The Hunger

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I see my Master at his computer, I watch him surf the net from the couch while watching TV. Suddenly this urge to fuck him hits me soo badly. I ache all over to feel him inside. I walk up behind my Master and put my arms around his neck in a lose hug, as I hug him my cheek pressed against the left side of his face. He takes one hand free from his keyboard and holds both of my hands lovingly. “How are you feeling tonight my Angel?” he asks in a soft caring voice. “I am fine Master, but I’m soo horny for you.” I reply with a devilish grin. “Oh is this so?” he says still looking at his computer screen. “Yes, Master, I want to fuck you soo bad, I want to taste your cock in my mouth, and feel your cock thrusting deep and hard inside my wet cunt..” Now on my feet between his legs, I kiss the top of his cock through his jeans. “Hrm, I dont know, do you deserve to fuck me, hrm?” he demands, a slight laugh to his question. I nod my head yes, pleading eyes, the urge soo hot and heavy I can almost feel him, pounding away inside of my wet sticky cunt. He grins evilly. “I should make you beg me” he replies looking down at me, and forcing my head back with his hand, forcing my hungry lips away from his cock. I tremble from the hunger, the hunger that grows deeper. “Please Master let me taste you, I cannot hold this any longer, I need to feel your hard cock in my mouth, to feel your soft balls slap against my cunt as you fuck it. He grins at me and leans me back in the chair. “Take off my jeans for me slut” he orders, as he stands before me, my face nearly pressing into his cock. “Yes, Master” I answer, as I start to unzip his jeans and take them off, letting them fall to the floor with a soft thud as he steps out of them. Now in his cotton underwear, his hard cock poking through the fabric, I can almost see it throbbing in pain, the pain he wishes to relieve inside of me. I gently reach up and touch his hard erection, he moans softly and runs his fingers through my hair. I nuzzle his cock with my nose and lips, kissing through his underwear. He leans me back in the chair, and makes me wrap my legs around his hips. He slowly takes out his cock from his underwear, and takes hold of his shaft and runs it over my stomach. “Mmm, ooh Master” I moan softly, feeling his hardness against my aching skin. “You like that huh my little whore?” he laughs evilly. “You like being my bitch when I demand it, and my love when I wish it, ” I nod yes and run my hands down his back to his ass cheeks, I squeeze them firmly and softly. he moans and starts to tremble with pleasure. He holds my legs as far apart as they will go, and he gently slides his hard throbbing cock inside my aching wet cunt. I gasp as I feel him enter me, so slowly and gently at first., with soft slow strokes, he kisses my neck and licks down it to my breasts. He takes his tongue and licks at each nipple sucking, and licking his tongue in a circler motion. He squeezes my breasts hard with both his hands, I gasp out in pain as I feel his thrust become hard and violent. I feel him go as deep as he can, faster and harder with each stroke. “OOOoh GOD!” I moan, I tremble in pain and pleasure. I start to shake as I build toward an orgasm. “NOO, not yet” he demands firmly. “Hold it as long as you possibly can my dearest.” He starts to pound harder, his balls slapping against my wet cunt, harder and faster with each thrust. “OOoh mmm, my Angel, your Master loves you soo much.” He moans, his voice trembles with pleasure. I can feel his cock tighten with each stroke inside of me, inside of my hot sticky cunt, . “OOh Master, I love you soo” I moan, shaking and out of breath. He gently takes his thumb from his free hand and pushes it down on my clit, while still stroking me hard with his cock. “MASTER PLEASE LET ME CUM!” I scream out in pain, not able to hold it any longer. He grins at me, “Alright, you may cum” he says as he holds me tight to his chest. I can feel his heart pounding, I can feel his body tremble as he too explodes inside of me, allowing his juices to flow through me like an electrical charge. I cum with him, my juices making the chair damp and sticky, Our love juices mixed together in pain, pleasure and desire to be inside and with each other. “I love you soo much my Master” I sigh softly. “That’s enough net surfing for tonight my love” he grins, as he turns off his computer.

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