The Meeting

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It was the beginning of September; they could feel the air become colder as they walked through the park to the open area next to the stream. The leaves on the trees were beginning to change colors. Oranges, reds and yellows were beginning to show up in the green of the trees. The sky was very blue, and the sun was still high in the sky. Arriving at the clearing, behind some trees we had quite a bit of privacy, even though there were a lot of people in the park.

They laid the blanket on the grass, opened the picnic basket which contained wine, bread, cheese and some fresh fruit. He opened the bottle of wine and poured two glasses. He handed one to his lover and his best friend. They sat on the blanket for what seemed like minutes, but was actually an hour or so, just talking about their lives……..How happy they were, that they had met. How long they had waited for this very day..for they were strangers that had only talked on line. They felt that they knew each other well, chatted almost every day for a few months now, but yet knew really nothing at all about one another. He was so opposite of the type of person she was usually attracted to. He was very tall, about 6′ 3″ had blonde hair and blue eyes, and he was a bit younger than herself. Usually, she dated older men or men her own age, with dark hair and eyes. But when she saw his picture she knew that he was different.

As they sat on the blanket, drinking the wine and eating their food, he would all of a sudden reach over and kiss her softly on the lips. He knew she loved to be kissed, (some days it was part of their long on line chats). First he kissed her softly, gently with just a little tongue. He ran the tip of his tongue over her lips, making chills run up her spine. He would kiss her again and again, the he laid her on the blanket, kissing her gently on the lips, her cheeks, then her earlobes, then to her neck. Oh how she loved her neck kissed, made her nipples hard, and sent chills down her spine. As she turned so he could reach more of her neck. As he kissed her neck his hands moved to cup her large full breasts. He could feel her hard nipples through he light sweater. The sweater was cashmere, so he was very careful as he moved it up and slowly pulled it over her head, exposing her breasts. He move slowly down her neck, over her shoulders to her breasts, he nipples hard, and light brown in color were very inviting to him. And he began to suck her nipple. She became more excited by his touch and his kisses. She moaned as he kissed her gently. She was oblivious to her surroundings…….

He continued to kiss her, moving down across her torso, he could hear her breathe quicken as he kissed her. He knew that she was becoming as excited as he was. His large thick cock was a bulge in the front of his jeans. She could feel it as he pressed his body against hers. Slowly he unbuttoned her jeans and slide his hand inside. He could fell her heat, her pussy was hot, her panties were damp from her cum.

Slowly he removed his hand and slide her jeans to her ankles. He knew she was ready for him. Slowly she reached over and unbuttoned his jeans……slide them to his ankles and with them she took his boxers. Exposing his large hard cock. Slowly she stroked him, softly she caressed his tight balls, making him moan with pleasure. Gently, he pressed his hard cock against her, they each wanted the other but were almost afraid to go any further. When suddenly, she rolled on top of him. Slowly, she slide her legs apart and straddled him. Feeling her wet pussy against his hard cock, they both knew they could wait no longer. He lifted her up gently ans she slowly lowered herself on to his large hard cock. He slide is manhood slowly into her pussy. He was large and thick and she could feel every inch of him as he slide into her. She moaned with pleasure. She could not wait any longer, she began to grind her hips, pump quickly up and down as he lay under her. Smiling she looked into his eyes as she rocked back and forth on his cock. Making his head reach deep inside of her pussy and rub her g-spot. Oh God she could fee the head rubbing the walls of her vagina, could feel the swelling of her g-spot and knew that she was ready to squirt her cum all over his large cock and down over his tight balls. As she rocked she could feel him grow inside of her. The harder he grew the more she moved, the loader he moaned, they both were very close to cumming, but yet did not want this to end. Quietly he whispered to her “make love to me slowly. I want this to last forever. I am not ready too cum.” She slowed as he asked her to . . . she gently and slowly rocked on his cock as she kissed him. Only she was the one that could not wait any longer. She wanted him to cum inside of her now. She quickened her pace just a little and he squirted his load inside of her.

The moment that he did, he gently pushed her to the blanket, spread her legs and began to eat her pussy. She screamed with delight, but as quickly as he was there he was gone again, moving quickly to her mouth, he kissed her. Then they shared the taste of their love making.

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