Surprise Sex.

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My girldfriend and I lived in a small town and we used to travel about 50 or so miles when we wanted to go into town. We had come across a river that had a bridge and really was not open to the public as far as going across it to the other side, whitch was private property but you could still go on it. One day we were on our way into town and my girlfriend wanted to stop off and see the fishes in the river. She was wearing one of those long skirts and short tight blouse, I was wearing jeans t-shirt and boxers. She stood in front of me as we looked down into the river and out of no where she reached around her back and started rubbing my cock, going with the flow of it I started rubbing her nicely shaped ass. She licked the fact that I had a hard on in seconds, she slowly unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock and started stroking me. Then as I slowly pulled up the back side of her long skirt I noticed she didn’t have any panties or g-string on witch was very hot. She then put one leg on one of the bridges beams like if she were leaning to look over the bridge. I then started rubbing her freshly shaved pussy and she was very wet. She slowly guided my cock into her and we started to fuck on that bridge. The nice thing about is that we just seemed like a couple looking from the bridge to the river and to the main road as people drove by. We continued to fuck I pulled out of her and in the same position she stroked me till I came. Since she made me cum she wasn’t done, we found a nice area hidden away from view from the main road. She laid down on the grass and lifted the up the front side of her long skirt and I went down on her. I licked and fingered her till she came and tasting her sweet juices never was as sweet as that time. I made her cum so hard that she pulled my face harder into her to eat het out harder. Soon enough I will tell you of another sexcapade we had.

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