The cinema

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We’ve arranged to go to the cinema, and I am coming over to pick you up

The film starts at 8.15, so I’ve told you I’ll pick you up at 7.45

I finish work early, and rush home to get myself showered and changed.

While I’m in the shower, I think about you, and while rubbing soap all over my wet body, my hands find that my cock has grown a little – obviously the thought of spending the evening with you is having quite an effect on me.

A thought creeps into my mind, and I decide that I’ll leave my erection alone, and I hurriedly finish my shower, get dressed, grab my car keys, and dash out of the house.

The traffic is heavy, but I weave my way through it towards your house – it’s now 6.45, and I reckon that you’ll be getting into the shower shortly – giving you an hour to get ready.

I reach your house at 6.55, and pick up your spare key from behind the plant pot by the back door where I know you keep it.

I quietly open the back door – and, just as I thought, I can hear the shower running upstairs.

I gently close the door behind me, and creep upstairs, thinking about your nakedness in the shower down the hallway just ahead of me, and my cock begins to stiffen again at the thought of the sight that will meet me when I enter your bathroom.

I hesitate just for a moment, not wanting to startle you by just appearing in your bathroom. You obviously haven’t heard me approaching, as you don’t say a word. I enter the bathroom – and the sight that greets me is even better than I anticipated.

You are facing me, but have your eyes closed. As the water cascades down over your head, and trickles down your body, you have a firm grasp of your left breast with one hand, while two fingers of the other are exploring the sweet pussy that I know so well.

‘Need any help there’ I say, and startled, you open your eyes, and jump a little. Then a smile creeps over your face, you turn away from me, and bend over, presenting your pussy towards me. I walk up to the side of the bath, kneel down, and delve my tongue into the sweet, wet pussy that your fingers had lubricated so well.

The taste of you is so sweet – I need no encouragement, and firmly grip your hips, pulling you onto my face. You slide your fingers down your belly, and play with your clit while I eat you all up. I feel your body start to convulse, and you let out a shriek, as you cum – I lap up your cum, and kiss your pussy.

‘Come on – we’ll be late’ I say to you, as you move back under the running water, a smile on your flushed face.

I wait downstairs, while you get dressed, and as you come downstairs, I meet you at the bottom, and we kiss passionately.

We drive over to the cinema, talking about what we just did, ‘It’s your turn next’ you tell me, and I smile a wry smile, as I look forward to what you might possibly mean by that remark.

We collect the tickets, and buy some popcorn and drinks, and find our seats ready for the film to start. We hold hands, and kiss occasionally as the other members of the audience chatter away, and our vantage point on the back row offers us a good view of them milling around.

The lights go out, and the film starts. Fortunately, only a few people had joined us on the back row, and the nearest was three seats away. You lean over to me and whisper in my ear – ‘I told you it was your turn’.

And with that, you slide your hands over my thigh, and up to my belt buckle, which you unfasten skilfully, moving on to the zip, and I raise myself in my seat, as you slide my jeans down to my ankles. You lean over and having taken my cock out from my boxer shorts, proceed to take all of it into your mouth, swirling your tongue around it, and sucking softly, but with purpose.

As it starts to harden, you change your action to licking, and you move from tip to base, teasing the tip with the tip of your tongue, savouring the taste of my precum. My cock, now standing at its full 9″ length is too much for you to take whole, but you bury it into your mouth, and look up at me knowingly.

I stroke your hair, as you continue to suck me, and am then surprised, as you move your head up, get out of your chair, and sit on top of me – facing the screen. You lift your skirt up, push your panties to one side, and guide my rock hard cock into your pussy, where only just before, my tongue was.

Gripping the arm rests, you pull up on them, causing your pussy to take in my whole length with much force. I am a spectator, as you give my cock the best fucking it has ever had. The fact that we could be spotted any second makes it all the more fantastic, and this is reflected in the hardness you have created in my cock.

You rise up, and kneel in front of my seat, and wank me furiously towards your mouth. This is noticed by the woman sat further up the row, who gets her husbands attention and they both watch as you take me back into your mouth, and swallow every drop of the massive load I shoot into you.

I receive a jealous, but knowing look from the man, as you lick your lips, and look up at me, before sitting back in your seat beside me. I lean over to you, and kiss you deeply, and readjust my clothing, and we settle down to watch the film.

We have obviously started something, as we then sit, and watch the same couple who had watched our little side show as they put on a little show of their own. She had positioned herself astride him facing towards the back of the cinema , and was slowly grinding her pussy onto his cock, while he squeezed her tits through her white blouse.

They certainly know how to fuck – we watch them and comment to each other about how horny it is making us – even though we have only just fucked ourselves.

After the film ends, we go for a quick drink in the bar, and as we sit at a table a little way from the entrance, a man approaches us – I assume he’s going to ask for a light for the cigarette he has in his hand.

‘We are having a little party at our house tonight – would you like to come?’ he asks – and at this point I recognise him as the man from the couple we had watched have sex just a few minutes earlier.

We look at each other, and shrug, our shoulders, and both say together ‘Yeah sure.’

Having been given directions, we drive over to their house, which is only a few hundred yards from yours. We are given a drink, and the man introduces himself and his wife to us – and we reciprocate.

The woman, who we can now see in full light, is slim, and attractive, moves over to you, and strokes your breast, commenting on how she loves large tits, and wishes she had tits as beautiful as yours. She then runs her hand over her own smaller, but not insignificant chest.

Moving even closer to you, she kisses you softly, and stunned, you don’t offer any resistance. She squeezes your breasts, and pushes you back towards the sofa behind you. You sink into the sofa, and as I look on, in amazement, she stands over you, and undresses herself completely.

Her husband has knelt in front of her, between her and the sofa, and starts to kiss her pussy, and is stroking your breasts as he does so. I wonder what is going to happen, but as I look over I can see that apart from wondering yourself what is happening, you are clearly enjoying it.

I decide that as you are enjoying yourself, I will go with the flow, and approach the woman, and stroke her nipples. The man has moved his hand under your skirt, and from the look on your face has already started touching your pussy.

I notice that my belt has been undone, and the woman has my stiffening cock in her hand, still standing next to the sofa, she beckons for you to sit up, and you take my cock into your mouth, and start to savour it again.

While you give me oral, the man has started to remove your top, and bra, an
d both him and his wife are sucking your nipples, and the woman has started to rub her fingers over your clit, through your panties.

e kisses you hard on the lips, and then joins you, as you lick the hard cock I have protruding from my body. Both of you take it in turns to suck my cock, and far from being wary, you are now enjoying the whole situation immensely.

I notice that your enjoyment has probably been increased by the fact that the man is feverishly lapping at your pussy, and is stroking his cock as he does so.

I am getting close to orgasm at the sight and sensation of what’s around me, and as I erupt, my cum sprays across both yours and the woman’s face. You lick it from each other, and as I lean down to kiss you, the woman takes over from her husband, licking your pussy, and taking her husbands cock into her pussy.

He is lying on the floor, she is sat astride him, and licking your pussy, as you recline on the sofa. Knowing how a woman likes to be touched, she is giving your pussy the best tonguing it has ever had, and your orgasm isn’t far away – I know – I’ve seen it a thousand times.

You buck, as the eruption of your cum covers the face of the woman, who then grabs your arms, and pulls you onto her husband in a 69 position. ‘Taste that pussy’ she orders him – it’s the best I’ve ever tasted. You take his cock, and finish the job your new fan had started – and as him cum spills into your mouth you look round to see me being fucked by the woman, while the man licks the rest of your cum from you.

Returning to your house, we go up the stairs, having talked all the way back about our strange encounter, and climb into the shower together, and wash each other’s bodies sensuously before sliding into bed together, and holding each other tightly – all night

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