The beginning of the perfect night.

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The gentle rustle of leaves caught in the fall’s calm breeze is the most you could hear sitting under the yellowing tree deep in the park. The sky was reddening and casting that lovely hue over the landscape. Visitors who enjoyed the peace the park offered were leaving as well as the few geese whom made this a pit stop on their flight farther down south. The sun’s ever disappearing glow cast a shimmering reflection in the small pond just a few feet from the tree that towered and stretched it’s branches out over the water’s beauty. As breath taking as the scenery was that evening, there under the tree were a couple who had become oblivious to nature’s natural paradise.

A young woman pressed her back against the tree’s trunk with her head tilted back and eyes closed. Her bottom lip was caught between her teeth while soft moans escaped deep within her throat with each exhaling breath. Her left hand gripped the blades of grass that grew at her side while her right hand held the fabric of her lover’s shirt. His lips moved along her neck just below her jaw line, pressing to her flesh n sucking on what could only be described as the young woman’s spot as each motion his lips made she inhaled and arched to his touch. The metallic zipper of her jeans shined in the orange glow as his hand moved within her clothing until his fingertips touched her warm ever moistening lips through her panties. The young woman was in such bliss at his actions, he did just enough to make her yearn for his touch. She pressed to his hand as his fingers rubbed her over the clothe of her garments. Her mind was running with the want of release and her actions begin to betray her own will. Her hand pushed up her shirt to her breast. As she felt herself she moved her lips to his and they shared a passionate moment for only a few seconds that either would have sworn was hours. As their lips parted and their tongues no longer found each other’s his fingers pushed down under her panties protecting cover and there they found her clit with the first touch. Her back arched and she yelped quietly as the sudden chill and explosion of feelings in her head subsided.

Her reaction brought a smile to his face, and he raised slightly to pulled down her jeans under the now cover of darkness. Even the moons blue cast could barely reach them under the tree’s awning. She watched her thighs appear as her jeans were pulled down her form then pulled her feet from them. Her hand wanted to touch herself yet his palm covered her and wouldn’t allow her to. She sat on the blanket they had brought for their quiet evening alone. His lips touched her thighs lightly as he pressed his palm to her pussy. He positioned himself on his stomach more between her thighs, allowing one to rest over his shoulder. His lips begun to kiss were her thigh met while fingers pushed the panties’ fabric to the side causing her to be exposed to the cool breeze, then his tongue that made a trail up her slit slowly. Her hand played in his hair while his oral muscle pushed between her glistening lips until it tickled the pink flesh between. He used two fingers to separate her pussy’s folds so he could please her better. her breathes released whispering pleas to not stop while he obeyed. His tongue traced her sensitive pink flesh, flicking within her opening and eventually raising to trap her clit between his tiers to suck the little bulb which caused her to grip his hair and press more to his mouth in pleasure. His tongue wrestled forcefully with her clit while he took his time pushing two of his fingers into her pussy. He curled them up until his fingertips rubbed along her top wall. He continued to rub this small section within her while his tongue flicked and pushed against her sensitive clit. She pressed more to him and moaned for him she was close. He kept at his task while her toes curled and her hips begun to buck gently. Her moans increased and called out into the darkness surrounding them while she came onto his fingers that continued working her orgasm….

Her lips barely parted as her moan, most musical in it’s pitch, sung to her lover while his lips trailed kisses up her silken skin while raising to his knees between her legs that wrapped loosely around his waist. Her breathing was almost pants as she watched him fingers release the button that kept his denim jeans fastened. Anticipation of what he was planning was driving thoughts wild in her mind causing her fingers to glide over her pussy keeping the sensations alive and making her more eager. As his jeans dropped gathering at his knees soon accompanied by boxers her hand moved to grip his dick with the moisture of her pussy coating her palm. He leaned to her as she tugged on him and rose into a meeting of tongues. As she tasted herself on his tongue it only made her want him so much more. As she lowered back his hand replaced her own and started pushing the helmet against her opening. Her hips rose slightly as she prepared herself for his entrance.

As the head pushed into her pussy she took a sharp breath and her lips formed a content smile. His hand moved along her stomach below her navel. As his hips moved to her’s she could feel him pushing against her walls, her hands cupped her breasts. He pulled back causing a pressure deep within her to build which she would feel increasingly as he continued his movements. Her legs at either of his sides held up on their own as she moved her hips to his thrust. Her hands reached around his body and nails pressed into his back, her moan filled breath passed his ear in ecstasy. She whispered his name though not on purpose, her exhaling breath wouldn’t allow speech any more audible. His arm pushed from under her leg bringing it up to rest on his shoulder while the other was held against the blanket with his hand. Her own movements held at bay she was puddy for him to mold into another release of pleasure. His hips moved quicker as her voice caught in gasps pleaded for him to push into her harder.

She reaches over her head and holds onto the trunk of the tree that kept them hidden from the moon’s blue gaze. He moved her leg over his head which caused her to raise to her knees with her back to him. His palm slapped against her ass causing her to moan so quietly it could have been a purr. She pushed back to him as her breast pressed to the fabric of the cover separating her from the grass below. He positioned himself behind her as so he could deliver as perfectly as she was to him in his eyes. She met him with each thrust that rocked her forward with a push of her hips that encouraged her moans from deep within. She rose slowly off her chest back to him while a hand moved up her shirt until his hand held her breast. One of her own hands reached behind her over her head to hold to locks of his hair. Her other rested over his that held her hip while he moved to her causing them both to feel the coming climax of their evening.

Her grip tightened as her moans came more frequent, her eyes held closed and bottom lip bitten as her nervous system tingled with electric-like pulse. Her lover’s pace quickened which only made her own climax rush that much faster. Her whispering words carried on the hems of her moans played in his ears that she was about to release. With a deep thrust into his beloved his cum erupted into her pussy which caused her to release her own over his throbbing dick. Their pant-like breathing was all there was for a moment as cum flowed down her thighs and around his dick. The night’s gentle breeze swirled around them cooling off the sweating couple for a moment.

The cool breeze found it’s way through an apartment’s window just within the city. It stirred the light aroma of rose petals and French vanilla and lastly caressed the flames of several candles places strategically about the room. The yellowish glow the flames cast dimly lit the room while the barely opened bathroom door held another couple from view…

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