The Adventures of Jinx : Episode 2 – A new life

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The adventures of Jinx

Episode 2: A new life


Before you start reading, I want you to understand and realize that these stories are completely fantasy and not based on real experiences. So if it seems like it is based on a true experience or fact, that’s a coincidence. This is one story out of a series of stories, based on the adventures of Jinx. I suggest you read the previous episodes to be able to keep up with the storyline. She is a luxurious call girl and in these stories you can read about all the things she experienced so far in her life. So enjoy reading and don’t forget to vote or add me to your favourite authors list.

In the previous adventure of Jinx:

-Amanda ran away and broke up with Edwin to start a new life as Jinx.
-Her first client Jake made it a very romantic experience.
-Jinx earned her first money as a callgirl.


I grabbed my cell phone from the seat next to me and redialled Jake’s number. A few tones later, he picked up the phone: “Aaah Amanda, that’s quick. So are you alone? “

“Yes I am. So why you wanted me to drive into this forest road? “

“Because I missed you and I want to have some fun with you. Don’t worry, I’ll pay you the next time I see you. “

Those words made me feel bad. I wasn’t doing this for the money, this was fun. Quickly I decided to forget those words and said: “But you aren’t here with me.”

“I don’t have to be sweetie. Like I said before: I get my pleasure from giving you pleasure. “

As he was talking, I could feel my pulse starting to beat faster. I shifted in my leather seat and could feel the heat between my legs underneath my summer dress. I looked around and I was all alone. Well not really alone, Jake was with me, at the other end of the phone.

“I want you to play with yourself Amanda and tell everything you are doing to me as you do it. Are you fine with that sweetie? “

“Sure Jake, it might be fun.”

With one hand holding my cell phone to my ear, I slid my other hand over my thigh while I told Jake what I was doing. I was glad at that moment that I had put on a summer dress instead of jeans or shorts. I don’t know why, but Jake had made such a good impression on me at our little intermezzo at the hotel, that I was thrusting him blindly now.

“I am pushing my skirt up and I can see a small patch of my pink thong now.”

“Pink? My favourite colour, Amanda. How did you know? “: Jake giggled.

I didn’t respond to his question and continued my play: “I am running my fingers now along the edge of my thong and now I am running them down between my legs.” A wet spot had already formed on my panties. “My finger is making small circles over my thong.” A small moan escaped my lips. Jake noticed and I could hear him grin at the other side of the phone.

“I am sliding my left hand slowly inside my wet thong now.” I could feel a tingle of excitement as my hand came in contact with my moist vagina. As I placed my right knee up onto the other seat slightly, I opened my legs. Quickly I pushed my summer dress higher and looked down.

“I am pulling my pink thong to the side now and I am looking at my beautiful moist pussy now, Jake.”

“Tell me what you are seeing sweetie, describe that soft spot for me. “

“I see a wet soft shaven pussy with drops glistening on my swollen lips.” I giggled.

“Mmmmmh I can imagine that sweetie. Can’t wait to see that someday. “: Jake grinned back.

“I am tracing my red painted fingernail around my pussy lips, slowly rubbing the sensitive skin.” Another moan escaped from my mouth as I slipped a fingernail inside my pussy.

“Relax yourself sweetie and let yourself go. “: Jake encouraged me.

Ooh god! I was so wet! I opened my legs further, nestling back into the corner of my seat and the door. “I am pulling my thong farther to the side and I am slipping a finger deep inside me.” I moaned and watched my red fingernails disappear inside my cunt.

“I am moving my fingers in and out.” First I had one finger inside, soon two. “I am rubbing my fingers over my hard clitoris.” I had trouble speaking while I did that because moans kept interfering.

For a second I thought about what I was doing. Sitting in my car, deep into a forest road, my pussy wide open and fingering myself. And all that while I was talking with somebody I had only met once. I continued and leaned my head back and closed my eyes as I heard Jake’s breathe at the other end of the phone.

“I am thrusting two fingers deep inside me. I removed my fingers from my pussy and I am bringing them to my mouth now.” Jake could hear me licking and sucking my fingers as I tasted myself. “With my moistened fingers, I am rubbing my swollen clit again. Oh Jake, mmmmh.” I moaned, nearly screaming.

My fingers sped up, fucking my tight pussy harder and harder. My hips writhed and grounded against the seat. “My fingers are working furiously on my pussy, my clit is too sensitive to touch now. “

I moaned and felt my pussy tighten around my fingers. I moaned and screamed as my orgasm tore through me. I tried to describe every word of my actions to Jake but sometimes my feelings just overwhelmed me. My fingers kept stroking my pussy. My cum was dripping from them. “I am circling over my swollen and sensitive clit with my index finger. Stroking my fingers up and down now. ”

“I am going to take my thong off now.”

“Go ahead sweetie, make sure you are comfortable.”

I lifted my ass up and pulled my thong off with my free hand, throwing my thong on the seat next to me. Suddenly I noticed a couple walking towards my car in my back mirror. “Fuck Jake, somebody is coming, I need to go!”

“Okay sweetie, its okay. I hope you had fun. Don’t forget about me.”

“I’ll never forget you Jake. See you! “

I laid the phone on the seat next to me and started my car. Quickly I turned my car and headed back to the main road. As I passed the couple, they tried to take a look at me but I tried to hide my face from them. I was so embarrassed. I decided to ride back to the apartment. I had enough fun for today.

A while later I arrived back at the apartment and parked my car. I pushed my thong and cell phone into my purse and made my way up in the elevator, thongless. I entered the apartment, Sarah was still not home, as she had written on her note that I had read earlier today. After I entered my bedroom, I threw my moist thong on my bed and headed for the living room. I dropped myself on the couch and lay down.

It was a good moment to organize all those business cards that I received from all those people that I saw at that exclusive party which Sarah had taken me too that other day. I turned my purse upside down on my tummy and picked all the cards from between the other stuff that fell out off my purse. One by one I checked them, and I wasn’t surprise that most of those men were working for huge companies, or banks.

After I had sorted them in alphabetical order, I decided to put them all in my cell phone and write them all down in the little black book Sarah gave me a few days ago. The black book was meant to keep all my clients organized in. Each client had his own page in the book. On that page were their name, phone number and room for me to fill in their likes and dislikes. At this moment I couldn’t fill in much of those likes and dislikes because I only had one client yet, Jake.

I looked at the clock, and time had been flying by. It was already 7.26 pm. I decided to take a quick shower and spend the evening watching TV. With the lights dimmed and nobody around, only me and a bottle of wine.

Suddenly the noise of an opening door awakens me. I rubbed my eyes and look at the clock, 3.39 am. I must have fallen asleep on the couch. Slowly I got up fro
m the couch and almost stumble over the empty bottle of wine that’s lying on the floor. With her high heeled shoes in her hands and walking on the tips of her toes, she walks i
nto the living room: “I am sorry sweetie, did I wake u up? ”

A huge headache is killing me, must have been that wine. Still rubbing my eyes to wipe away the sleep: “Oooh no, I must have fallen asleep on the couch. Did you have a pleasant day?”

“Yes I have, it was a very pleasant day. And there is something important I need to tell you, but first let’s get some sleep.”

Sarah gave me a kiss on my head and went to her bedroom. With my feet shuffling on the floor, I made my way to my bed and it didn’t take me long before I was gone again to the land of dreams.

The smell of bacon and eggs is filling up my bedroom. Slowly I open my eyes and crawl out off bed. In the kitchen, Sarah is cooking us a nice breakfast. With a big smile on her face, she tells me to take a seat. I drop myself on a chair at the kitchen table as Sarah puts a nice filled plate under my nose. The bacon and eggs tasted delicious.

After we finished breakfast and cleaned up the kitchen, Sarah took me to the living room. “Take a seat sweetie, I got to tell you something.”

I took a seat on the couch and was very curious what this was all about. Sarah sat opposite from me and was smiling: “Well Amanda sweetie, I managed to get you a job for this evening. But not just a job. Normally this client only wants the best girls. So I have gone through a lot of effort to convince him to hire you for this deal.”

“But what is so special about this deal?” I asked Sarah. She sounded so mysterious about it all, it made me very curious and nervous at the same time.

“Well, this client organizes parties once in a while. His guests are all clients of his company, mostly men in their thirties. For this party, he hires girls from Madame Elaine. But he only wants the best of the best, the crème de la crème. I convinced him and Madame Elaine to hire you too for the party. There will be about 8 girls at the party, included you and me.”

“So you are going to be there too?” I giggled.

“Yes sweetie, but don’t forget it’s a job for us and a party for our clients. We need to do our job, and our job is to please our clients, in every way they want.”

“Every way they want?” I grinned.

“Yes, EVERY way.” Sarah made it very clear to me. “It worth it, he pays each girl a fee of 2.000 Euros”

“2.000!!” I said with a big smile.

Sarah nodded and smiled back:” No need to thank me sweetie.”

I got up from the couch and gave Sarah a big hug and a huge kiss on her lips. We both laughed and giggled. I was really looking forward to this party. It sounded so excited and at the other hand, it sounded very kinky. The party was already this evening we had to be there at 8 pm. The client also wanted us to be wearing school girl outfits and we were not allowed to wear bras or underwear.

The hours passed by quickly and around 7.30 pm, I was admiring myself in the mirror. I was wearing a red and grey chequered school girl skirt. On top I was wearing a white halter top and below some high heeled platform shoes. As a finishing touch I was had made some pony tails with my hair. I could easily pass for a real school girl if I wanted. I grabbed my purse and car keys from the counter and made my way down the elevator to the parking lot.

Sarah had already left a while ago cause she had to pick up some other girls and they were going together to the party because one of them didn’t had a drivers licence. The location of the party was about 20 minutes of driving. I decided to take a shortcut by taking the highway. A few minutes later I pulled up the highway and to my surprise there was this huge traffic jam. It seemed like an accident had just occurred. I was cursing in my car because I didn’t want to be late on this job. If there is one thing I hate, it is being late.

The cars were moving very slowly and 30 minutes later I managed to get off the highway. My foot was keeping the gas pedal down and quickly I drove towards the location. Finally I arrived at the location, a huge villa. I found a free parking space between all those cars. Obviously everybody was already here and the party had started. Quickly I got out off my car and hurried to the front door and rank the doorbell. I took a look on my watch. I was 28 minutes late.

The door opened, and a familiar face was standing in front of me. It was Dennis Ducroix, the guy I met at that other party where Sarah had taken me too. He was the first guy who gave me his business ticket. Well this was a pleasant surprise, or not?

“Miss Amanda, you are late.” He grinned as he looked on his watch.

“Yes, I am sorry Sir, traffic jam on the highway.

The smile disappeared quickly from his face as he said: “Well, I don’t care. Next time you are late, you can forget about being hired again by me.”

I was shocked by such a rude behaviour. Mr. Ducroix showed me in and closed the door behind me: “Now mingle with the people and be worth your money.”

I made my way into the large living room and noticed some other girls. They were all wearing school outfits and pleasuring the clients of Mr. Ducroix. I searched around for Sarah but I couldn’t find her anywhere.

At the other side of the living room was a huge stairway, probably leading to the bedrooms. I made my way through the people. On my way I noticed a couple sitting on a couch. A brunette in a school girl outfit, how cute. She was kissing the man that was sitting beside her. Their tongues were flicking around as she had her legs spread. His hand had moved under her skirt and was obviously having some fun with her pussy.

There were call girls flirting with men all over the place. Finally I managed to reach the stairway. I placed my foot on the first step and wanted to go upstairs. Suddenly somebody grabbed my arm. I turned around, it was Mr. Ducroix: “No need to go up there all by yourself, sweetie. Why don’t you follow me into my office first?”

I nodded and followed him into his office. He closed the door behind us and took a seat behind his desk. He stared at me, which caused me to feel very uncomfortable.

“You seem to be nervous Amanda.”

“Yes Mr. Ducroix, actually I am.”

“Oooh please call me Dennis.”

I smiled: “Okay Dennis. But only if you call me Jinx.”

“No problem, Jinx.”

He pulled out an envelope and laid it on his desk. With his finger he slipped it towards me. “This is yours, 2.000 Euros, IF you manage to do a good job tonight.”

I took the envelope and put it inside my purse: “I don’t think that is going to be a problem.”

Dennis smiled: “One more thing, I have something that is going to help you to relax.”

He pulled out a small wrapped up piece of paper ad opened it on the desk. It contained some white powder. He turned it upside down and dropped all the white powder on the desk. With his credit card he made two fine lines of the stuff on his desk.

“Now, sweetie, just sniff it up and you will feel much better.” he said with a huge smile on his face.

The last time I did coke was when I was attending university. It all happened in my wild years. But four years ago, Edwin helped me to off that bad habit. He helped me to live without drugs. And now I was here, facing a dilemma.

“I don’t think that is a good idea Sir.”

“Aaaawh come on sweetie, it won’t hurt. Or do you want me to throw you out?”

I nodded no and leaned forward and brought my nose towards the cocaine. While Dennis looked at me, I sniffed the line of speed up at once. I got back up and wiped the remaining powder from my nose and smiled at Dennis. Instantly a rush went through my head.

“Now that wasn’t that hard, was it? Now go and enjoy yourself and if you want more, just come into my office.”

I nodded: “One more thing Dennis. Have you seen Sarah somewhere?”

Dennis grinned: “Don’t worry about her, she has
her hands full at the moment.” And he laughed out loud.

I walked out off his office, back into the living room. Because it has been several years since I had done any dr
ugs, the line of coke I just sniffed was making me feel bad. I needed to refresh myself a bit and searched for the bathroom. After opening several doors, I finally found the bathroom. As I entered the bathroom, a couple was making out against the wall. They stopped kissing and turned their heads towards me.

“Uhm excuse me, can I have the bathroom for myself for a while?” I smiled at them.

“No problem darling.” said the guy and he took the call girl with him outside the bathroom to find themselves a more comfortable place to continue.

I was standing in front of the mirror and looked at myself. At first I was angry because I gave in to do drugs again. But that feeling was quickly taken over by joy. I felt like I could handle the whole world, the coke started to work. I turned on the cold water and made a little cup with my hands and placed them underneath the jet of water. After my hands were filled I bent over and brought my face to my hands and splashed the water over my face. It felt refreshing, just what I needed. With my wet hand I ran over my neck to refresh some more.

Suddenly somebody laid his hands on my hips. Surprised as I was I got up and looked into the mirror. I saw a blonde guy standing behind me, his hands on my sides and a smiling expression on his face.

“Don’t be scared sweetie. I didn’t want to scare you. Tell me, what is your name?”

“Jinx.”: I smiled while I dried my hands with the towel that was lying in front of me.

“Well that’s a pretty name, almost as pretty as you are sweetie.”

He made me blush… Although it could have been the coke that made my blush. He moved his hands down my hips towards my legs. His warm fingers touched my skin. He started to kiss my neck. I tilted my head a little to the left as he moved his tongue over my skin. The cocaine was making this feeling so intense. He took my earlobe between his lips and gently nibbled on it.

A slight moan slipped between my lips while his hands moved up underneath my skirt. He brought one hand to the front and moved over my vagina. While he continued to kiss all over my neck, he slid a finger between my pussy lips and ran it up and down. I was already wet because on my way to the party I had been fantasizing about all the things that could happen this evening. His finger moved up and found my clitoris. Slowly he flicked his finger over my clit, causing me to moan.

With my eyes closed and breathing heavy, he kept flicking my clit and kissing my neck. With his free hand he hiked up my skirt around my waist. With care he kicked against the inside of my foot, making me spread my legs. Without hesitating I spread my legs open. He lowered his finger and quickly pushed it inside me. A second finger followed and he started pumping my pussy.

While I was moaning I tried to ask his name. But all I could do was mumble and utter some words: “Mmmmmh…your….mmmmmh name…”

He didn’t need much more to understand me: “Jeff, sweetie.”

I opened my eyes as his fingers were fucking me hard. In the mirror I saw how he was kissing me. Jeff had beautiful natural blond hair. He also had an earring, which made him very sexy. I guess he was around age 28-29. I heard how he unbuckled his belt and his pants dropped on the floor. I couldn’t hear but I am sure his underwear followed his pants.

He stopped playing with my pussy and grabbed my hips and pulled me back a few steps. With his hand he pushed on my back and made me bend over. I placed my hands against the wash table and looked backwards. Not much later I felt Jeff’s cock sliding up and down between my pussy lips as he was making the head of his penis wet with my juices.

“Sweetie, I am going to fuck you hard.”

And as he spoke those words, he slid his cock inside my cunt. It felt great to feel his penis stretch my soaking wet vagina. These feelings were intensified by the cocaine that was rushing through my body.

“Oooh yeah, fuck me Jeff.” I moaned as he pumped his shaft all the way up my pussy. He grabbed me by the hips and started to fuck me. His cock slid in and out of my pussy as his balls slapped against my clitoris. I watched the mirror to see the expressions on his face as he was fucking me. This was the first time since I became a call girl that I was getting fucked for money. With my school girl skirt around my waist, the sounds of a soaked cunt being fucked, filled the bathroom.

“Fuck sweetie, you are so tight. I could fuck you all night long.”: Jeff moaned.

With long and hard strokes he fucked me. Each time he pushed his cock up my cunt, my body got lifted up and I was almost standing on my toes. That much force he was using to pump his shaft into me. His balls kept slapping against my clit.

“You are enjoying this aren’t you sweetie?” he grinned.

“Yeah baby, give it to me. You know how much I loved to get fucked by a stud like you.” The cocaine seemed to have turned a switch inside my brain which had turned me into a sex loving dirty nymphomaniac. Jeff started moaning louder and louder and bucked harder and harder into me. Suddenly he pulled his cock out off my cunt.

“Get on your knees sweetie.” he moaned as he took his penis in his hand and started jerking.

I turned around and dropped onto my knees in front of him. His cock was only inches away from face. His hand was sliding fast up and down his wet shaft. With his other hand he reached to my hair and grabbed it to pull my face closer towards him and to look up at him. He stroked the head of his cock against my lips.

“Cum on my face.” I whispered.

“Yeah?” Jeff asked me as he pumped his cock faster. I reached out with my tongue to lick the tip of his penis.

“Yeah baby”: I panted. “Shoot it all over my face. I know you want it.”

“It’s coming….” he warned me.

“Do it!” I pleaded.

The cum started to spurt from his cock, the first wad hitting me just above my lips, then on my cheek, then on my forehead and my nose as I squirmed in front of him on my knees. With one hand I smeared his semen over my face and into my mouth while I squeezed his balls with my other hand. For a second Jeff seemed to be out off this world.

I managed to get his cock out of his hand and I slid it into my mouth and nursed it until his orgasm finally subsided. I swallowed the last drops that were cumming from his cock. Finally I stood back up in front of him, my face covered by his seed.

“Mmmmh that was very good sweetie.” Jeff grinned as he ran his finger over my cheek. “You should give me a call sometimes.” He pulled out a card and handed it over to me.

“One more to add to my black book.” I thought by myself.

“Thanx Jeff. I’ll keep that in mind.” I giggled.

Jeff pulled up his underwear and pants and washed his hands in the washing table. “Now clean yourself up a little and have some more fun.” With these words he left the bathroom. Once again I was refreshing my face with water to remove Jeff’s cum from my face. This time there was nobody laying his hands on my hips. I was still in a rush, a rush that the cocaine had caused. I fixed myself a bit and made my way back into the living room.

In the living room I bumped onto Dennis once again. He smiled at me and my face just told him that I had just been fucked. I straightened my skirt and halter top to make sure he couldn’t comment me on not being clothed well.

“Amanda sweetie. I am sorry, Jinx off course.” he corrected himself. “Let me show you where your friend Sarah is. I am sure you are going to enjoy this.”

He guided me to the stairway and told me to go ahead. Dennis had grabbed two wine glasses off a table before coming upstairs and sat them on the desk of the room where he guided me into. He placed the along with the bottle of champagne. Dennis told me to sit on the side of the bed. He turned on the television that I was facing.

“Just sit back and relax sweetie.” he grinned as he poured the champagne into the glasses. “You are about to see a real class act tonight”

He handed me a glass of champagne and took one for himself. He made a toasting gesture and winked at me. I took a sip of champagne and watched him do the same. He sat down on the edge of the bed besides me. I crossed my legs, causing the opening in the dress to split a bit and revealed my sexy legs. Dennis noticed that and let out a heavy sigh and showed a little smile. He grabbed the remote and switched the channel. I was so surprised when I saw Sarah on the television. Obviously there was a cam inside another bedroom that was filming everything that was happening. The cam was focussed on the bed.

“Enjoy the show sweetie, and the champagne off course.” Dennis grinned as he sipped again from his glass. He turned the volume up so we could hear every sound and see every motion going on in that room. And this is what my eyes were seeing on the screen:

Sarah was lying down on the bed, surrounded by a bunch of men. A man walked towards her and ripped her shirt open, making her breasts spill out. Another guy pushed her skirt up, wrapping it around her waist.

“Good.” A voice said as a tall man moved into the view. He was chewing on a cigar and was wearing a white suit. “So glad you could make it Sarah. He was staring at her breasts and vagina.

“You realize we have to punish you my dear.” he mopped. “And the best way to punish you is to be fucked. To be fucked over and over again by these cocks, until your cunt is sore and leaking with cum and you mouth has a wonderful layer of cum coating inside.”

The tall man spat his cigar out and reached down to his belt. As far as I could see, Sarah had a big smile on her face. She looked around to the other men in the room that were starring at her exposed breasts as she spread her legs open. The tall man with the white suit took his time removing his trousers. Finally he pulled his pants down to reveal a huge dick, ten inches long at least.

He crawled on the bed and on top of Sarah. She squirmed as he forced his long cock into her cunt. There was nothing she could do, as he rammed his cock deeper into her pussy, spreading it apart. His hands squashed her pink boobs together and his mouth sucked and chewed on her hard nipples. As the tall guy was fucking Sarah’s pussy, she began to moan and toss her head from side to side as his huge cock was thrusting harder and harder into her.

The other men inside the room began taking their clothes off and went over to the bed. Hands went all over her body, especially on her soft tits, grabbing fleshy handfuls, tugging at tit-flesh, yanking and twisting her nipples. Other hands fondled other parts of her young body while the tall guy was pumping her.

Two other guys wanted in on the action. They got on the bed and knelt either side of Sarah’s head, looking at the expressions on her face. They watched as she tossed her head from side to side, her mouth open moaning as they began feeding their cocks into her beautiful face. First she turned to her left as the head of a cock was popped into her face. He kept her head down for a while, thrusting his cock in and out of her luscious lips. Then he released her head and she turned to her right to get away from his cock.

But as soon as she did, she encountered the other guy’s thick dripping tool. He jammed it into her open mouth, kept her head in place and fucked hard in and out of her face, making her gag on each stroke as he rammed his cock into the back of Sarah’s throat.

The tall guy with the white suit pulled his cock out off her stretched cunt without a warning: “Next?” He looked around and stood up, wanking his thick shaft. Another man took place between her legs and started fucking her gapping pussy as the others continued their face fucking game with Sarah. The rest of the men were all naked, awaiting their turn. The two guys sitting at her face grabbed her head, holding it still and pressed both their cocks against her face.

“Open your mouth sweetie!” once spoke. “We have a nice meal for you.”

One guy forced her mouth open with his thumb and then both of their long cocks began to discharge their creamy loads into her mouth. Sarah began choking and spluttering as the hot spunk boiled into her mouth, gushing over her deep red lips and into her throat. The other guy fucked his cock back into her mouth, forcing her to gulp down several mouthfuls of their hot spunk.

He fucked away at her mouth and made sure she was swallowing, and then the other guy took his place, pushing his cockhead down her throat with his thick load. Gasping for air, Sarah endured their pricks slapping at her face and wiping more cum around her face. Suddenly another man climbed onto her face and started fucking her abused throat.

The man with the white suit ha lit himself another cigar as he watched the other men fuck Sarah on turn. Now they started to double fuck her, one man fucking her ass gently while another shafted her cunt. She was laying in between two men now, one below her and one on top. The guy that was fucking her throat pulled his cock out and blasted his spunk all over her hot breasts and her long elegant neck.

By the time he had finished his cigar, Sarah had been fucked over and over again. The men had poured their spunk into and onto her squirming helpless body. I could barely see Sarah through the orgy. All I could see was thrusting buttocks as they fucked her non stop in her cunt, ass and mouth. Every so often we could Sarah moan or gurgle out loud as she had a cock forced down her throat.

Eventually they started crawling off her scummy, shaking body. Sarah’s face was coated with their cum. Her face and hair matted with their semen, her pussy open and dripping with spunk. One guy even came in her eye, causing Sarah to not see properly. She lifted her head, trying to work out what was happening and came face to face with the tall man’s cock.

Sarah managed to let out an “Mmmmmmmmmuppphhhhh!” as he shoved his cock into her face. He grabbed her head and started fucking her face back and forth over his shaft. He crawled on her tits and face fucked her. Sarah’s eyes widened as the guy pushed his huge thick cock into her throat where her tight muscles started milking his cockhead.

“Yes!” murmured the men as he held her by her hair, making her fuck him with her mouth. He was holding her head hard against his crotch, letting his 10 inches prick sit lodged in her throat. He pulled it back out, letting her gasp for air just as he started cumming in her mouth.

“Hold it in your mouth sweetie.” He commanded, “Don’t swallow!”

He fucked away, spurting his hot cum into her mouth, while Sarah tried not to swallow. When he was finished, he stood up, looking down at her. Her cheeks filled by his cum. Her nostrils flared as she was breathing through her nose. She could feel the cum running down her legs from her arse and pussy.

“And swallow.”

Her face showed a big smile as she swallowed the thick creamy spunk making the men watching her cheer.

Dennis turned off the television and looked at me. I was blushing, this was one of the hottest sex scenes I ever witnessed in my life. And I am not even mentioning seeing Sarah in such a position. I could barely believe my eyes. Dennis refilled my glass once more and emptied the bottle of champagne. During the show, he kept my glass full. I was feeling tipsy and between my legs I was soaking wet. All the time while we watched, I was shifting on the bed because it turned me on so much to see Sarah being fucked by all those men.

“Now, show me if you are as big a slut as your friend Sarah.” Dennis commanded me as he crawled on the bed and laid down in the middle of it.

The cocaine, champagne and the show I just saw had made me so horny that I thought by myself: “I’ll show you ho
w much of a slut I can be.”

I put both my hands on the waistband of his pants and pulled them down after unbuttoning them. I did the same with his shorts. His stiff cock sprang up, bobbing in front of my face. I gave Dennis a satisfied smile as I
took hold of his manhood with both my hands and squeezed, making his cock give out some pre-cum as a result of my action. I looked at his penis, admiring its hardness and length.

“Ooh, what a little present do you have for me here? A nice drop of pre-cum!” and I darted my tongue out and dabbed at the drool at the head of his cock, taking a sample back into my mouth.

I cupped his balls, pulled them forward to my lips, nuzzling, and then sucking them into my mouth one at a time. Dennis looked down as he could see his cock rubbing in my dirty blonde hair. I placed my mouth over the head of his inflamed member and swallowed his shaft until my nose touched his pelvic bone. I gagged for a second and let his shaft back out of my mouth. Slowly I moved my lips up and down on his cock, licking it all over with my tongue.

“I want to feel your pussy Jinx. Show me how good of a fuck you are.” He grinned.

I got up and sat on his lap, lifting my skirt around my waist, took his cock in my hand and guided it to my soaking wet entrance. Slowly I let his cock slide into my pussy. It felt so hard. I love a good hard cock. Soon I had his cock all the way inside me. I reached behind me with both hands and forced my knees apart as wide as they would go, then gave myself a pelvic thrust, taking every inch of his cock inside me.

I leaned back and cupped my breasts. Then I slid off my halter top, revealing my breasts to Dennis. Milk white skin with areolas that had a slightly red tint to them. Dennis laid his hands on my breasts and cupped them.

“You like my breasts Dennis?”

“Oooh yes Jinxie, I love them.”

Now I watched how he played with my nipples, tweaking them back and forth between his numb and forefinger. He reached up and pressed his face in the cleavage between my breasts. I closed my eyes as my erect nipples were rubbing against his nose and lips. His cock was still buried deep inside me.

“Mmmmh your cock feels so good inside my pussy.” I moaned.

I leaned back and placed my hands on his legs for support, then instead of riding his cock up and down, I was sliding forwards then backwards to get the most out of his manhood. I really wanted to convince him about my fucking skills so I got my feet under me and did a sort of squat fuck. That way I could ram my pussy down on top of him, getting the fullest penetration possible.

Dennis moved his hands all over my breasts and thighs, causing me to squirm and moan as I was moving up and down on his cock. I was trying my best to ignore the waves of pleasure that were slowly taking over me, and to think about this as a job instead of fun. Cause after all, I was doing this for the money. But I couldn’t ignore my body and it brought me along that same road to earth shattering orgasm, Dennis was on.

My body started to shudder uncontrollably and so was Dennis his body, shaking in sympathetic response. I was getting very close to orgasm, my muffled cries were getting more insistent. All it was going to take was one last push to send us over the edge. Suddenly Dennis’s balls erupted their cum into my womb. Following his lead, I had my own orgasm as I kept moving on his shaft. Our senses went into overload. With my pussy I milked every bit of sperm I could.

I crashed down on his body, exhausted. A few seconds later, I rolled off him as his limp cock slid out off my cum dripping cunt.

“Practice sweetie, and soon you will be even better as your friend Sarah.” Dennis laughed. Slowly I passed away and fell asleep. This evening had been too much for me. I was so exhausted, I couldn’t stay awake.

“Rise and shine baby!” a female voice said as the curtains flew open and the sunshine shined into the room. I tried to open my eyes, but the light was blinding me. I was lying in the same bed as I felt asleep last night, but now I was lying underneath the blankets and I was undressed.

“Sarah, Is that you?” I uttered.

“No sweetie, I am Rosalia. I am Mr. Ducroix housemaid.”

Slowly I was able to get a glimpse of her as my eyes started to adjust to the sunlight. I could see that she was a housemaid because she was wearing the outfit. Rosalia moved around the room as she cleaned up the glasses and the empty bottle of champagne. I looked around, Dennis was already gone.

“Uhm, where is Mr. Ducroix?”

“He is at work. You are the only one here Miss. Can I get you anything? Towels to take a shower perhaps. Breakfast?” She answered me with a very nice undertone in her voice.

“No thank you Rosalia. I think I better go home now.”

“Okay, if you need anything just ring the bell.” and she pointed to a little button on the wall and left the room.

I tossed the blankets off my body and crawled out off the bed. My clothes were lying out nicely on a chair, together with my purse and car keys. Slowly I made my way to the chair, every muscle in my body was hurting. My vagina was a little sore and my head was killing me. I finally got dressed and made my way downstairs and back to my car that was still parked in front of the huge mansion. I started my car and made my way back home.

Once home I found Sarah still sleeping in her bed. Couldn’t be otherwise after such an exhausting orgy she had. I decided to take a good long hot bath, so I could recover from last night. While I was laying in bad, I was thinking about if I should tell Sarah about the fact that I saw her orgy, or not. After thinking about it for a while, I decided not to tell her. An hour later, my body totally wrinkled, I crawled out off the bathtub and put on a bathrobe. I was still tired but feeling much better already. Once in my bedroom I decided to sleep some more and dropped onto my bed.

***** A few days later*****

We had been talking about that party for a few days. Sarah wanted to know if I had enjoyed myself and I told her I had a great time. Still I didn’t tell her anything about the orgy I saw on the television. Something inside told me to keep if for myself. I was glad that I didn’t have any contact with clients for a few days so that my body was able to recover. My vagina wasn’t sore anymore and I was feeling much better.

I was surprised that I hadn’t heard anything from Jake anymore. After all, he did seem to be a little obsessed by me. Or was it only my imagination? The doorbell rang. Sarah answered it and it was the mailman with a package. She headed to the first floor with the elevator to get it and when she was back up in the apartment, she was holding a package.

“It’s addressed to you Amanda.”, and she handed the package to me. It was a small brown box.

“From whom could that be?” I smiled and opened the box. I lifted the lit and opened it. There was a set of lingerie inside the box. As I grabbed it and pulled it out off the box, a card dropped on the floor. Sarah bent over and took the card and read:

“Amanda sweetie, I want you to come to my place at 4pm today. I want you to wear only a long jacket and this underneath. Enter through the backdoor.”

There was an address at the backside of the card and it was signed by Jake.

Sarah grinned: “Seems you have an admirer.”

I giggled and took the card and reread it. Sarah grabbed the lingerie and took a closer look at it. It was a red bustier and a red matching thong. She looked at the brand. It was a very expensive brand: Triumph. I knew because I have bought myself several things of that brand in the past. It is one of my favourite brands.

***** Later that day*****

I was standing in front of the mirror in my bedroom, wearing the lingerie set that Jake had bought for me. It fitted my marvellous. Jake sure was a pro, for knowing my sizes without ever asking me. The clock was ticking and I had to hurry. I grabbed my long raincoat and pulled it around me and closed it. Underneath only wearing the red lingerie set and high heels. I was on my way
to the address on his card, Jake’s house.

After driving around, I finally found the house. I stopped my car on the street and decide
d to park my car somewhere on the street. You never know if his wife would get home or something like that. I locked my car and walked towards the house. It was a huge villa. After I opened a small gate, I ended up in the backyard of this property. Jake was right, the backdoor was open. I walked in to the house, it was huge. Where was I going to find Jake?

“Jake? Are you here? Jake!” I shouted.

I didn’t hear anything so I decided to search for him. I made my way through the kitchen into the living room, but no sign of him. Suddenly I heard the sounds of water splashing. I followed the noise and ended up at the door of the bathroom. Slowly I pushed it open and I found Jake, lying in a huge bathtub, steam rising from the surface.

“Here you are Jake. “: I giggled and entered the bathroom.

I made my way into the bathroom and walked towards the bathtub.

“Stop there sweetie.” Jake said as I was a meter away from him.

“Are you wearing my little gift?”

I nodded and smiled at him. Teasingly I opened my raincoat and slowly showed him the gift he bought me.

“Very nice sweetie, very nice.” he grinned.

I looked around in the bathroom: “Nice house you have got here Jake.”

“Who says this is my house sweetie?” he grinned again.

It was like I was being pinned down to the floor. What did he mean by that? Has he broken in at this house? Oh my god, what if the owners got home? Or was he just teasing me? You’ll find out in the next episode.

In the next adventure of Jinx:

-Did Jake brake in at this huge villa?
-After using drugs at the party, will she get addicted to it?
-What brings her into an exclusive casino?

Find out in the next adventure of Jinx, available soon!! Once again, you need to read ALL the episodes to be able to keep up with the story.


Jinx (aka Amanda)

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