperate,” she smiles at you impishly. “I offered to let her use your services, but she chickened out.”

“Nice,” you say laughing. “But you aren’t actually going out to a club in that slutware, are you? Since when do you dress that way?”

“Look, guys aren’t going to pay attention to us if I’m dressed like a librarian. You’re right, I never dress this way. But the idea of a bunch of strange guys actually looking at my body kind of turns me on. I guess it’s been a while since I thought about that sort of thing.” She is sticking out her lower lip and furrowing her brow slightly. “Do you really object to this? You can’t be jealous after all these years?”

You squirm uncomfortably and avoid her eyes. You look at her hourglass figure, clearly outlined in the short, clinging dress. It seems perverse for her to actually go outside like that, let alone to a club where a bunch of horny guys are on the prowl and everyone is drinking.

She leans forward and shimmies her shoulders a little, her knees together and her ass sticking out slightly. It produces a fascinating effect on her tits. ”What are you thinking about? Do you think other guys would be into me if I did this for them?” She is barely suppressing a smile.

You realize that you infrequently think of your own wife as a sexual being in spite of her gorgeous body. You are life companions now and more often discuss the chores and the finances than sexy outfits and flirting.

You look at her and hold your palms up, “I guess it does make me jealous, but I don’t really think you would ever cheat on me. Just try not to get carried away, I guess.”

“I knew you would say that,” she smiles and teeters toward you on her unfamiliar heels to give you a kiss.

Just then her girlfriend rings the bell and your wife lets her in to introduce you. If you thought your wife’s outfit was slutty, you are shocked by this woman’s outfit. She is basically wearing a semi-transparent lingerie slip with garters and stockings. She is a bit thinner than you like but has perfect legs with shapely calves. You unthinkingly stare at her erect nipples, visible through her transparent top as you are introduced.

“What’s the matter, cat have your tongue?” asks her friend slyly. “My eyes are up here, but go ahead and check out my tits if you like. I’m flattered.”

“Honey, get a grip on yourself,” your wife laughs. “You act like you’ve never seen nipples before.”

“I, uh, sorry about that,” you stammer, then catch yourself. You aren’t a boy anymore. You draw yourself upright. “Well, if you are trying to get attention from men, and I would say that wearing this outfit is a pretty effective strategy,” you say with more confidence than you feel, looking your wife’s friend in the eye.

“Thank you,” she says with a twinkle in her eye. “How does the view from behind look?” She turns and lifts the back of her slip slightly, thrusting her ass toward you. It is smaller than your wife’s but still very round and well formed. She wiggles it a little and you actually have to consciously refrain from reaching out to squeeze it. You wife is watching your reaction with fascination.

“Girl, you are giving my husband a hard on,” she says matter-of-factly. “Why don’t you flirt with him some more while I finish getting ready.”

“So I hear you have a great cock,” says her friend as you wife walks down the hall.

“You go, girl,” laughs your wife from the bedroom.

You look her up and down and she cocks her hip to show off her body for you. She’s a little thin but she has some shape to her. “You look very attractive this evening,” you say with a straight face. But your dick is hard now so you put a hand over your crotch and turn toward the living room. ”Won’t you come in and sit down? Would you like a drink?”

She walks next to you, looking at your crotch. ”When your wife offered your stud services, I turned her down, but the way you just looked me up and down makes me want to reconsider.”

You laugh at that. ”Jeez, with an attitude like that I don’t know why you are having trouble getting sex.” You look at her ass as she walks ahead of you to sit down. ”You have almost enough tits and ass to warrant some interest.” It’s not like you to talk this way, but you figure, what the hell, she started it.

“Almost, huh?” she says sadly, cooling off. “It’s easy to talk a good game in a safe situation like this,” she sighs. “I know you two aren’t actually swingers. To be honest, I have never dressed like this in public before. I am very nervous about this, I am normally pretty uptight about showing my body. But I am starting to feel really lonely, so I decided to take a chance on this approach.” She pull self consciously at the hem of her slip as she sits on the couch. “You can easily see my panties when I sit down, can’t you?” she asks resignedly.

“Well, yes,” you admit. “You might want to only sit at tables or booths so you can be concealed a bit,” you say compassionately.

She nods and give you a tight, nervous smile as you wife enters back into the room.

“I hope you don’t mind honey,” she says with a twinkle in her eye. “But I decided to slip my underwear off before we go out. Some guys in the club might get to see a flash of my ass tonight…if they are lucky.”

“That’s fine honey, go ahead and tease me,” you say with a skeptical expression. “I don’t believe you would ever have the guts.”
“I don’t think so either, dear,” she says suppressing a little smile. “Well, don’t wait up for us, we might be out late tonight. If we get lucky that is.”

She and her girlfriend laugh and wave goodbye as they head out in search of cock.


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