The best time of my life

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It all started when my friend picked me up at 3 in the afternoon. She asked my dad if I could go stay the night with her that night, this is New Years Eve mind you, and he said go. So I went upstairs and grabbed my pajamas and a new set of clothes and then I left. I immediately asked for a cigarette when I got in the car and smoked it rather quickly since I was stressed. I kept thinking about my friend, Brad and how good it was to always see him. We went out to Kroger’s and got some alcohol and cigarettes. We planned on just staying at Ben’s house and partying our asses off and just having a good time. Well, as soon as we got there, the plans changed. I, Cassi, Polar Bear, Seth, and Dave all got stoned off our asses. I was so stoned that I started to talk with Sarah and I couldn’t see her. That’s how stoned I was. As, I was stoned already, I decided well fuck it since I’m already burnt, I’ll start drinking. So I grabbed me and Sarah both a bottle of Skyy Blue and started drinking before the boys started.
Now, at this point in time, I couldn’t get Brad off my mind. I couldn’t believe that I was actually going to have a good time tonight. I sat back into the couch and started to chill out. All of the sudden, people started to freak out because of Brad and him seeing drinks all over the coffee table and water rings being there. So we all cleaned up before he walked into the door. I heard his footsteps and my heartbeat started to race. I pulled my hood up so he couldn’t see my eyes and tell that I was already baked. I scooted over emphasizing for him to sit down. After removing his coat, Brad saw me and smiled. He then sat down next to me and removed my hood. I looked into his eyes and smiled.
“I missed you Brad.”
“I missed you too Erin.”
We snuggled for a little bit before Cassi and Polar Bear started to dance and get high again. Of course, I joined right in. I smiled at Cassi and Polar Bear and drink my bottle of Skky Blue. Brad got up and started dancing with me. He sang to me and kissed my neck. I started to melt in his arms. I kissed him passionately and he returned the kiss just the same. We danced, smoked, and drank some more and partied until we felt like we were floating. Cassi, Polar Bear, Seth and Brad all started to play Spades and I just sat back and watched. As the game went on, I slowly started pass out and black out from the influence of THC and alcohol. Brad tapped me on my knee and told me to go lay down in his bed and I did.
Brad came in, at least in hour later and started to have some fun with me. He woke me up by kissing and rubbing my face. I simply smiled and started to go back to sleep when he started to take off my pajama pants off and the thong that I was wearing. He placed my legs over top his shoulders and started to kiss and lick my inner thighs. I ran my fingers through his short dark brown hair. He then proceeded to move his kisses, hot breath, and his amazing tongue down into my pussy. He could already tell that I was ready for him then. I moved around so he could get a better hold of me. He stopped and got out of bed and stood up. He was huge, about ready to bust out of his pants. He then took off his pants and slid back into the bed and proceeded to work his magic.
I adjusted myself so he could get a better place to where he could place his hard rock dick into my hot, wet pussy. He entered my and I started to moan slightly after as he got a steady pace. I loved this. It was New Years Eve and the guy that I really like is going to make love to me. He went faster as I started to scream out his name and then I orgasmed and my toes curled. He stopped and then let me sleep. He came back into bed at about 11:45 and we back at it. This time, everyone was gone.
We made out for about 5 minutes and then he decided to eat me out again. I loved it when he did that. He was so good. He then laid on top of me and started to make love to me. He started out slow and then started to move a bit faster. He wanted to make sure that everything was okay with me. I nodded and he started to move faster and faster until he started to shake from me orgasming. He then turned me over and started to fuck me again, this time…it was his turn to get off. He went for about 15 minutes before he came inside of me. We then stopped and then fell asleep for the next half hour until we woke up and celebrated the New Year together. After being woken up by Seth and his brigade of friends, we decided to go at it again. We lasted for about an hour and a half and then we just stopped because we were both really tired.
We fell completely asleep and then woke up around 8:15 a.m. the next morning and went at it again. After going for 15 minutes I came and 15 minutes later, Brad came. We both got dressed and he walked me over to my friend Cassi’s house and then I proceeded to tell her and Polar Bear the whole story. They both were surprised to see me at the house because they thought that I would just go directly home but then after watching a movie we took a walk and then we got high again. And then my dad picked me up and I came home.

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