The night of my life

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I got off my computer just in time to hear the phone ring. For some reason I had been feeling kind of horny all morning. I answered it to find it was my boyfriend Michael. I was glad because my parents were out of town for the day and my sister was at her friend’s house. I invited him over for some fun.
He brought over his bathing suit so he changed in the bathroom and I changed in my bedroom. When I got out of my room he was standing there in just swim trunks staring at me. “I love that new bikini” he said. I laughed. “Well that’s what I bought it for” I answered before heading outside.
Once in the pool Michael immediatly started running his hards along my body. His touch felt good after awhile of no sexual activity and I couldn’t wait until things got a tad hotter. We made out and I rubbed his boner underneath he water a little, feeling him reach his max.
That’s when he pulled me up against the side of the pool and pressed himself up against me so I could feel his hard cock between my legs. My body was begging for me by the time I managed to whisper “Follow me” through my pleasure filled breathing.
I climbed out of the water and headed into the house. I walked to my room quickly as Michael followed. I removed my towel and layed down on my bed. I signaled for Michael to join me. He did and we began to make out heavily, rolling all over the bed, grabbing as eachother as we removed eachother’s suits.
I layed naked underneath him waiting for his next move as he began to slowly suck on my tits. I moaned, he knew how much I loved it when he did this. I ran my fingers through his hair as his toungue rolled over my hardening nipples. I moaned and reached down to rub his boner.
He tilted his head back as he rolled over to lay next to me. I continued to rub him all over and tease his neck and ears with my toungue untill he couldn’t take in anymore, I felt his pre-cum on my hand as I climbed on top of him, one leg on each side, and rubbed myself against his boner as it throbbed waitinf for me.
He began rubbing my tits with both hands for awhile before I took one of his hands and rubbed it against my begging wetness. “I need you now” I whispered as he inserted two of his fingers into me feeling my wetness as he pushed them deeper into me.
His hands found there way to my hips as he inseted himself into me without warning. I moaned as I began to move back and forth slow and softly on his boner. I tighted myself around him as I went harder and faster until he couldn’t take anymore.
He whispered my name in between moans as I felt him explode inside of me. It was so warm and perfect that I began to orgasm. My warm juices spilled out all over him as he closed his eyes and began breathing heavily again. “I love you so much” he whispered as I climbed off and layed next to him.
“I love you too” I answered as I pulled myself over to him as he cuddeled me. We fell asleep there in eachother’s arms still naked and all sweater under the covers.

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